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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Converting miniature figures. These tips show you how to convert a miniature figure to a different uniform or pose.
BOYS' LIFE May 1983 (v.73#5) pg. 71

Pattern for a North Hyde Park harmonica man seated on a wooden barrel.
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1990 (v.37#3) pg. 107

Pattern for a carved caricture of Mikhail Gorbachev.
CHIP CHATS Jul-Aug 1990 (v.37#4) pg. 80

Pattern for The Lil Ole Carpenter.
CHIP CHATS Sep-Oct 1992 (v.39#5) pg. 44

Pattern for a hobo clown.
CHIP CHATS Mar-Apr 1993 (v.40#2) pg. 140

Broken-down Rodeo Rider pattern.
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1993 (v.40#3) pg. 60

Front- and side-view patterns of Florence Morningdale caricature of a nurse.
CHIP CHATS Nov-Dec 1993 (v.40#6) pg. 90

Front and side view pattern for a clown with a painted face, pointed hat and a wide circular collar.
CHIP CHATS Jan-Feb 1994 (v.41#1) pg. 132

Four-view pattern of a tennis player caricature.
CHIP CHATS Sep-Oct 1994 (v.41#5) pg. 148

One eyed Jack. Three-view pattern for a carved cowbow caricature with bowed legs, arrow through his hat, six-shooter in both hands, spurs on boots, etc.
CHIP CHATS Jan-Feb 1995 (v.42#1) pg. 75

Three-view pattern of a cowboy resting his elbow on a fence post.
CHIP CHATS Mar-Apr 1995 (v.42#2) pg. 148

Humpty Dumpty on a wall woodcarving pattern.
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1995 (v.42#3) pg. 74

Three-view carving pattern for a butler caricature is designed to hold a calling card or a small tray.
CHIP CHATS Jul-Aug 1995 (v.42#4) pg. 148

Four-view patterns for two carved gnomes.
CHIP CHATS Jan-Feb 1996 (v.43#1) pg. 148

Two-view pattern for a carved cowgirl caricature.
CHIP CHATS Mar-Apr 1996 (v.43#2) pg. 148

Two-view pattern for carving the head of "Zeek the mountain man".
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1996 (v.43#3) pg. 148

A Gnome and His Lamp pattern.
CHIP CHATS Jan-Feb 1997 (v.44#1) pg. 148

Facial expressions for use in caricature carving.
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1997 (v.44#3) pg. 148

Old Pro caricature of a golfer.
CHIP CHATS Jul-Aug 1997 (v.44#4) pg. 116

Brother Anthony stylized monk carving pattern.
CHIP CHATS Sep-Oct 1997 (v.44#5) pg. 90

Pattern of a peasant woman carring a bundle of wood on her shoulder.
CHIP CHATS Sep-Oct 1997 (v.44#5) pg. 148

Caricature of a politician features a pork belly, big nose, sagging britches, cool hat, and arm reaching for a hand-out. Three-view pattern included.
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1998 (v.45#3) pg. 82

Pattern (front, both sides, and rear) for "The Last Ranger" cowboy figure.
CHIP CHATS May-Jun 1999 (v.46#3) pg. 164

Multi-view pattern for a barefoot waterskier.
CHIP CHATS Jul-Aug 1999 (v.46#4) pg. 60

Six views of a golfer placing a ball onto a tee while resting a club on his shoulder.
CHIP CHATS Sep-Oct 1999 (v.46#5) pg. 82

Create a feeling of action in your carved figures. Multiple views of a cowboy with gun drawn and pointed.
CHIP CHATS Nov-Dec 1999 (v.46#6) pg. 24