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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Trailering tips. How to match your car to the load.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1984 (v.62#7) pg. 141

Tips on overhauling an older full-size car for use in towing larger trailers (over 6,000 pounds).
BOATING WORLD #118 Apr 1996 pg. 35

The basics of setting up your car for trailer towing.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #257 Mar 1985 (v.35#3) pg. 91

Tip on using tape to make it easier to align a trailer with the hitch when backing into position.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #297 Apr 1989 (v.39#4) pg. 111

Use a trailer-mounted mirror to help line up your towing vehicle when hooking up the trailer.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #312 Oct 1990 (v.40#9) pg. 39

Traveling with trailers. What you need to know before you tow a utility, boat or travel trailer.
HOME MECHANIX #747 Jul-Aug 1990 (v.86) pg. 80

Preparing a car to tow your recreational toys (boat, ATV, etc.).
HOMEOWNER May 1988 (v.13#4) pg. 70

Tips on towing a trailer.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #447 Aug 1965 (v.61) pg. 71

The ABCs of trailer towing.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #541 Jun 1973 (v.69) pg. 104

Determining how much trailer your vehicle can pull. How to drive safely while towing.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #670 Mar 1984 (v.80) pg. 92, 94

How to match a trailer to your car.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1970 (v.134#1) pg. 71

How to tow a trailer.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1971 (v.135#5) pg. 141

Safe driving tips for campers and trailers.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1972 (v.137#5) pg. 162

Car Care Guide. Tips on car maintenance that you need to do if your car is used for trailer towing.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1973 (v.139#5) pg. S72

Secrets of towing trailers with your compact car. Tips on combining the latest in hitches with good rig balance and driving techniques.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1981 (v.156#5) pg. 102

Adventures in pulling your weight. Advice from the Ford Motor Co. on successful trailering. Looks at tow vehicle (car vs. truck), towing equipment, and towing tips.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1989 (v.166#2) pg. 18

How to keep your brake fluid from boiling (thus causing a loss of brakes) when trailering a heavy load down a steep grade.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1990 (v.167#6) pg. 46

What science can tell you about trailer towing. Effects of winds, tires, hitches and hitch loads.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1971 (v.199#1) pg. 94

How to select a factory-built car to haul a trailer or convert an existing car to haul a trailer over long distances at superhighway speeds.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1973 (v.202#3) pg. 114

Checklist highlights things to check about the trailer, hitch, and tow vehicle.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #241 Aug 1996 (v.21#1) pg. 23

Don't overload your trailer or tow vehicle. How to safely tow a trailer without damage to the tow vehicle.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #264 Jul 1998 (v.22#12) pg. 15

How much can the new cars pull? Before hitching a trailer to your car, find out whether it's up to the task.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #63 Oct-Nov 1988 pg. 36

Towing power. Chart illustrates the trailer-pulling power of new vans, sport utility vehicles, and pickups.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #64 Dec 1988-Jan 1989 pg. 27

Towing power. Charts show how much trailer the new cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, and pickups can pull.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #72 Apr-May 1990 pg. 32
Added Info BOAT JOURNAL #73 Jun-Jul 1990 pg. 6