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Card magic. Five cards with several numbers on each card. The magician can tell which number people are thinking of when told upon which cards the number appears.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1967 (v.57#1) pg. 53

How to perform "A Very Strange Card Trick".
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1975 (v.65#9) pg. 18

How to perform the "Jumping Jacks" card trick.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1975 (v.65#11) pg. 20

Magic color cards trick.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1976 (v.66#3) pg. 14

See-through Saucers trick uses two saucers and a pack of cards.
BOYS' LIFE May 1976 (v.66#5) pg. 14

"Magic Computer" trick involves cards with 3, 6 and 9.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1976 (v.66#7) pg. 10

Two-of-a-kind trick is performed with a pack of cards and two paper bags.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1976 (v.66#11) pg. 18

A magic menu. Trick uses six cards with a food printed on each and results in magician identifying choosen card.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1976 (v.66#12) pg. 18

The Card King. How to "guess" the king of diamonds.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1977 (v.67#8) pg. 20

The Birthday Code Trick. How to make a "lucky" birthday card appear on top of a pack of cards.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1977 (v.67#12) pg. 12

How to "tell a fortune" (how many pennies) to correspond to the card turned over in a row of cards.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1978 (v.68#10) pg. 14

Blind man's card trick. Under a newspaper, without seeing the cards, you deal them into four piles with all four top cards Kings and all four bottom cards Aces.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1978 (v.68#11) pg. 10

"Think as I think" card trick uses a deck of cards and a drinking glass.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1978 (v.68#12) pg. 68

Lucky money match. How to have a card picked that will match a coin in a matchbox.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1979 (v.69#6) pg. 12

Out of the book, a magic book that makes a choosen card rise.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1979 (v.69#9) pg. 12

X and Y card tricks.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1980 (v.70#4) pg. 12

How to make a locator card for "Take a card, any card".
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1980 (v.70#6) pg. 6

Find my card.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1980 (v.70#7) pg. 20

Three card tricks. (1) The card in my mind. (2) Instant memory. (3) Take another look.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1981 (v.71#1) pg. 20

The money mint card trick.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1981 (v.71#2) pg. 6

Meet my assistants card trick. After sorting four stacks of cards, you are able to turn over 4 queens and then 4 kings of the same suit as the queen.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1981 (v.71#4) pg. 22

Just by chance card trick. The card you turn up will be the same as the number rolled on a pair of dice.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1981 (v.71#7) pg. 8

Eights galore. You show someone his "lucky number" when you shuffle out four cards from a deck and they turn out to be all the same. Requires a "stacked" deck.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1982 (v.72#1) pg. 6

The zero spell. The cards will always turn up the exact number you are spelling, but your friend can only turn up a zero.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1982 (v.72#3) pg. 6

Time to rise card trick. The chosen card rises out of the middle of the deck.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1982 (v.72#6) pg. 6

The double guess countdown. You write on paper the number of cards dealt and the name of the last card. Both "guesses" will be correct.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1982 (v.72#8) pg. 6

The royal joggers. Jack, Queen and King move from bottom to top of deck.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1982 (v.72#9) pg. 6

More do-anywhere card tricks. (1) Matching faces and (2) Down to the last card.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1983 (v.73#1) pg. 12

There's a ghost in your pocket. Card trick will always result in the 3 of clubs. A note will "appear" in the players pocket predicting the 3 of clubs.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1983 (v.73#3) pg. 8

Reading with your fingertips card trick. Two marked cards are used as pointers to a page number in a book which you then read with your fingers (because you have memorized the page).
BOYS' LIFE May 1983 (v.73#5) pg. 12

Weighing the cards trick. Determine the exact number of cards in a deck by "weighing" them in your hand.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1983 (v.73#7) pg. 8

The five-card read out. You are able to "guess" the names of five cards that are missing from the deck.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1983 (v.73#10) pg. 6

The diamond dig. Place the 4 aces in 4 different envelopes. Then, select the one envelope with the ace of diamonds by touch.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1983 (v.73#12) pg. 10

The see-through cards. Even without X-ray vision, you can name a card when it is lying face down.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1984 (v.74#4) pg. 10

The spell of the day. This clever card trick lets you locate a selected card from a deck of cards by simply counting off the number of letters in the day of the week named by the person.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1984 (v.74#7) pg. 14

The royal magician. This clever card trick relies on the "buckle", a simple technique that every magician keeps up his sleeve.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1984 (v.74#10) pg. 8

How to bring a card to the top of the deck.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1985 (v.75#1) pg. 15

The "royal family" card trick. All four Kings, Queens, and Jacks are retrieved one after another from a "shuffled" deck.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1985 (v.75#3) pg. 16

How to do the "you choose, I'll find" type of card trick.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1985 (v.75#4) pg. 8

How to do the "card detective" card trick.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1985 (v.75#8) pg. 9

How to do the crisscross card trick. Cards marked with "X's" and "O's" seem to switch places magically.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1985 (v.75#11) pg. 6

How to do the comedy card stab trick. Use a knife blade to always select the "eight of spades". The secret lies in 3 cards being hinged together.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1985 (v.75#12) pg. 6

Humpty Dumpty changing card. How to pick the wrong card out of a deck and "magically" change it into the one somebody has chosen.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1986 (v.76#2) pg. 5

Some black cards are red. Sleight-of-hand card tricks for a red-backed card in a blue-backed deck and for a false count.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1986 (v.76#3) pg. 8

Computer card trick. How to shuffle a deck of cards so a chosen card can be reinserted and then identified by the dealer.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1986 (v.76#6) pg. 10

The all-out countdown. By carefully stacking the deck, any pair of cards chosen when the deck is cut will add up to 15.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1986 (v.76#7) pg. 6

Jigsaw puzzle card. Card that is torn into four pieces is magically restored, except for one piece, which moves from one matchbox to another.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1986 (v.76#9) pg. 10

Instant replay magic. How to pull two cards from a deck that are the same as those pulled from another deck by someone else.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1986 (v.76#12) pg. 14

The ghost card. A "ghost" floats through the pack, appears on the chosen card, and then vanishes.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1987 (v.77#1) pg. 12

Match-a-magic cards. The chosen card magically matches the top card on each of three randomly dealt piles.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1987 (v.77#3) pg. 12

Wonderful wizard of cards. A magical rhyme seems to lead you to the secretly chosen card.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1987 (v.77#4) pg. 6

Year of the quarter. Two "randomly found" cards reveal the year on a borrowed coin.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1987 (v.77#7) pg. 12

Joker's trick. Make the joker card appear as two different cards, depending upon who you show it to.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1987 (v.77#10) pg. 16

Joker among the aces. A magical way to deal an unbeatable poker hand.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1988 (v.78#2) pg. 10

The almost perfect card trick. The chosen card always turns up on the second try.
BOYS' LIFE May 1988 (v.78#5) pg. 8

Your card is mine. You place a card in your pocket, then ask someone to look at another card in the deck. This other card ends up being the one in your pocket.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1988 (v.78#7) pg. 8

Penny for your thoughts. Lincoln's head turns into an image of the chosen card.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1988 (v.78#8) pg. 10

Mind-reading rabbit. Pull a paper rabbit from your pocket. It names the chosen card.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1988 (v.78#11) pg. 10

Magic credit cards. The sum of two cards dealt out "at random" exactly equals the number of pennies in a matchbox.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1989 (v.79#1) pg. 6

Something in the air card trick. Cover the cards with a bag, and aces turn into kings.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1989 (v.79#7) pg. 16

Card spreads and turnovers. Learn to spread a pack of cards across a table in an overlapping row with one sweep and then to turn over one card and cause the whole row to tumble over, one after another.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1990 (v.80#1) pg. 8

The balancing jack, a quick card stunt. When someone calls for the "Jumping Jack", it tumbles off your finger into your palm.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1990 (v.80#2) pg. 10

Detective Story card trick uses the false shuffle and false cut techniques explained here.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1990 (v.80#3) pg. 6

But aces are better card trick. You deal your helper a fabulous hand (four kings), but you always hold four aces.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1990 (v.80#10) pg. 6

Upside-down cards trick. A 9 of spades and 6 of hearts turn into a 6 of spades and 9 of hearts inside an envelope, while the original cards reappear in the deck.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1990 (v.80#11) pg. 18

The spring-across pack. Make a trick pack of 40 cards that allow you to make cards spring from hand to hand like a master magician. Cards can still appear to be shuffled, cut and spread for tricks.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1991 (v.81#1) pg. 8

This One is Yours card trick ends up with a sticker identifying your card.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1991 (v.81#3) pg. 14

The almost impossible aces card trick. Spectators call out numbers to choose four cards from a pack. When cards are flipped faceup, all four are aces.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1991 (v.81#4) pg. 6

The card bunnies. Two small cardboard rabbits predict cards.
BOYS' LIFE May 1991 (v.81#5) pg. 8

Why I Can't Spell Four card trick.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1991 (v.81#7) pg. 6

Crosscross mix-match card trick. Two spectators choose the same card from two different decks of cards.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1992 (v.82#4) pg. 8

The magic jump-IT card trick.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1993 (v.83#4) pg. 11

The wholesale card trick. Picking six cards that have been previously selected by a spectator.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1993 (v.83#8) pg. 11

The impatient card trick. A card sealed in an envelope leaves to join other cards in another sealed envelope
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1993 (v.83#9) pg. 9

The "Be Prepared" card trick. Find the card selected by another person from a deck of 21 cards by using the Boy Scout motto.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1995 (v.85#11) pg. 10

Amazing card trick. You will identify a card chosen by a volunteer based on simple mathematics.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 2001 (v.91#4) pg. 14

Computerized card trick program written in BASIC. The computer appears to name the card selected from a deck by the human guest.
MICROCOMPUTING Aug 1982 (v.6#8) pg. 56