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Sketch shows how to build a hexagon gazebo with built in benches on five sides and a circular table in the center.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1978 (v.56#6) pg. 125

Hexagonal gazebo, 4-feet on each side, has a concrete base, redwood siding and ornamental cast aluminum trim.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS May 1981 (v.59#5) pg. 44, 184

Multi-use gazebo is made up of 8-ft tall plywood arches hinged at the top. Wall and roof sections fit in place between the arches. Can be used as a greenhouse, playhouse or entertaining pavilion.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1981 (v.59#6) pg. 118

Six distinctive gazebos are photographed. Plans are available for 2 designs.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1983 (v.61#6) pg. 46

Build-it-yourself gazebo is a hexagon that is 12-feet in diameter. Complete instructions and 37 step-by-step photos and drawings are included. Blueprints can be ordered. Est. cost: $1,200.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1986 (v.64#6) pg. 42

Build a simple rectangular gazebo that sits on a small (10x10-ft) platform and is connected to the main deck with a walkway "bridge". Features decorative latticework.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1987 (v.10#7) pg. 20

Summer shade. Octagonal gazebo (8 ft. across) built from cedar has sidewalls just over 3-ft. high, a shingled roof and a band of decorative lattice around the eaves. A louvered coupla caps off the roof.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1992 (v.15#10) pg. 45

Gazebo. Build modules for this octagonal unit in your shop and then assemble it outdoors.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul-Aug 1996 (v.19#10) pg. 24

Garden retreat. Four 6x6 posts set into concrete have horizontal roof supports for the rafters, which are topped with slats. A wooden deck (10-ft. square) is installed just above the ground.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul-Aug 1997 (v.20#10) pg. 52

An octagonal summerhouse (gazebo). Features a simple spire for a roof finial, chamfered posts with beaded paneling between them, and 4-ft. benches on 7 sides.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Apr 1983 (v.14#2) pg. 51

Plans for a Williamsburg style gazebo (10x10-ft) with pine shake roof and a tall finial at the peak.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Aug 1995 (v.26#4) pg. 23, 68

Build a small deck (7 ft. diameter), large deck (16x18 ft.) and gazebo (15 ft. diameter) that are connected by walkways.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #209 May-Jun 1980 (v.30#5) pg. 98

Build this 7x7-ft. backyard tea house. Photo and construction diagram given. Plans available.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #229 May-Jun 1982 (v.32#5) pg. 112

A backyard hideaway. Octagon-shape screened in gazebo is 12-ft in diameter.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #258 Apr 1985 (v.35#4) pg. 24

Multilevel deck. Grand prize winner in outdoor project contest. Features a screened-in gazebo, planters, storage cabinets, built-in lanterns, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #279 May-Jun 1987 (v.37#5) pg. 30
Added Info FAMILY HANDYMAN #281 Sep 1987 (v.37#7) pg. 8

How to build a gazebo-style screened-in porch (13x16-ft.). It blends the rough look of exposed heavy posts and rafters with a graceful multisided roof that rises to a central point. Est. cost: $2200.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #306 Mar 1990 (v.40#3) pg. 38

Gazebo to build has prefab walls, easy assembly and flexible design. It can be open-air, screened or three-season with storm windows and door. Est. cost: $1,700 plus deck or concrete slab.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #316 Mar 1991 (v.41#3) pg. 32

Open-air eight-sided gazebo (10-ft. across) is built from dimensional treated wood and cedar. Est. cost: $2000.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #361 Sep 1995 (v.45#8) pg. 34

Domed gazebo. Octagon base, set directly in the ground, has a curved top made with a partially flexible wood/plastic product called TREX.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #376 Mar 1997 (v.47#3) pg. 38

A gazebo-style outdoor showerhouse for a beach house or pool.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #46 Apr-May 1988 pg. 74

Laying out foundation piers for a eight-sided (octagonal) gazebo.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #92 Dec 1994-Jan 1995 pg. 16

A simple gazebo-inspired garden shelter.
FLOWER & GARDEN Aug 1979 (v.23#8) pg. 42

A gazebo to build for the garden.
FLOWER & GARDEN Aug 1980 (v.24#7) pg. 5

Japanese-style teahouse.
HOME CRAFTSMAN May-Jun 1965 (v.34#2) pg. 19

Lattice-work gazebo folds flat for winter storage. Covers an area about 7-ft. square.
HOME MECHANIX #698 Jun 1986 (v.82) pg. 64

Outer spaces. Enjoy the outdoors and gain extra storage space with one of these four backyard buildings. (1) Gazebo with the floor raised 4-ft. above ground level. (2) Tool shed with a top that serves as a planter. (3) Arbor featuring built-in planters, trellis, and storage benches. (4) Screen house with a false mansard roof and very wide eaves.
HOME MECHANIX #736 Aug 1989 (v.85) pg. 44

Places in the sun. Three exotic retreats you can build in your own backyard. (1) Sunny-day shade arbor. (2) Redwood gazebo with an open-slat roof. (3) Patio cover with a skylight and privacy screen.
HOME MECHANIX #745 May 1990 (v.86) pg. 40

Yardscaping projects. (1) 12-ft.-diameter octagonal gazebo built of pressure-treated wood. (2) Sun deck with 2/6 decking. (3) Patio of interlocking concrete pavers installed over sand and gravel. (4) Privacy screens consist of 4x4 posts and cedar lattice panels. (5) Multi-level raised-bed planters.
HOME MECHANIX #775 May 1993 (v.89) pg. 62

Garden retreats. Three easy-to-build hideaways for your backyard. (1) Classic cottage kit features louvered window shutters, cupola, Italianate-style, etc. (2) Chalet-style log cabin kit. (3) Double-decker playhouse (tearoom/fort) built from framing and plywood covered with cedar shakes.
HOME MECHANIX #786 Jun 1994 (v.90) pg. 38

Three distinctive backyard projects that offer shelter from the sun. (1) Rustic pool house has a cedar-shake hip roof supported by stone pillars. It includes a changing room, wet bar and dining area. (2) Redwood teahouse is built on a 12-ft square deck. (3) Easy-to-build cantilevered shade arbor.
HOME MECHANIX #804 Apr 1996 (v.92) pg. 38

SPECIAL SECTION: OUTDOOR LIVING. Ideas for decks, gazebos, poolside pavilion and landscaping. No construction details included. Chart of 50 top shrubs and trees for landscaping.
HOMEOWNER May 1987 (v.12#4) pg. 29
Added Info HOMEOWNER Oct 1987 (v.12#8) pg. 4

Yard perks. Do-it-yourself accessories for making your yard better looking and better living. Includes benches, planters, arbors, trellis, gazebo, pergola, fences, etc.
HOMEOWNER Jun 1987 (v.12#5) pg. 31

How to build a 16-ft. diameter octagonal gazebo that includes storage cupboards, a buffet for serving meals and a closed storage area for garden equipment.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1978 (v.3#3) pg. 46

Hexagon-shaped gazebo is built of redwood and cedar. Features a wooden deck, a railing on five sides, a lath roof and a cupola. Est. cost: $200.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #554 Jul 1974 (v.70) pg. 96

Six-sided gazebo (covered porch) measures 16x22 ft. and is completely screened-in. Photos and diagrams illustrate design and construction.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #623 Apr 1980 (v.76) pg. 52

The occidental gazebo. Construction plans for an 8-ft. diameter octagonal gazebo.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #124 Jul-Aug 1990 pg. 30

14 styles of gazebos are pictured.
NEW SHELTER May-Jun 1981 (v.2#5) pg. 26

Six-sided gazebo (screen house) on poles is safely out of reach of floodwaters. Est. cost: $1150.
NEW SHELTER Apr 1984 (v.5#4) pg. 52

Five "easy places" that create backyard vacation spots. (1) A prefabricated gazebo. (2) Lattice fences. (3) A multi-level barbecue. (4) A hot tub built into a deck. (5) A deck built on a level lot. Photos and sketches are included for each, but not complete construction details.
NEW SHELTER Jul-Aug 1986 (v.7#6) pg. 41

Elegant embellishments. American gazebos of the 18th and 19th centuries.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Aug 1982 (v.10#8) pg. 151

Tea house with four open sides and built-in benches.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1964 (v.122#2) pg. 117

Cookout gazebo is a backyard entertainment center with its own barbecue grill. Covered deck and benches on three sides are shaded by an 18-ft. square roof.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1970 (v.133#3) pg. 160

Storage gazebo has a sheet metal roof, simple framing and wood siding. One side is a door and the other sides have long, narrow windows to let in light for plants.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1975 (v.144#2) pg. 90

Three gracious garden houses for summer parties. (1) 10x10-ft. screen house is offset on a 16x16-ft. piling frame or deck. (2) Garden gazebo has lots of storage for garden tools under the raised deck. Features a latticework trellis roof. (3) Canopy gazebo. Pitched roof supported on tall posts over a wooden deck. Features built-in benches between posts.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1976 (v.145#4) pg. 121

Four cool summer shelters to build. (1) Square gazebo with a hip roof. (2) Arbor attached to a house. (3) Gazebo with lattice walls. (4) Open latticework arched trellis.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1984 (v.161#6) pg. 74

Gazebo designed for plenty of air circulation features a louvered roof. This 12x12-ft. unit is constructed of pressure-treated lumber and rot-resistant cedar. A raised wooden floor (deck) and decorative handrail and arched-post supports add to the elegance.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1990 (v.167#6) pg. 73

Double-deck gazebo. Sheltered sundeck perches atop an 8-ft. storage cube for outdoor equipment.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1969 (v.195#3) pg. 178

Japanese style garden house has 20 doors and screen panels which slide open and closed to change the personality of this tea house.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1972 (v.200#4) pg. 98

A-frame gazebo with cedar shingles covers two 8-ft. long benches.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1972 (v.200#6) pg. 95

Build a solar-screened gazebo that is 16-ft. square. Post-and-beam unit has a skylight and three screened sides. Inside there is a food preparation counter, storage compartments and hot and cold running water. The three screened sides are covered with solid panels in the winter.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1979 (v.215#2) pg. 88

Three redwood gazebos for your garden or poolside.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1983 (v.223#1) pg. 86

Backyard retreat. Redwood lattice panels add a breezy charm to this decorative gazebo with a deck that gets you comfortably off the damp lawn.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1988 (v.232#3) pg. 114

Decked out. With careful planning and good design you can have more than just an ordinary deck. Gazebo with lattice roof provides shade, while railing and gazebo posts lend privacy and structural presence to the deck.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1988 (v.3#6) pg. 28

Three simple retreats. (1) A cabin without walls, (2) a gazebo and raised deck, and (3) a portable tent pavilion. Minimal construction information is furnished.
SUNSET Jun 1981 (v.166#6) pg. 106

Pattern for a large party gazebo. Twelve sides, open for breezes, lattice overhead for shade and built-in benches and table.
SUNSET Oct 1982 (v.169#4) pg. 138

Tips on building an 8-ft.-square gazebo which doubles as a trellis for clematis.
SUNSET May 1984 (v.172#5) pg. 140

Tip: Lattice enclosure is a half-gazebo made from ready-made lath panels set in a 2x4 frame. Roof is six triangles of lattice.
SUNSET Jul 1986 (v.177#1) pg. 111

Seven gazebos and other yard structures have roofs open in varying degrees. Only general construction guidelines are furnished. (1) Peaked roof structure, 10-ft.-square, with distinctive corner posts. (2) Pyramid roof sits atop corners made of four 4x4 posts. (3) No-roof, 12-ft.-square deck has 6x6 corner posts with beveled, notched tops, 2x6 stringers and railings. (4) A 10-ft.-square pad is sheltered by a peaked roof built from 2x12s. Benches are built around three sides. (5) A 14x24-ft. platform has stuccoed corner posts topped by 6x12 and 6x8 beams. (6) "Back-yard temple" is a compressed hexagon, 8x10-ft. (7) Octagonal gazebo, 12-ft. in diameter, has a lath roof and railings on five of its eight sides.
SUNSET Aug 1986 (v.177#2) pg. 64

Tip: Pyramid-roofed gazebo has a roof of sailcloth over a welded aluminum frame.
SUNSET May 1987 (v.178#5) pg. 170

Build a gazebo. This hexagonal-shaped design is adaptable in finish and size to your own preference and requirements.
WOODWORKER #1072 Mar 1983 (v.87) pg. 164

Build an octagonal design gazebo. Features 4x8-ft. sides, arch-top windows, lap siding over trditional framing and sheathing, 45-degree pitch roof, full-size entrance door with arch-top windows, etc. Part 1.
WOODWORKER Jul 1994 (v.98#7) pg. 36

Build an octagonal design gazebo. Part 2. Applying the cedar shingles and dressing the lead for the cupola.
WOODWORKER Aug 1994 (v.98#8) pg. 35

Gazebo with oriental flair. Features a slatted circular roof (20 ft. diameter) which has the appearance of those on oriental pagodas. Uses large beams supported by seven steel piers.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1980 (v.36#2) pg. 5

Graceful gazebo. This 80" square gazebo stands over 9 ft. tall. The sides are 2x4 frames covered with lattice. Entire unit disassembles for easy storage.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1982 (v.38#2) pg. 84

Oriental teahouse/gazebo uses Filon panels to provide privacy and protection from weather.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1983 (v.39#3) pg. 64

8-ft. square gazebo is built from pressure treated lumber and features a slatted roof which can be covered with wood shingles if desired.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1987 (v.43#4) pg. 42

Build a traditional octagonal gazebo nearly 11-ft. across and 12-ft. high. Features a rooftop cupola, turned spindle railing, built-in benches, etc. Est. cost: $2500.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1988 (v.44#3) pg. 32
Added Info WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1988 (v.44#4) pg. 4

Square gazebo (8x8-ft.) is built in the shop and assembled outdoors. It consists of four posts, 18 zigzag-patterned panels, a plywood roof and a cupola with acrylic windows. Reminiscent of the pergolas built in the South in the 1930s.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1994 (v.50#3) pg. 26
Correction WORKBENCH Dec 1994-Jan 1995 (v.50#6) pg. 6

Japanese-style teahouse (gazebo) is built using standard American techniques. This 6x8-ft screen house is surrounded on three sides by a 4-ft wide deck. The Dutch roof (a combination of the gable roof and the hip roof) is covered with pine shake shingles.
WORKBENCH Apr-May 1995 (v.51#2) pg. 60
Correction WORKBENCH Aug-Sep 1995 (v.51#4) pg. 8

Backyard entertainment area. Part 2. Gazebo and its supporting 14-ft. octagonal deck. Gazebo is constructed from a kit with precut, partially assembled parts.
WORKBENCH Aug-Sep 1996 (v.52#4) pg. 32