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xx   FLOOR

How to lay oak flooring over concrete slabs.
AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN Jan-Feb 1966 (v.2#1) pg. 46

Tip: Quick camouflage for a beat-up floor uses house siding panels in 4x8 sheets.
APARTMENT LIFE May 1979 (v.11#5) pg. 51

Living room converts for parties. Includes instructions for building a hard-surface dance floor, decorative light boxes, fold-down table, and window valance.
APARTMENT LIFE Jan 1980 (v.12#1) pg. 57

Tip on how to stop squeaks in hardwood plank floors.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1978 (v.56#4) pg. 36

Step-by-step guide to installing oak parquet flooring.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS May 1979 (v.57#5) pg. 62

How to replace a damaged plank in a wood floor.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Nov 1988 (v.66#11) pg. F3

Tips on installing a hardwood floor in one day using prefinished planks over a polyethylene foam underlayment.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS May 1989 (v.67#5) pg. 120

Floating floors. What is available in laminate flooring for DIY projects.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Nov 1999 (v.23#2) pg. 42

New floor, old look. Using reclaimed lumber to install a wooden floor.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Jun 2001 (v.24#8) pg. 56

How to lay tongue and groove wooden flooring.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1983 (v.7#3) pg. 52

Latest products in hardwood flooring, including cost factors, and maintenance tips. (1) Instant floor uses a unique clip system. (2) Installing laminated hardwood flooring using mastic. (3) Installing an inexpensive pine floor yourself.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Nov 1988 (v.12#2) pg. 30, 32, 35, 38

Advice on fixing squeeks in floors.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1992 (v.15#8) pg. 7
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1992 (v.15#11) pg. 5

Advice on how to deal with cracks between white pine flooring planks.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1992 (v.16#3) pg. 13

Advice on replacing a section of damaged tile in a wooden parquet floor.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1993 (v.16#7) pg. 12

How to silence a squeaky floor.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1994 (v.17#11) pg. 52

Squeak-free wood floors. How to get rid of those irritating noises.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1995 (v.19#1) pg. 26

Install your own hardwood floor using prefinished tongue-and-groove wood.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1996 (v.19#4) pg. 26

Particleboard. An attractive, inexpensive flooring alternative. Particleboard "tiles" (about 11"x11") are separated with solid-wood strips.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Feb 1996 (v.19#5) pg. 19

Wood flooring. Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, high-density fibreboard laminate, parquet tile and cork flooring materials compared.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Nov 1997 (v.21#2) pg. 64

How to lay a wide-board pine floor.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Feb 1986 (v.17#1) pg. 38

How to lay wide-board pine floors.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Apr 1996 (v.27#2) pg. 38

How to install hardwood parquet flooring using prefabricated 12" squares.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #139 Oct 1972 (v.22#8) pg. 42

Guidelines on floor and stair repair. How to repair wood, tile and linoleum floors and keep stairs and railing repaired.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #170 Feb 1976 (v.26#2) pg. 30

How to lay a parquet floor. Photos show step-by-step installation of the blocks. Prices range from $.70 to $3.75 per sq. foot.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #180 Apr 1977 (v.27#3) pg. 26

How to install wood tile floors (parquet flooring). Photos show 6 steps.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #230 Jul-Aug 1982 (v.32#6) pg. 38

Tip: How to smooth wide wood plank flooring by applying a coating of polyindurate compound.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #236 Feb 1983 (v.33#2) pg. 65

Tip on installing a wood floor over a cement slab.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #246 Feb 1984 (v.34#2) pg. 10

How to patch a hardwood floor and stain the repaired area to match the original.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #246 Feb 1984 (v.34#2) pg. 60

How to install prefinished oak flooring. Plus tips on caring for and refinishing a hardwood floor.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #265 Jan 1986 (v.36#1) pg. 35

Tips on eliminating squeaks in old parquet-style oak floors.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #276 Feb 1987 (v.37#2) pg. 10

Sanding a hardwood floor. How to do it when sanding is the only answer. Includes instructions for replacing damaged floorboards.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #283 Nov 1987 (v.37#9) pg. 46

Good ways to put down a wood floor over concrete.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #285 Jan 1988 (v.38#1) pg. 18
Correction FAMILY HANDYMAN #288 Apr 1988 (v.38#4) pg. 8

A buyers guide to do-it-yourself wood flooring. Where to find products that give your home the custom-designed look.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #287 Mar 1988 (v.38#3) pg. 38

A quick and easy hardwood floor. Prefinished hardwood flooring installs with adhesives, requiring only minimal tools or know-how.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #293 Nov-Dec 1988 (v.38#9) pg. 35

How to eliminate squeaks in hardwood floors.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #323 Nov-Dec 1991 (v.41#10) pg. 8
Added Info FAMILY HANDYMAN #329 Jun 1992 (v.42#6) pg. 14

Wood floors. How to get the best hardwood floor. (1) Solid wood strip and plank. (2) Prefinished solid wood strip and plank. (3) Parquet. (4) Glue-down laminate. (5) Floating laminate.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #330 Jul-Aug 1992 (v.42#7) pg. 68

Tips on how to touch up scratches, gouges or holes in a wood floor.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #337 Apr 1993 (v.43#4) pg. 22

How to install a glue-down wooden floor.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #339 Jun 1993 (v.43#6) pg. 50

Living with traditional wood floors. Why floors loosen, squeak and crack and what you can do to prevent or correct these problems. Advice on keeping a floor in good shape.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #341 Sep 1993 (v.43#8) pg. 19

Tip on patching a hardwood floor where a wall has been removed so that it doesn't look patched-in.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #357 Apr 1995 (v.45#4) pg. 10

Installing a floating wood floor over concrete.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #374 Dec 1996-Jan 1997 (v.47#1) pg. 45

Tip: How to repair cracks in pine flooring by inserting wedges of wood.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #1 Feb-Mar 1981 pg. 6

Tips on fabricating and installing laminated wood floor boards. The board are hardwood top and bottom with a plywood center forming the tongue-and-groove.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #5 Oct-Nov 1981 pg. 10

How to remove and salvage tongue-and-groove flooring with a minimum of effort or damage to the boards.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #11 Oct-Nov 1982 pg. 12

Tip: Use a piece of leaf spring from an old car, instead of a nailset, when laying tongue-and-groove flooring.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #11 Oct-Nov 1982 pg. 12

Hardwood strip flooring. How to lay out and install it.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #13 Feb-Mar 1983 pg. 42

Floor sanding. Follow a pattern with powerful machines for best results.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #14 Apr-May 1983 pg. 58

Tips on installing a hardwood floor over a radiant-heated concrete slab.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #18 Dec 1983-Jan 1984 pg. 6

Tips on laying a wooden floor of quartersawn red oak.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #19 Feb-Mar 1984 pg. 8

Custom wood flooring. If you don't like the commercial offerings, here's how to find what you're after.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #23 Oct-Nov 1984 pg. 57
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #33 Jun-Jul 1986 pg. 10

Tips on applying a wood floor over a radiant-slab floor.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #24 Dec 1984-Jan 1985 pg. 10

Tips on installing hardwood flooring with screws and wood plugs.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #24 Dec 1984-Jan 1985 pg. 12

Tips: How to prepare and install random-width oak boards for use as flooring material.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #27 Jun-Jul 1985 pg. 12

Tips on installing 3/4" butt-joined oak flooring.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #29 Oct-Nov 1985 pg. 12

Laying a single layer plank-and-beam floor.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #33 Jun-Jul 1986 pg. 41
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #36 Dec 1986-Jan 1987 pg. 4

Tips on combining narrow hardwood strips with wide softwood planks to form a unique wooden floor.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #35 Oct-Nov 1986 pg. 8

Tips on installing end-grain blocks as a floor covering over a concrete slab.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #36 Dec 1986-Jan 1987 pg. 10

Tip: A wedge made from plank flooring is used to force warped planks into place prior to nailing.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #39 Apr-May 1987 pg. 14

An uncommon application for particleboard. Floor covering consists of ordinary particleboard squares, set into a grid work of wooden strips, and coated with polyurethane. This durable and attractive floor costs only $0.60 per square foot.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #39 Apr-May 1987 pg. 43

Discussion of moisture content of wooden flooring and its impact on shrinkage.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #43 Dec 1987-Jan 1988 pg. 8

Tip: Use a bumper jack to achieve a tight fit with T&G decking without marring the material.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #43 Dec 1987-Jan 1988 pg. 20

How to fabricate curved tongue-and-groove wood flooring strips for use in a circular pattern.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #46 Apr-May 1988 pg. 12

Installing a plank floor. Wide boards demand careful persuasion.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #49 Oct-Nov 1988 pg. 63
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #53 Apr-May 1989 pg. 4, 6
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #54 Jun-Jul 1989 pg. 4

Installation advice on how to avoid cupping of wood flooring caused by unequal moisture levels above and below the floor.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #53 Apr-May 1989 pg. 14

Decorative floor inlays of contrasting wood or metal. A simple technique with elegant results.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #63 Oct-Nov 1990 pg. 78

How to make a convincing patch in a hardwood floor (one which features staggered ends in adjacent strips).
FINE HOMEBUILDING #64 Dec 1990-Jan 1991 pg. 30

Tip on installing exposed wooden biscuits across the joints of a squeaky tongue-and-groove floor to eliminate the movement. Ideal when the floor will be hidden under a floor covering.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #86 Feb-Mar 1994 pg. 28

Installing hardwood floors over radiant-heated slabs.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #86 Feb-Mar 1994 pg. 42
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #88 Apr-May 1994 pg. 6

Problems associated with installing wood floors in a bathroom.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #95 Apr-May 1995 pg. 18
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #96 Jun-Jul 1995 pg. 8

Tip on using a #56 Pony clamp to force warped floorboards into place before nailing.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #104 Aug-Sep 1996 pg. 30

A walk through wood floor options. Choosing among strip, plank, prefinished, solid and engineered floors.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #111 Aug-Sep 1997 pg. 52
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #112 Oct-Nov 1997 pg. 12

Tip on using a biscuit joiner to make quicker and more accurate cuts when replacing or repairing a piece of wood strip flooring.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #112 Oct-Nov 1997 pg. 32

Tip on eliminating squeaks in wood floors by gluing the flooring to the subfloor using injected expanding-foam sealant.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #113 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 28

How to join short pieces of used hardwood tongue-and-groove flooring using unglued biscuits instead of cutting board-end tongues and grooves.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #114 Feb-Mar 1998 pg. 22
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #115 Apr-May 1998 pg. 10

Tips on laying wooden block floors with the end grain showing.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #126 Oct-Nov 1999 pg. 24

How to install wood parquet flooring using preassembled blocks.
HANDY ANDY Feb 1978 (v.2#5) pg. 70

How to install prefinished plank floors.
HANDY ANDY May 1979 (v.3#8) pg. 39

How to lay a parquet floor using prefinished blocks.
HANDY ANDY Oct 1979 (v.4#1) pg. 51

How to lay wood strip floors.
HANDY ANDY Mar 1981 (v.5#6) pg. 48

The art of laying wood floors. Explains how to square up the room, underlayment, nailing, sanding and finishing.
HARROWSMITH #84 Mar-Apr 1989 (v.13#6) pg. 84

Installing and finishing oak floors.
HOME CRAFTSMAN May-Jun 1965 (v.34#2) pg. 24

Three great wood floors. How to install both prefinished and unfinished wood flooring. How to install nail-less flooring. How to finish a pine floor.
HOME MECHANIX #716 Dec 1987 (v.83) pg. 28
Added Info HOME MECHANIX #721 May 1988 (v.84) pg. 6

Tips on silencing squeaky wood flooring.
HOME MECHANIX #727 Nov 1988 (v.84) pg. 104

Bordering on beautiful. Accents of stained oak and ceramic tile are used to unify two different flooring materials within a large, open-plan space.
HOME MECHANIX #734 Jun 1989 (v.85) pg. 32

Upgrade a floor. Advice on installing a prefinished hardwood flooring system over an existing floor.
HOME MECHANIX #742 Feb 1990 (v.86) pg. 38

Tips for eliminating squeaking in wood-parquet flooring.
HOME MECHANIX #751 Dec 1990-Jan 1991 (v.86) pg. 81

Three fast floors. Tips on installing prefinished hardwood flooring systems. (1) Floating floor system. (2) Metal-clip system. (3) Glue-down system.
HOME MECHANIX #777 Jul-Aug 1993 (v.89) pg. 66

Wood floors for kitchens. Advice on proper installation and maintenance to resist wear and frequent washing.
HOME MECHANIX #792 Feb 1995 (v.91) pg. 52

Replacement flooring. Product and installation tips for replacing a worn or dated floor with hardwood or vinyl.
HOME MECHANIX #802 Feb 1996 (v.92) pg. 43
Added Info HOME MECHANIX #805 May 1996 (v.92) pg. 6

How to silence squeaks in second-floor hardwood floors without making holes in the downstairs ceiling.
HOME MECHANIX #806 Jun 1996 (v.92) pg. 16

How to install a wood parquet floor.
HOMEOWNER Oct 1984 (v.9#8) pg. 54

Fine wood flooring. What is available in prefinished wood flooring products and advice on do-it-yourself installation.
HOMEOWNER Dec 1987 (v.12#10) pg. 46

Tips on reinforcing wood floors by repairing or installing bridging.
HOMEOWNER Sep 1988 (v.13#7) pg. 10

Floor finery. Special details for wood floors and carpeting. Looks at decorative borders made from wood and carpet.
HOMEOWNER Dec 1988 (v.13#10) pg. 28

How to lay a pegged, plank floor with adhesive using prefinished, bonded laminate flooring.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Sep-Oct 1978 (v.3#5) pg. 88

A guide to refinishing and caring for wood floors.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1980 (v.5#3) pg. 87

How to install A-wood flooring.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #511 Dec 1970 (v.66) pg. 72

How to lay parquet wood tiles with mastic.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #544 Sep 1973 (v.69) pg. 66

Tips on eliminating squeaks in tongue-and-groove flooring by nailing into the grooves with finishing nails.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #575 Apr 1976 (v.72) pg. 87

How to install prefinished hardwood flooring.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #580 Sep 1976 (v.72) pg. 38

Should you sand your own floors? Tips on renting and using floor sanding machines. How much money you can expect to save also discussed.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #600 May 1978 (v.74) pg. 106

What to do with old floors. Tips on repairing old oak floors and laying new oak strip flooring.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #640 Sep 1981 (v.77) pg. 80

Tips on installing your own prefinished hardwood plank floor.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #664 Sep 1983 (v.79) pg. 94

How to lay a perfect parquet floor.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #668 Jan 1984 (v.80) pg. 44
Correction MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #670 Mar 1984 (v.80) pg. 6

Installing hardwood flooring. Installing plank, thin plank, strip, or block flooring. Sanding and finishing hardwood flooring.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #114 Nov-Dec 1988 pg. 60

Lay a flawless tongue-and-groove floor. How to keep those boards in line.
NEW SHELTER Nov-Dec 1983 (v.4#9) pg. 20

New life for old wood floors. Covers cleaning, sanding and refinishing.
NEW SHELTER Apr 1986 (v.7#4) pg. 62

Tips on repairing old wooden floors which have large spaces between the boards
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jun 1975 (v.3#6) pg. 2
Added Info OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Sep 1975 (v.3#9) pg. 2

The reproduction of a Colonial floor. Laying and finishing a wide-board floor.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Apr 1980 (v.8#4) pg. 42

Tip: How to deal with cracks between boards in an old wood floor.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Aug 1980 (v.8#8) pg. 98

How to sand a parquet floor using a rented drum sander.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov 1980 (v.8#11) pg. 168

Restoring a parquet floor.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1984 (v.12#1) pg. 28

Tip: How to achieve the look of 200-year-old, heart-pine floors using yellow-pine, tongue-and-groove flooring stained and coated with polyurethane.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1987 (v.15#4) pg. 58

Fixing hardwood floors. How to remove and replace tongue-and-groove floorboards.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1990 (v.18#6) pg. 30

Cracks between floorboards in wooden floors. Understanding why some floor cracks appear and the pros and cons of various techniques for filling or concealing the cracks.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1990 (v.18#6) pg. 34

Specialized tools for wood-flooring projects.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1990 (v.18#6) pg. 46

Strip flooring kinks. Repair tips for tongue-and-groove wood floors.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1993 (v.21#2) pg. 50

Survival guide. The best advice from 20 years of OHJ. (1) Where to begin a renovation. (2) Cleaning tips. (3) Saving old plaster. (4) Basic tools. (5) Do-it-yourself scaffolds. (6) Wood floor care and repair. (7) Stripping paint.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1993 (v.21#5) pg. Insert

Tip on using a padded T-brace to force down squeaky or loose floor boards prior to fastening from underneath.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1994 (v.22#1) pg. 24

Perspectives on patterned floors. A restorer's notes on repairing decorative wood floors and their part in larger projects.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1994 (v.22#1) pg. 32

How to repair wood floors without sacrificing the patina of age.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL May-Jun 1998 (v.26#3) pg. 67

A buyers' guide to wood flooring.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1999 (v.27#4) pg. 52
Added Info OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1999 (v.27#6) pg. 10 (Salvaged flooring)

Tip on lifting an individual board in a strip floor which has sunk lower than surrounding boards.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1999 (v.27#6) pg. 72

Silencing squeaks in hardwood floors.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1965 (v.123#2) pg. 173

How to lay hardwood floors.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1968 (v.129#3) pg. 144

Installing parquet floors. Careful preparation is the key to a good-looking job. How to put down the subfloor of 2x4 sleepers and plywood necessary for a sound surface upon which to lay the parquet tile.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1976 (v.145#2) pg. 118

Wood flooring. How to pick it, tips on installing and how to take care of it.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1977 (v.147#1) pg. 102

How to choose and install a hardwood floor. Looks at plank, strip, and parquet block floors.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1980 (v.153#4) pg. 137

How to remove tongue-and-groove lumber from a wall or floor without ruining adjacent boards.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1981 (v.155#6) pg. 24

Tip: Use strips of rubber gasket material to shim and match thinner wooden flooring to older, thicker flooring.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1981 (v.156#1) pg. 32G

Distinctive floor covering is achieved with tongue-and-groove pine planking and a geometric "carpet" border mosaic of stained wood.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1983 (v.159#1) pg. 108

Fantastic flooring. A do-it-yourself hardwood floor that features no-nailing installation. How to install Harris-Tarkett's "Longstrip Plank" floors.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1986 (v.163#4) pg. 107

Installing prefinished hardwood flooring on walls and ceilings. Included in a SPECIAL SECTION on bathroom remodeling.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1989 (v.166#4) pg. 124

Restoring wood floor. Some tips.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1991 (v.168#5) pg. 102

Installing a hardwood-veneer planking kit floor.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1996 (v.173#2) pg. 78

How to locate and stop squeaks in hardwood floors.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1997 (v.174#5) pg. 108

Installing a floor of No.2 common pine boards.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1998 (v.175#10) pg. 114

How to lay a wood block (squares) floor.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1965 (v.187#3) pg. 116

A guide to wood flooring materials.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1968 (v.193#4) pg. 146

Now anyone can lay parquet flooring using self-sticking foam-backed wood tile.
POPULAR SCIENCE Dec 1972 (v.201#6) pg. 94

A look at what's available in parquet floors that you can install yourself. Chart of brands, typical costs and typical patterns.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1977 (v.210#3) pg. 114

Off-the-floor parquet. How to lay parquet tile on floors, walls, cabinets, etc.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1983 (v.223#5) pg. 120

Laminated prefinished wood floors are easier to install and care for. What is available and tips on installation and care.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1988 (v.233#5) pg. 94, 96, 98

Hardwood strip flooring. Selecting and installing prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Feb 1988 (v.3#2) pg. 70
Added Info PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1988 (v.3#6) pg. 12

Patching hardwood floors by installing replacement subflooring and/or finish flooring.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Oct 1988 (v.3#8) pg. 66

Entryways. Suggestions from designers on ways to correct situations where entryways open directly into a main room of the house. Insert shows how to install a ceramic tile insert in a hardwood floor in an entryway.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Mar 1989 (v.4#2) pg. 40

How to install a parquet floor using self-adhesive hardwood tiles.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Summer 1979 pg. 79

How to cut and lay your own wood parquet floor from scrap lumber.
SUNSET May 1977 (v.158#5) pg. 124

Tip shows how a hardwood strip floor was made to look like parquet by grooving and staining a lattice design.
SUNSET Jan 1978 (v.160#1) pg. 78

Softwood floors gain new acceptance as flooring. A look at the need to give them a durable finish.
SUNSET Jan 1979 (v.162#1) pg. 54

Tip: Use thick slices of 8x8 fir beams as parquet flooring material.
SUNSET Oct 1982 (v.169#4) pg. 119

Tip on making a parquet floor from painted plywood squares.
SUNSET Apr 1990 (v.184#4) pg. 120

Floors that will fool you. A guide to laminated-wood and plastic-laminate flooring. Advice on their installation and care.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #812 Feb 1997 (v.93) pg. 38

Patching damaged wood floors. Replacing a piece of oak-strip flooring.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #822 Feb 1998 (v.94) pg. 76

Wood flooring and which type works best. Answers to the most frequently asked questions.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #839 Oct 1999 (v.95) pg. 41

Customized wood flooring. Woodworker's home improvement guide to creating a special look. (1) Selecting flooring material. (2) Ways to pattern a floor. (3) Ways to border a floor. (4) Add drama with medallions and inlays. (5) Color a floor with paint. (6) Installing a wood floor.
WOOD MAGAZINE #122 Mar 2000 (v.17#2) pg. 93

Tips on laying tongue-and-groove wood flooring using "secret nailing" (blind nailing).
WOODWORKER Jun 1987 (v.91#6) pg. 509
Added Info WOODWORKER Aug 1987 (v.91#8) pg. 743

Tips on preparing mahogany blocks for use as parquet flooring. Tips on preparing the sub-floor to receive the blocks.
WOODWORKER Apr 1989 (v.93#4) pg. 371

Laying hardwood floors over concrete.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1963 (v.19#3) pg. 53

Tips on installing self-sticking wood floor tiles.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1969 (v.25#3) pg. 4

How to install hardwood parquet flooring.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1973 (v.29#3) pg. 20

Parquet flooring used to update entryway and family room. Tips on laying parquet flooring.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1981 (v.37#5) pg. 72

Tips on silencing squeaks caused by improper installation of thin pre-finished oak flooring over another floor.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1989 (v.45#6) pg. 16

How to repair squeaky floors when you can have access to the subfloor.
WORKBENCH Jun 1997 (v.53#3) pg. 8