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Movable workbench lamp is supported by a wooden bench dog.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #27 Jul-Aug 1992 pg. 14

Three ways to mount a student lamp on the workbench. (1) Bench dog with a hole in the top for the lamp shaft. (2) Bracket with hole is attached to bench with lag screw or bolt. (3) Two-piece, screw-on clamp-style holder.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #30 Jan-Feb 1993 pg. 24

Sketch shows how to make a portable worklight from a quartz-halogen floodlight for the workshop. Mounted on a conduit post, it uses a wheel hub for the base and has outlet boxes at two points on the post to provide a power source for portable tools.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #34 Sep-Oct 1993 pg. 6

Workshop lamp consists of a 48"-long wooden pole that is supported by three wooden feet and topped by a reflector lamp that can be swiveled to any angle needed.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Feb 1993 (v.16#5) pg. 49

Trouble box. A wooden tote box for tools is fitted with a 500W quartz-halogen floodlight, weatherproof duplex outlet and a grounded extension cord.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1994 (v.17#12) pg. 15

Miniature trouble light made from a lightweight extension cord and a hooded night light.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #308 May 1990 (v.40#5) pg. 112

Make a portable worklight from spare plumbing and electrical parts and a 500w quartz light head.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #107 Feb-Mar 1997 pg. 26

Flexible workshop lighting system uses a quartz halogen light fixtures attached to a duplex outlet box and fitted with eyebolt, cord and plug. Hooks at various ceiling locations serve to hold the light where needed.
FINE WOODWORKING #101 Jul-Aug 1993 pg. 16
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #105 Mar-Apr 1994 pg. 12

Tip on attaching an adjustable task lamp to a workbench by utilizing a movable base which fits into a bench-dog hole.
FINE WOODWORKING #133 Nov-Dec 1998 pg. 20

Make an automobile trouble light from a sealed beam, plastic jug, electric cord and a cigarette lighter adapter plug.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #70 Jul-Aug 1981 pg. 96

Tip: How to make a portable worklight by taping the socket of an extension cord light to a C-clamp.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Mar 1974 (v.2#3) pg. 8

Lighting in the workshop. Suggestions on natural, area and task lighting. Shows how to make a bracket for a student lamp that will clamp to the edge of a workbench or wall-mounted block.
SHOPNOTES #25 Jan 1996 (v.5) pg. 22

Add a second hook to trouble lights so that they can be faced in two directions.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #163 Feb 1990 (v.14#7) pg. 36

Add a swiveling hook to a trouble lamp.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #176 Mar 1991 (v.15#8) pg. 25

Disk brake rotor and pipe fittings are used to make a telescoping stand for a work light.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #177 Apr 1991 (v.15#9) pg. 24

Make a powerful marine spotlight from an old auto headlamp. Even a half-burned-out dual beam lamp will work.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #59 Feb-Mar 1988 pg. 85

Handy rolling 2-shelf utility cart (24"x36") is fitted with a 500 watt halogen light on a pole, extension cord, and outlet boxes.
SPORT AVIATION Dec 1994 (v.43#12) pg. 94

Tip suggests using an adjustable reading lamp as a tool-mounted work light.
WOOD MAGAZINE #56 Nov 1992 (v.9#8) pg. 20

Adapter uses existing bench dog holes to support an adjustable (articulated arm) desk lamp for use as a work light.
WOOD MAGAZINE #112 Feb 1999 (v.16#1) pg. 36

Handy shop lamp. An adjustable desk lamp is mounted on top of a wooden stand (48" tall) that can be moved from place to place.
WOODWORK #28 Aug 1994 pg. 46