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Build a low-cost eight-input logic analyzer. Uses your computer terminal to display the result.
BYTE Apr 1981 (v.6#4) pg. 36

The 'Byte Catcher', a simple logic analyzer which can determine if a computer program reached a particular stage.
BYTE Jul 1981 (v.6#7) pg. 368

Digital troubleshooting with signature analysis. A look inside the Hewlett-Packard HP-5004A Signature Analyzer.
BYTE Sep 1982 (v.7#9) pg. 466

The Modern Electronics computer experimenter lab. Part 6. Looking at signals impossible to see with an oscilloscope. Using the DSO/eight-channel logic analyzer to test microprocessor circuits.
COMPUTERCRAFT Jul 1991 (v.1#4) pg. 60

High-speed multi-channel logic analyzer offers many of the attributes of more costly commercial models. Est. cost: $175 (eight-channel, 20-MHz) or $225 (16-channel, 25-MHz).
COMPUTERCRAFT Sep 1992 (v.2#9) pg. 20

Poor man's storage scope. Using an oscilloscope, video camera, and VCR to do the same job as a logic analyzer and/or digital storage oscilloscope.

Mini logic analyzer provides up to eight driving signals (outputs) and eight inputs. Each output can be programmed with up to a 64-bit pattern. It is used in conjunction with a PC computer and applications software. Est. cost: $30.

Build a simple, passive integrated-circuit tester which can test ICs in a circuit and does not need to be reconfigured for each device to be tested. Also functions as a logic analyzer. Designed for testing TTL and CMOS devices powered by +5 volts.
ELECTRONICS NOW Jan 1995 (v.66#1) pg. 41

Mini logic analyzer with eight inputs/outputs is used in conjuction with an IBM-compatible computer. Each output can be programmed with up to a 64-bit pattern. Unit also serves as a digital integrated circuit tester. Est. cost: $30.
ELECTRONICS NOW Feb 1995 (v.66#2) pg. 47
Added Info ELECTRONICS NOW Jul 1995 (v.66#7) pg. 12

Build a five-channel digital-logic analyzer which uses a PC as the signal capture and display device. Est. cost: $50 (kit).
ELECTRONICS NOW Jan 1997 (v.68#1) pg. 40

Build a high-performance logic analyzer. This accessory turns a computer into a high-speed, high-performance, 16 channel logic analyzer that can grab samples at up to 40 million per second (40 MHz). Est. cost: $209 (kit).
ELECTRONICS NOW Mar 1998 (v.69#3) pg. 33
Added Info ELECTRONICS NOW Jun 1998 (v.69#6) pg. 11
Correction ELECTRONICS NOW Jul 1998 (v.69#7) pg. 6
Added Info ELECTRONICS NOW Nov 1998 (v.69#11) pg. 38 (Speed-doubling adapter)

Poor man's logic analyzer is built around the 6502 microprocessor and the 6503-004 multipurpose chip. Esitmated cost: $21.

Store Soft: a 16-bit logic analyzer. Test instrument simplifies and speeds troubleshooting of computers and other digital systems.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Sep 1985 (v.2#3) pg. 48

16-channel logic analyzer. Turns a single-trace oscilloscope into an 8-channel logic analyzer and a dual-channel scope into a 16-channel unit.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1988 (v.5#7) pg. 44

The Modern Electronics computer experimenter lab. Project includes a digital storage oscilloscope, an analog function generator, and a digital signal generator. Part 1. Build the digital storage oscilloscope incorporating an optional eight-channel logic analyzer. Est. cost: $200.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Jan 1991 (v.8#1) pg. 12

Low-cost digital logic analyzer. Data-domain instrument for troubleshooting any type of digital system including microcomputers. Has eight input lines and an ability to examine sequential data before and after a reference event. Est. cost: $190.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Feb 1977 (v.11#2) pg. 40

A low-cost LED logic monitor checks all signals of a digital IC simultaneously. Construct it for an 8-, 14-, or 16-pin DIP package. May be expanded to handle 40-pin devices.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jun 1980 (v.17#6) pg. 69

Low-cost circuit provides up to 16 logic displays on a single-trace oscilloscope. Rudimentary D/A converter creates an 8-step waveform. Scope sweep adjustment produces 8 traces.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Feb 1981 (v.19#2) pg. 60
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jul 1981 (v.19#7) pg. 55

All about logic analyzers.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jan 1984 (v.55#1) pg. 51

IC tester. Multiple-use digital test instrument is a monitor, breakout box, comparator, pulse generator, and pulse detector. It can be used to troubleshoot digital circuits that contain 14- and 16-pin TTL or CMOS IC's. Est. cost: $119. Part 1. Construction.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Sep 1985 (v.56#9) pg. 59, 82-84

IC tester, Part 2. Using the analyzer.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Oct 1985 (v.56#10) pg. 80, 83

Poor man's storage scope. Combine an oscilloscope, video camera, and a VCR to provide many of the advantages of fancy logic analyzers and digital storage scopes.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Nov 1987 (v.58#11) pg. 113

In-circuit digital IC tester/logic analyzer of the passive type. Does not provide any stimulation to the IC being tested. Est. cost: $100.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Sep 1988 (v.59#9) pg. 37, 88
Added Info RADIO-ELECTRONICS Oct 1988 (v.59#10) pg. 106

Eight-bit, 3-chip, word-recognition logic analyzer. Low-power demand lets it run directly off the circuit under test. Est. cost: $6.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jan 1990 (v.61#1) pg. 41

Logic analyzer features 16-channel, 50-MHz operation. Est. cost: $700. Part 1. Capabilities and theory of operation.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1991 (v.62#6) pg. 31

Logic analyzer features 16-channel, 50-MHz operation. Est. cost: $700. Part 2. Construction.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jul 1991 (v.62#7) pg. 47

Micro monitor. A universal, easy-to-use, logic analyzer with separate LED displays for 16 address lines, 16 data lines, single- and auto-stepping operation, etc. Est. cost: $189 (kit). Part 1. Theory of operation.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Oct 1991 (v.62#10) pg. 67

Micro monitor. Part 2. Construction.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Nov 1991 (v.62#11) pg. 67