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Time base calibration technique using power line frequency.
AUDIO AMATEUR 2/1977 [May 1977] (v.8#2) pg. 46

Electronic circuit for a scope calibrator. Produces a square wave of exactly 10-volt output from any 12.5 to 15-volt dc source.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Feb 1979 (v.35#2) pg. 100

The F/C meter. Measure frequency (1 Hz to 100 kHz) and capacitance (5 picofarad to 1 microfarad) over five ranges. Can also provide a frequency standard or be used as an oscilloscope calibrator, squarewave signal injector, a marker for audio-sweep generators, and a non-contact tachometer. Est. cost: $25 (kit).

Simple scope calibrator turns scope into peak-to-peak voltmeter.
ELECTRONICS ILLUSTRATED Sep 1964 (v.7#5) pg. 89

Calibrator for the sweep on an inexpensive oscilloscope will enable you to measure the frequency of audio and low-frequency RF signals.
ELECTRONICS ILLUSTRATED Nov 1968 (v.11#6) pg. 88

Calibrator turns an oscilloscope into a voltmeter.
ELECTRONICS ILLUSTRATED Mar 1969 (v.12#2) pg. 83

Low-cost scope calibrator is a portable version of the square-wave generator built into a typical laboratory scope. Output frequency is from 800 to 1000 cps with precise output voltages of 5, 0.5, and .05 volts peak-to-peak.
ELECTRONICS ILLUSTRATED May 1972 (v.15#3) pg. 29

Build the fast pulser scope calibrator. A small, portable, battery-powered device that will do a quick check of amplitude accuracy, sweep accuracy, and bandwidth. An ideal accessory when shopping for a used oscilloscope. Est. cost: $50 (kit).
ELECTRONICS NOW Oct 1996 (v.67#10) pg. 41

Scope sweep generator. Construction details for an inexpensive time-mark generator for calibrating the horizontal sweep of an oscilloscope. Provides accurate calibration points of 1, 5, 10, 100, 1000, and 10000 microseconds duration.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Feb 1967 (v.77#2) pg. 80

Low-cost precision calibrator for oscilloscope and VTVM.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Mar 1969 (v.81#3) pg. 80

Technique for using powerline source as accurate 1-microsecond to 100-millisecond time standard for calibrating scopes.
ELECTRONICS WORLD May 1970 (v.83#5) pg. 46

Battery powered frequency standard for calibrating scopes.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Dec 1971 (v.86#6) pg. 69

Oscilloscope calibrator provides square waves of 10, 1, 0.1, and .01 volts point-to-point. Est. cost: $5.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Nov-Dec 1966 (v.3#2) pg. 77

A 100 KHz oscilloscope calibrator reference source circuit.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Nov-Dec 1970 (v.10#5) pg. 52

Build a precision voltage source for calibrating voltmeters and oscilloscopes. This battery powered source will deliver a nominal 2.45-volts DC.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Jan-Feb 1980 (v.20#1) pg. 71

Circuit for a scope calibrator. Produces a square wave output of exactly 10-volts amplitude.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [1] Mar 1978 (v.1#2) pg. 68

Build the fast pulser scope calibrator. Small, portable, battery-powered device allows you to do a quick check of an oscilloscope's amplitude accuracy, sweep accuracy, and bandwidth. Est. cost: $50 (kit).

Oscilloscope calibrator is used to check your scope's vertical gain and horizontal time base. Provides an accurate squarewave of 1-volt-DC peak-to-peak, at a frequency of 1 kHz.

Inexpensive scope and VOM calibrator.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1964 (v.21#4) pg. 57

Solid-state oscilloscope calibrator puts out a selectable 10-volt, 1020-Hz square wave or a 50-microsecond, 1- to 2- volt amplitude, 1020-Hz pulse. Est. cost: $18.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jun 1966 (v.24#6) pg. 61

An accurate audio voltage calibration standard to adjust VTVM or oscilloscope. Est. cost: $35.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jan 1969 (v.30#1) pg. 71

Frequency calibrator for oscilloscope or shortwave receiver uses a silicon-contolled switch to simplify the circuit.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Dec 1969 (v.31#6) pg. 53

Time-base, square-wave generator or calibrator is crystal controlled and can deliver any of 13 selected timing periods from 1 microsecond to 1 second.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jan 1971 (v.34#1) pg. 33

Double-axis oscilloscope calibrator uses Zener diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Mar 1971 (v.34#3) pg. 34

Portable scope calibrator circuit.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Nov 1974 (v.6#5) pg. 96

Precision references for current and voltage are used to check the accuracy of test instruments.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Nov 1979 (v.16#5) pg. 87

Pulse amplitude reference. Easy-to-build circuit amplifies input pulses when calibrating an oscilloscope.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Nov 1980 (v.18#5) pg. 94

Build an oscilloscope calibrator to check vertical gain and horizontal time base.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Aug 1995 (v.12#8) pg. 45

Simple circuit for calibrating oscilloscopes or other equipment.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Apr 1997 (v.14#4) pg. 59

Rapid-pulse oscilloscope calibrator is a precision voltage source to calibrate vertical sensitivity. Uses zener diode regulation.
RADIO-TV EXPERIMENTER Feb-Mar 1969 (v.26#1) pg. 67

A voltage calibrator for an oscilloscope. Est. cost: $7.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS May 1968 (v.39#5) pg. 90