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xx   TABLE

How to build a pedestal table with a 3-ft. diameter top. Built from a 4x4-ft. piece of plywood. Est. cost: $15.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1978 (v.56#4) pg. J14 (232+)

Wooden dining table, with a 42" square top, has a pedestal base. Est. cost: $44.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1987 (v.65#7) pg. 88, 146

Cherry rent table. An elegant cherry pedestal table is based on a design dating back to mid 18th century England used for "splitting the rent" among landlords. Top is octagonal (26" across). Turned pedestal is supported by four curved feet.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1987 (v.11#3) pg. 30
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1988 (v.11#7) pg. 6

Oak pedestal table with a 36" diameter top. Careful planning means that minimum wood is wasted when gluing up stock for top and pedestal.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1988 (v.11#6) pg. 36
Correction CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1988 (v.11#8) pg. 6

Table for two. Circular pedestal table (33" diameter) is supported with a newel post and four shaped legs with ball feet.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Feb 1997 (v.20#5) pg. 71

How to turn a nail keg into a seat, plant stand, pedestal table, etc. How to paint a keg, cover one with padding and calico, and how to add a top and wrap the base in rope to create a table.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Dec 1974-Jan 1975 (v.5#3) pg. 22

Pedestal table (30" wide, 54" long, 31" tall) is built from plywood and pine. Top is plastic laminated.
FAMILY CIRCLE May 18 1982 (v.95#7) pg. 98, 174

Lions-paw pedestal table. Classic round oak pedestal table combines lathe turning, carving, and veneering.
FINE WOODWORKING #25 Nov-Dec 1980 pg. 74

Starting out. How to fabricate a bridle joint. Use this joint and simple chamfering to build a pedestal base for a round dining table. The pedestal can be knocked down for shipping or storage.
FINE WOODWORKING #49 Nov-Dec 1984 pg. 68

Pedestal tables, with circular tops, feature sculptural bases and veneered tops. Two unique designs shown along with construction details.
FINE WOODWORKING #74 Jan-Feb 1989 pg. 64

Tip on fitting table legs to a circular pedestal by using the pedestal itself as a drum sander.
FINE WOODWORKING #81 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 12

Making a vase-shaped reeded column for a Hawaiian pedestal table from band sawn and routed segments to simulate a traditional hand-carved base.
FINE WOODWORKING #95 Jul-Aug 1992 pg. 47

Building an open-pedestal table with an elliptical top (46"x78"). Double members simplify joinery. Templates make shaping parts quick and easy. The Pedestal and feet have a curved, sculptural look.
FINE WOODWORKING #109 Nov-Dec 1994 pg. 72

Normal orientation for the six legs on tables fitted with two tripod pedestals.
FINE WOODWORKING #129 Mar-Apr 1998 pg. 16
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #131 Jul-Aug 1998 pg. 10

Tables for every setting. Three tables designed especially for the first-time woodworker. Each has a 42"x42" square top. (1) Foldable scissor-leg table. (2) Gusset-leg table. (3) Pedestal table.
HOME MECHANIX #712 Aug 1987 (v.83) pg. 48

How to build a basic pedestal table. Includes suggested dimensions for table tops and heights. Pedestal is a straight, four-sided column with four feet at its base. Tabletop is 36" in diameter and covered with plastic laminate.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #590 Jul 1977 (v.73) pg. 70

Build a simple pedestal table with a 30" square plywood top.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #599 Apr 1978 (v.74) pg. 106

Pedestal table. Features a 30" square plywood top, a 4x4 pedestal and simple feet. Unit stands 29" high.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #649 Jun 1982 (v.78) pg. 66P

How to build a wooden circular top table with a pedestal base.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #54 Nov-Dec 1978 pg. 88

Furniture from a sprocket. Pedestal table is built using a drive sprocket from a bulldozer as the base, iron pipe as the column and a wooden top (either square or round).
NEW SHELTER Feb 1980 (v.1#1) pg. 92

How to build a contemporary pedestal table.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1971 (v.135#4) pg. 162

Build a classic turn-of-the-century oak table. Octagon pedestal base has four sturdy feet. The 42" circular top seats four and can be expanded with leaves.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1979 (v.152#1) pg. 92

Making pine burl tables. Advice on stabilizing the wood, sanding, filling voids, and finishing.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #73 Jul 1993 (v.13#1) pg. 35

Sam Maloof's sculpted-base table. The walnut top (42"x42") is supported by a single pedestal and four sculpted feet.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #100 Jan 1998 (v.17#6) pg. 57, Insert

Build a simple dining table (40"x48") with a plastic laminate top over plywood. A cast-ron pedestal from a restaurant supply store is used for the base.
SUNSET Oct 1986 (v.177#4) pg. 116

Lathe-turned pedestal table. Tabletop (11" diameter) has a raised rim and beaded edge. Base is built up from three turned disks (5", 7" and 13" diameters). The gracefully curved spindle is 26" high.
WOOD MAGAZINE #96 Apr 1997 (v.14#3) pg. 42, Insert

Pine dining table. Simple, contemporary style features two pedestal legs separated by a stretcher rail. The top is made from thick stock or can be made from particle board and plastic laminate.
WOODWORKER #1011 Feb 1978 (v.82) pg. 65

Circular cherry table features a base (pedestal) shaped like the bell end of a trumpet or bugle. Construction details of the pedestal are illustrated.
WOODWORKER #1112 Jul 1986 (v.90#7) pg. 546

Contemporary round oak table (55" diameter) will seat 8 people. The top consists of 10 fan-shaped leaves supported by 8 curved legs which form an open "pedestal".
WOODWORKER Mar 1988 (v.92#3) pg. 260

Desk/dining table combination is made from stacked and laminated birch plywood. The single support pedestal has three large storage drawers. The desk top (60"x30") slides forward for writing and back for drawer access. Support rails are extended and the top opens to 60"x60" for use as a dining table.
WOODWORKER Sep 1988 (v.92#9) pg. 820

"Restored antique" pine coffee table is a shorter version of an antique candle stand. Top is 21" diameter and sits on a turned pedestal supported by four wide feet. Overall height is 18"
WOODWORKER Apr 1989 (v.93#4) pg. 358

Rise and fall mechanism for a table with a center column.
WOODWORKER May 1989 (v.93#5) pg. 487

Massive oak pedestal table features an oval top (58"x38"). Built from 2" thick wood. The top features decorative butterfly inlays.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1983 (v.7#3) pg. 29

Twin-drawer Shaker sewing stand is patterned after a mid-nineteenth century stand from Hancock, Mass. Features dovetail joinery. Top measures 18"x24". The stand is 27" tall and supported by three curved legs dovetailed to a pedestal.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1984 (v.8#6) pg. 40

Jig for accurately drilling the multiple dowel holes needed to attach the three feet (legs) to a pedestal-style table.
WOODWORKING INTERNATIONAL #14 Dec 1989-Jan 1990 pg. 57

Pedestal table has round marble top and wrought-iron base.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1970 (v.26#3) pg. 8

Pedestal table is constructed from scrap wood. Pedestal is a square block, cut to simulate a turned column.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1971 (v.27#2) pg. 56

Plans for constructing a round-top pedestal table. Top opens to accommodate two leaves. Includes instructions for making a pair of pedestal-turning jigs to make the 9" diameter pedestal. The style is typical of traditional round oak tables. Fir, white pine, or any hardwood may be used.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1975 (v.31#1) pg. 36

How to build a king-size block puzzle table. Pedestal table's top is a framework with large movable puzzle blocks for the surface. Top measures 9"x11".
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1977 (v.33#6) pg. 89

Designer series table has sculptured pedestal. Pedestal is formed by laminating boards into a helix pattern, then chiseling the rectangular boards to form a smooth helix shape. The top is then added.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1980 (v.36#1) pg. 64

How to make twisted pedestals for use as lamp bases or table pedestals. Requires a lathe and drill press for rough shaping, followed with hand chiseling, filing and sanding.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1981 (v.37#1) pg. 60

Abraham Lincoln pedestal table has two generous size drawers. Taken from the original located in Springfield, IL.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1985 (v.41#3) pg. 44