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Reading automobile computer-service codes. How to enter the diagnostic mode, read and interpret the codes, clear the codes, etc.
ELECTRONICS NOW Dec 1997 (v.68#12) pg. 59

Car care today. Troubleshooting cars equipped with diagnostic computers. Saving money on high-tech auto parts. Using "universal" replacement parts.
HOME MECHANIX #727 Nov 1988 (v.84) pg. 80

How to display GM's computer codes (trouble codes).
HOME MECHANIX #752 Feb 1991 (v.87) pg. 84

Finding faulty engine sensors using a sensor-testing device.
HOME MECHANIX #782 Feb 1994 (v.90) pg. 26

Tips on diagnosing and curing engine hesitation. Focus is on testing the throttle-position sensor.
HOME MECHANIX #798 Sep 1995 (v.91) pg. 14

Servicing the electronic computers found on newer cars.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #633 Feb 1981 (v.77) pg. 50

Interface circuit between an automobile's EEC-IV Self-Test read-out and a Franklin 1200 computer.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1991 (v.8#3) pg. 25

Ford's electronic engine control II. How it works and how to keep it working. This-on board computer helps control fuel and ignition systems, fuel vapor, catalyst system, idle speed, exhaust gas recirculation and the air pump.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1978 (v.150#2) pg. 95

How to find, service and replace your car's sensors.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1980 (v.153#2) pg. 35

Troubleshooting Ford's microcomputer control unit. Part 1.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1982 (v.157#4) pg. 53

Troubleshooting Ford's microcomputer control unit. Part 2.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1982 (v.157#6) pg. 35

Troubleshooting GM's computer command control system. Part 1.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1982 (v.158#1) pg. 49

Troubleshooting GM's computer command control system. Part 2.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1982 (v.158#2) pg. 35

Troubleshooting computerized engine controls on General Motor's cars.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1986 (v.163#2) pg. 149

Troubleshooting Ford's electronic engine control system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1986 (v.163#3) pg. 147

Troubleshooting Chrysler's computerized engine control system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1986 (v.163#4) pg. 161

Tip on removing and installing the EPROM chip in the engine management computer.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1991 (v.168#11) pg. 124

Diagnosing problems with the oxygen sensors attached to computerized control systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1992 (v.169#8) pg. 80

Checking the trouble codes generated by an automotive computer using an inexpensive scan tool or voltmeter.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1992 (v.169#11) pg. 109

Replacing a car's computer. Explains diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting wiring and connectors, and replacing the plug-in modules.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1996 (v.173#4) pg. 120

Using scan tools to check a car's engine-management computer.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1997 (v.174#7) pg. 110

Performance sentinels. Oxygen sensors fine-tune the air-fuel mixture to keep an engine running efficiently. How these sensors work and how to keep yours doing its job properly.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1987 (v.230#5) pg. 25

How to view the fault codes stored in the diagnostic computer of Chrysler cars.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1988 (v.232#5) pg. 122

How to display the fault codes stored in a General Motors diagnostic computer.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1988 (v.232#6) pg. 114

Don't be afraid of computerized cars. How to use a volt-ohm-meter (VOM), a hand vacuum pump, and the shop manual to troubleshoot a modern automobile.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #174 Jan 1991 (v.15#6) pg. 22
Added Info SKINNED KNUCKLES #176 Mar 1991 (v.15#8) pg. 24 (Using a dwell meter)