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A review of several different ways to generate pulses or time delays on cue, using analog, asynchronous and synchronous (clocked) digital methods. Designs (often used in computers) involve pulse waveform edges, Schmitt triggers, resistors, and capacitors.
BYTE Aug 1977 (v.2#8) pg. 120

The 555. A versatile monolithic timer/oscillator integrated circuit. Part 3. Using in a Schmitt trigger, or as the heart of light and temperature alarms and drivers, a metronome, and a continuity tester.
ELECTRONICS NOW Nov 1992 (v.63#11) pg. 61

Wave shaping. Learn the basics of waveform generation and shaping with bipolar transistor circuits that you can build. Includes circuits for multivibrators, schmitt trigger, pulse generator, etc.
ELECTRONICS NOW Jan 1994 (v.65#1) pg. 70

Waveshaping with logic gates. Schmitt triggers and monostable multivibrators can be made from IC "nand" gates.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Apr 1971 (v.85#4) pg. 38

Electronic circuit uses a 555 timer to replicate a Schmitt trigger.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Jul 1987 (v.4#7) pg. 92

Practical op-amp experiments. The Schmitt trigger.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Mar 1981 (v.70#3) pg. 29

Circuit for an updated version of a Schmidt trigger or zero crossing detector. It will convert a sine wave or rounded pulse into a square wave or squared pulse input.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [1] Feb 1978 (v.1#1) pg. 55

Supertrol, a free-running master sequence generator which provides a completely adjustable on/off ratio from 50 milliseconds to 10 seconds. Use for automatic start switching, interval timing, voltage sensing, delayed stop action, etc. An application of the Schmitt trigger circuit.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Mar 1967 (v.26#3) pg. 41

Micro-sensitive Schmitt trigger circuit.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jan 1970 (v.32#1) pg. 64

Applications for the 555 integrated circuit timer chip described in the Nov 1973 issue (p.54). Applications include: (1) Warble alarm circuit, (2) Schmitt trigger or bistable buffer, (3) Square wave oscillator, (4) Output drive considerations, (5) Wide-range pulse generator.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jan 1974 (v.5#1) pg. 72

A look at applications for the new programmable Schmitt trigger IC available from RCA, designated type CA3098.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jun 1976 (v.9#6) pg. 82

The Schmitt trigger, a bistable circuit with several useful applications, including an oscillator and a threshold buffer.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Feb 1978 (v.13#2) pg. 82

A mixed collection of practical 555-timer IC application circuits. (1) Schmitt-trigger converts sinewaves into squarewaves. (2) Dark-activated relay switch can control lighting. (3) Code-practice oscillator. (4) Electronic door buzzer. (5) LED flasher. (6) Long-period timers.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1993 (v.10#6) pg. 62

Experimenting with the 4093 NAND Schmitt trigger. Circuits include oscillator, signal injector, fluorescent-light inverter, fluorescent flasher, Morse code sender, beep-tone generator, LED flasher, and timer.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Feb 1998 (v.15#2) pg. 50

Designing circuits which use the Schmitt trigger IC. Includes circuits for Schmitt-trigger oscillators.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Sep 1984 (v.55#9) pg. 80

Schmitt triggers. What they are and how they work. Includes circuit for converting a standard non-inverting gate into a Schmitt trigger.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS May 1986 (v.57#5) pg. 88

Computer program, written in BASIC, calculates the standard value for resistors needed in a two-transistor Schmitt trigger circuit. Schmitt triggers are used to convert sine waves or other shaped signals into square-wave pulses.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Nov 1986 (v.57#11) pg. 8 (ComputerDigest)

Application circuits using the CMOS Schmitt trigger digital-logic device. Includes oscillators and two-tone alarm.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jul 1989 (v.60#7) pg. 67