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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Tip on selecting and using a torque wrench to get the proper crush (embedment relaxation).
Added Info E.A.A. TECHNICAL COUNSELOR NEWS Spring 1995 pg. 9

How to use torque wrenches and the need for proper tensioning is reviewed.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Apr 1980 (v.69#4) pg. 54

Advice on selecting a torque wrench suitable for occasional use.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Nov 1992 (v.14#11) pg. 26

It's about time you bought a torque wrench. What types are available. How and where to use them in auto mechanics.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1975 (v.144#2) pg. 80

Tip: How to correctly read a torque wrench when you use an extension.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1983 (v.159#1) pg. 20

Things to know about socket wrenches, box, open end and torque wrenches for auto work.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1964 (v.185#1) pg. 78

What you should know about torque wrenches.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1971 (v.198#1) pg. 87

Torque wrenches. How they work, what is available, and how to use them. Charts show the metric, U.S. and Whitworth standards.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1978 (v.212#1) pg. 126

Torque and tension for the restorer. An explanation of torque specifications. How to calculate maximum allowable tension in a bar, bolt, stud, screw, etc.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #206 Sep 1993 (v.18#2) pg. 29

The torque wrench. Pros and cons on their use in automotive repair (circa 1945).
SKINNED KNUCKLES #223 Feb 1995 (v.19#7) pg. 27

Homemade torque wrench equipped with a open end/box wrench combination is better suited for reaching into tight locations.
SPORT AVIATION Dec 1990 (v.39#12) pg. 58