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Dimension and perspective must be considered when converting three-dimension reality to two-dimension photographs. Some tips.
CAMERA 35 Jun 1980 (v.25#6) pg. 24

The concepts of perspective and depth of field are discussed.
CAMERA 35 Jun 1981 (v.26#6) pg. 14

How to use line and perspective for better compositions. Linear forms help you turn complicated scenes into attractive photos.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1982 (v.46#4) pg. 84

A look at the aspect ratio of familiar image formats and how they compare to the divine proportion as defined by the Renaissance mathematician Lucas Pacioli.
PHOTO ELECTRONIC IMAGING Jul 1997 (v.40#7) pg. 44
Added Info PHOTO ELECTRONIC IMAGING Sep 1997 (v.40#9) pg. 48

Perspective. A primer on the function of perspective in photography.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Jun 1982 (v.11#2) pg. 89

How to use your 35mm camera like a view camera in order to keep vertical lines parallel. Does not require a special perspective control lens.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Oct 1983 (v.12#6) pg. 27

Seeing. A special section on how to improve your ability to see good photos. Looks at color, composition, perspective, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Sep 1992 (v.21#5) pg. 55

Tips on improving your photos by altering your perspective.
PHOTOGRAPHIC May 1997 (v.26#1) pg. 44

Perspective. How viewpoint and lens alter the perspective of a picture and the need to develop a "sense of perspective" for yourself.
PHOTOMETHODS Aug 1975 (v.18#8) pg. 26

Photography and perspective. An historical look at development of the so-called "perspective grid" method of photography.
PHOTOMETHODS Jun 1991 (v.34#6) pg. 12
Added Info PHOTO ELECTRONIC IMAGING Jun 1992 (v.35#6) pg. 14

Perspective: know it, use it. How perspective differs from distortion.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1971 (v.68#4) pg. 20

The Hattersley class for beginners. Expand your vision. Taking photographs from ground level can open up new ways of viewing the world.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1977 (v.81#3) pg. 106

The Hattersley class for beginners. Spacemanship: How to control picture-depth illusion.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1982 (v.89#1) pg. 114

Perspective for photographers. Controlling perspective with an interchangable lens camera. Basic facts that every photographer should know.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1985 (v.92#1) pg. 38

Tips on considerations of "perspective" when composing an outdoor still life.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1987 (v.94#6) pg. 18

How to handle perspective in photography.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1995 (v.59#8) pg. 43

How to change perspective when using a zoom lens.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1999 (v.63#10) pg. 88

Understanding and controlling perspective. Part 1. Learn the basics in avoiding (or enchancing) image distortion.
RANGEFINDER Mar 1990 (v.39#3) pg. 52

Understanding and controlling perspective. Part 2. Converging verticals, aerial perspective, wide-angle distorition, etc.
RANGEFINDER May 1990 (v.39#5) pg. 8

Viewfinding. Advice on finding the viewpoint, field shape, background, ... etc. that enables you to make a photographic expression.
SHUTTERBUG #280 Jan 1994 (v.23#3) pg. 152

Viewfinding. Change your way of viewing the world by vizualizing the "diamond" format.
SHUTTERBUG #281 Feb 1994 (v.23#4) pg. 148

Viewfinding. Diamond format geometry. How turning your camera 45-degrees can increase your apparent field of view without changing lenses.
SHUTTERBUG #282 Mar 1994 (v.23#5) pg. 140

Capturing the many sides of Prometheus. Tips on photographing a single object (such as a sculpture) from many different points of view.
SHUTTERBUG #290 Nov 1994 (v.24#1) pg. 42

The art of visualization. Selecting the perfect lens to accomplish and capture your vision.
SHUTTERBUG #310 Jul 1996 (v.25#9) pg. 64

Perspective and composition. Part 1. Understanding visualization and focal distance.
SHUTTERBUG #332 May 1998 (v.27#7) pg. 98

Perspective and composition. Part 2. The final print. The importance of light and film.
SHUTTERBUG #333 Jun 1998 (v.27#8) pg. 244

The eye of the beholder. An in-depth look at perspective as it affects photography.
SHUTTERBUG #343 Apr 1999 (v.28#6) pg. 128