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Build a ferrocement water tank to collect and store rain water, greywater, etc.
COUNTRYSIDE Apr 1982 (v.66#4) pg. 26

Water on the homestead. A special section. (1) How to dig a well. (2) Rainwater collection ideas. (3) Storing water in a cistern. (4) Water pumping ideas. (5) Filtering water. (6) Make a well bucket to get water when the power is off. (7) Make a hand pump. (8) How to purify water in an emergency. (9) Solar stills. (10) Using grey water in the garden.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1999 (v.83#1) pg. 34

Tips on the use of "greywater" to irrigate ornamental landscape plants.
FINE GARDENING #5 Jan-Feb 1989 pg. 8

Advice on selecting a laundry detergent so that the gray water can be used in the landscape.
FINE GARDENING #21 Sep-Oct 1991 pg. 10
Added Info FINE GARDENING #23 Jan-Feb 1992 pg. 6

Tips for gardeners on using water from washing dishes and clothes (gray water) for plants.
FLOWER & GARDEN Apr-May 1992 (v.36#2) pg. 111

Greywater for your garden. An introduction to the legalities and mechanics of installing a plumbing system for reusing household greywater (waste water from non-toilet sources).
GARBAGE Jan-Feb 1990 (v.2#1) pg. 41

Advice on using gray water for irrigation and comments on where not to use it.
GARDEN GATE #10 Aug 1996 pg. 38

Tips on recycling washing machine (gray) water for use in a garden.
GARDEN GATE #22 Aug 1998 pg. 39

How to increase your water supply by collecting run-off water from roof and driveway, by building a cistern, by putting in a well, and by recycling laundry water.
HANDY ANDY Mar 1978 (v.2#6) pg. 56

Tips on using greywater to irrigate landscape and garden.
HARROWSMITH #104 Jul-Aug 1992 (v.17#2) pg. 88

Tips on collecting rainwater and greywater for use in watering plants.
HOME MECHANIX #728 Dec 1988 (v.84) pg. 4

Make your wash water do double duty. Tips on recycling greywater for use in toilets.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #88 Jul-Aug 1984 pg. 102

A look at an Oregon solar home with composting toilets and a greywater system that uses all waste water to irrigate a greenhouse.
NEW SHELTER Nov-Dec 1980 (v.1#8) pg. 98

Free heat from your drains. How to recover some of the heat from greywater and use it to help heat your home.
NEW SHELTER Jan 1984 (v.5#1) pg. 68

A look at using "greywater" (household waste water from all sources except toilets). Some tips on how to collect it. Guidelines on cleaners and chemicals to avoid which will harm a garden.
ORGANIC GARDENING May 1977 (v.24#5) pg. 32

How to use "greywater" to irrigate a garden. Includes guidelines for ways to capture greywater from home plumbing systems.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1977 (v.24#7) pg. 83

A greywater system you can build that will provide garden water.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1980 (v.27#7) pg. 65

Greywater and greenhouses. Research on water recycling systems suitable for home use.
ORGANIC GARDENING Dec 1981 (v.28#12) pg. 67

Advice on using laundry water (greywater) to irrigate lawns, flower beds and fruit trees, but not vegetable gardens.
ORGANIC GARDENING Dec 1996 (v.43#9) pg. 18

Tip: Route sump pump water to an outdoor storage bucket and use it to water garden or lawn.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1981 (v.155#4) pg. 172

How gray water affects grass. Description of a science fair project.
SCIENCE PROBE! Apr 1992 (v.2#2) pg. 92

A look at using greywater in your garden. Tips on things to guard against and how to avoid the dangers of standing water. Includes description of how to adapt a plastic garbage container as a greywater dispenser.
SUNSET May 1977 (v.158#5) pg. 268

A look at the various kinds of pumps that can be used to recycle greywater.
SUNSET May 1977 (v.158#5) pg. 287

A look at sodium in greywater and how to counteract the effects of it in your soil.
SUNSET Jun 1977 (v.158#6) pg. 219

A report on how five Californians have adapted greywater (non-toilet household waste water) to irrigate gardens. Systems pictured include (1) use of submersible fountain to lift bathwater into plastic storage containers which are linked by plastic pipe to a soaker hose, (2) use of a washing machine to pump water to stacked storage drums and then through a plastic pipe to the garden, (3) a bath water bypass to divert bath and sink water to storage, (4) a kitchen drain intercept with a valve, and (5) through-the-wall plastic pipe that carries washing machine water to storage drums.
SUNSET Sep 1977 (v.159#3) pg. 168

Questions about gray water. Is it safe, legal? How to collect and use it in your garden.
SUNSET Jul 1990 (v.185#1) pg. 172