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Instructions for crocheting a baby bunting with a hood.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1976 (v.54#12) pg. 60

Crocheted baby cardigan, bonnet, booties and bottle cover.
CRAFTS Sep 1993 (v.16#9) pg. 30

Crocheted sweater, bonnet and booties is decorated with white satin ribbon and silver glitter paint.
CRAFTS May 1994 (v.17#5) pg. 54

Cozy crochet for baby. A classic sweater and afghan set.
CRAFTS Jan 1995 (v.18#1) pg. 38

Small wonders to knit and crochet. Hand-made sweaters for babies and small children. Some instructions included.
FAMILY CIRCLE Feb 2 1982 (v.95#2) pg. 68, 123

Stars and Stripes baby romper to crochet.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] May-Jun 1998 (v.42#3) pg. 18

Cap and sacque set to crochet.

Infant's layette is crocheted in a lacy pattern with picot edging. Floral sprays are embroidered at points for accent. Includes bonnet, sacque and blanket.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1981 pg. 95, 149

Baby sweaters and bootees. (1) Multicolored cardigan and button-up bootees. (2) Blue and white patterned pullover and bootees. (3) Two-tone pink sacque and bootees. (4) Pullover sweater with pram design on the front and matching bootees. (5) Navy and white cardigan and bootees. (6) Crocheted tabard with floral trim and bootees.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Spring-Summer 1979 (v.9#2) pg. 74, 110

Infant sweater and pants set are crocheted in cashmere/wool blend.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Fall-Winter 1979 (v.10#1) pg. 70, 108

Jacket, cap and booteset with a crocheted daisy rattle.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1978 (v.23#1) pg. 140, 154, 172

Cap, bootees and jacket set is crocheted in a graduated shell pattern.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1978 (v.23#2) pg. 88, 132

Crocheted bunting and matching coverlet in pastel stripes and granny squares with floral touches.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Fall 1978 (v.23#3) pg. 118, 70

Crocheted bonnet with ribbon ties.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1979 (v.24#1) pg. 122, 13

Baby bunting is worked in single crochet. Snowflakes are embroidered in cross-stitch.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Winter 1979 (v.24#4) pg. 99, 153

Christening set. Long dress, bootees, bonnet, and blanket worked in single and double crochet.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1980 (v.25#1) pg. 132, 78

A child's two-piece crocheted suit with matching bunny ear's cap.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Fall 1980 (v.25#3) pg. 119, 6

Baby boy's crocheted shorts, top and matching jacket.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Mar-Apr 1981 (v.26#2) pg. 65, 22

Baby's sun motif play set with sweater, pants, booties, pointed hat, matching coverlet and toy turtle.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Nov-Dec 1981 (v.26#6) pg. 60, 91

Two buntings feature pine tree motif. One is crocheted and the other is knitted.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Sep-Oct 1982 (v.27#5) pg. 42, 22, 28

Basic baby set (short pants and long sleeve shirt) worked in crochet.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jan-Feb 1983 (v.28#1) pg. 51, 36

Two baby outfits, each with a long sleeve jacket, pants and booties. One to knit and one to crochet.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS May-Jun 1983 (v.28#3) pg. 60, 100

Crocheted set for baby includes top, bonnet, and bootees.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1984 (v.29#3) pg. 40, 95

Eight baby sweaters. Two are crocheted and six are knitted. One is a cardigan and another is sleeveless. The rest are long-sleeved pullovers.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1986 (v.31#3) pg. 32, 92, 100, 37, 38, 89, 98, 90, 94

Baby's crocheted gown and matching receiving blanket. Bands of open-work motifs laced with ribbon alternate with panels of ridge stitch to make up the blanket. The gown's yolk and sleeves are crocheted in rib stitch, with the rest of it in ribbon-laced, open-work panels. The bottom is closed with a drawstring.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jan 1988 (v.33#1) pg. 24, 55, 56

Baby clothes from the 1920s through the 1960s. (1) Crocheted sacque with a stand-up collar and angora trim. (2) Crocheted jacket and matching cap. Lacy edging sewn to the jacket yoke creates a mock bib. Patterns for these clothes were featured in the Winter 1948-49 issue of McCalls magazine.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Sep 1988 (v.33#6) pg. 54, 4, 79

Crocheted infant's cardigan in a double-breasted style features daisy motifs embroidered at the closure. A good learn-to-crochet project.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1989 (v.34#2) pg. 38, 46

Peruvian-inspired cardigan for an infant features brightly colored vertical stripes worked in a crochet pattern stitch.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1989 (v.34#2) pg. 39, 16

Crocheted sacque set has an off-center opening and flowerette accents.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1989 (v.34#2) pg. 64, 90

Crocheted chenille wrap for a baby.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1990 (v.35#2) pg. 58, 89

Crocheted top and jams set for a baby.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1990 (v.35#2) pg. 58, 89

Crocheted christening set for a baby includes ornate gown, bonnet, booties, mitts, and blanket. Features pearled smocking and airy edgings.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1990 (v.35#2) pg. 60, 91

Crocheted layette worked in a shell pattern and double crochet. Set includes a cardigan, bonnet, booties and blanket (34"x40").
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Feb 1992 (v.38#1) pg. 78, 80

Caps for preemies. Knitted and crocheted versions of cap for tiny infants.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1992 (v.38#2) pg. 62

Christening set (elegant gown and bonnet) combine silk fabric and crocheted panels.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Feb 1993 (v.39#1) pg. 85

A crocheted baby layette of cardigan, short pants, booties and blanket with allover flower buds. Large flowers are appliqued to the outer edge of the blanket and affixed to the end of bootie ties..
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1993 (v.39#2) pg. 54, 71

Infant's crocheted sacque with a hood.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Nov-Dec 1982 (v.5#6) pg. 16, 52

Crochet a panda bunting for a one yr. old. Popcorn stitches decorate the matching hat.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Mar-Apr 1984 (v.7#2) pg. 12, 43

Crochet a bunting for a premature baby.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Mar-Apr 1984 (v.7#2) pg. 13, 25, 43

Crochet a Christmas layette (sacque, bonnet and booties).
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Nov-Dec 1984 (v.7#6) pg. 7, 37

Crochet a hooded shell stitch baby sweater and matching bootees.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Jan-Feb 1985 (v.8#1) pg. 12, 43

Crochet a bonnet and matching bolero for a little girl.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Mar-Apr 1985 (v.8#2) pg. 18, 51

Crocheted rompers and pinafore with heart-shaped bibs. Instructions are for 6-, 12- and 24-month sizes.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Jan-Feb 1986 (v.9#1) pg. 14, 16, 46

Crocheted baby jacket is an adaptation of a knitted Tomten Jacket. It features a hood, zipper front and set-in long sleeves. Since the design is modular, it can be adapted to any size by starting with a waist measurement.
SPIN-OFF Summer 1990 (v.14#2) pg. 22

Rainbow bunting and matching afghan to crochet for a baby.
WOMAN'S DAY Mar 13 1979 (v.42#7) pg. 32

Two piece baby bunting to crochet. Has seperate hooded jacket and a brightly striped bunting bottom.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 1 1979 (v.43#2) pg. 74, 114

(1) Surplice sweater and hat are crocheted in a pattern stitch. (2) No-thumbs mittens and matching knitted cap.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 4 1980 (v.44#2) pg. 92, 153

Crochet hat and sacque is mostly shells.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 3 1981 (v.45#2) pg. 81, 146

Crocheted baby bonnet and sacque.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 25 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 61, 130

Crocheted romper has pomponned drawstring waist.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 25 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 61, 141

Crocheted romper suit, suitable for either boy or girl, has a drawstring waistband.
WORKBASKET Mar 1978 (v.43#6) pg. 10

Crocheted hat and bootees with a shell stitch.
WORKBASKET Jun 1978 (v.43#9) pg. 8

Hooded sacque to crochet.
WORKBASKET Mar 1979 (v.44#6) pg. 20

Crocheted baby bunting (6 month size) and doll bunting (for a 15" doll).
WORKBASKET Mar 1980 (v.45#5) pg. 12

Crocheted sailor suit.
WORKBASKET Jun-Jul 1980 (v.45#8) pg. 19

Infant's shrug and matching cap in a dainty shell pattern.
WORKBASKET Feb 1981 (v.46#4) pg. 72

Hairpin lace baby cap and booties set.
WORKBASKET Sep 1981 (v.46#10) pg. 6

Baby bunny bunting with hood and sleeves.
WORKBASKET Apr 1982 (v.47#6) pg. 17

An entire baby set to crochet (blanket, bonnet, and sacque).
WORKBASKET Aug 1983 (v.48#9) pg. 8

Crochet a complete outfit for baby. Included are a sweater, pants, a hat and an afghan appliqued with flowers.
WORKBASKET Apr 1984 (v.49#6) pg. 34

Crochet a summer set for baby. Includes a jacket, hat and booties trimmed with a popcorn stitch. Instructions are for babies up to 12 months.
WORKBASKET Jun-Jul 1984 (v.49#8) pg. 12

Crochet a ruffled cardigan for baby. Instructions are given for 6, 9 and 12 months.
WORKBASKET Oct 1984 (v.50#1) pg. 16

Sacque, bonnet and booties set to crochet. Directions are given for a 6-month size.
WORKBASKET Sep 1985 (v.50#10) pg. 12

Infant's hooded jacket is crocheted in a pattern stitch and has a long zipper up the back.
WORKBASKET Jan 1988 (v.53#3) pg. 12

Crocheted caps and bootees for babies. Easy skill level.
WORKBASKET Apr 1988 (v.53#6) pg. 18

Crochet a welcome gift for a new baby (up to 3 months). Layette set consists of a sweater, hat, booties, and blanket (33"x33"). Intermediate skill level.
WORKBASKET Apr 1990 (v.55#6) pg. 6

Crocheted baby ensemble with rows of floral motifs. Includes a blanket (30"x36"), jacket and bonnet.
WORKBASKET Aug-Sep 1992 (v.57#6) pg. 14

Rose motif crocheted christening gown.
WORKBASKET Dec 1994-Jan 1995 (v.60#2) pg. 18