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Flip-up rudder for a shallow-draft sailing dinghy.
BOAT JOURNAL #75 Oct-Nov 1990 pg. 51

Laminated sailboat tiller made from oak and mahogany.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #497 Oct 1969 (v.65) pg. 117

Simple way to convert the rudder of a sailboat into a paddle for use when the wind dies down.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1966 (v.125#3) pg. 157

Tip: Install a horizontal rod through your boat's tiller to facilitate tying off.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #46 Dec 1985-Jan 1986 pg. 67

Easily-removed tiller extender makes it easier for shorter people to steer boat.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #49 Jun-Jul 1986 pg. 93

Homemade self-steering rig for a sailboat.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #56 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 16
Added Info SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #60 Apr-May 1988 pg. 90
Correction SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #61 Jun-Jul 1988 pg. 6

Simple self-steering device for sailboats in the 20- to 35-ft. range.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #58 Dec 1987-Jan 1988 pg. 68

Simpler way to mount a rudder makes it easier to install the rudder on a small boat in a slop.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #58 Dec 1987-Jan 1988 pg. 68

Simple and unobtrusive "tiller comb" holds the tiller securely while you eat lunch, trim the sails, etc.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #64 Dec 1988-Jan 1989 pg. 46

Windvane self-steering system controls the rudder of a sailboat. Both vertical and horizontal axis systems shown. Also shows the use of a rudder trim tab controlled by a windvane.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #68 Aug-Sep 1989 pg. 15

Autopilots for hands-free sailing. What is available in tiller autopilots and tips on their selection and use.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #71 Feb-Mar 1990 pg. 20
Added Info SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #72 Apr-May 1990 pg. 8

Homebuilt self-steering rig uses a wind vane and should work on any boat from 14-ft. to 20-ft.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #72 Apr-May 1990 pg. 65

Keel fairing. Forming and shaping an external lead keel for a sailboat. Also includes tips on templating keels, centerboards, and rudders to optimize their foil shape.
WOODENBOAT #94 May-Jun 1990 pg. 42

A simple outboard rudder combines laminated plywood with fiberglass for strength and durability.
WOODENBOAT #105 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 33

A motorized rudder for MAIA. Adapting a sailboat rudder to incorporate an electric trolling motor.
WOODENBOAT #112 May-Jun 1993 pg. 70