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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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xx   TOOL

Making your own tools (knives, chisels, etc.) from old files, hacksaw blades, and other high carbon steel. Includes instructions on forging and tempering steel, grinding and sharpening chisels, fitting handles, etc.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER Summer 1987 (v.3#2) pg. 49

Retempering tools (chisels, gouges, etc.) to regain the cutting edge. This three-step process (annealing, hardening, and tempering) requires only a gas torch.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #56 Dec 1996 pg. 82

A description of the various types of steel used in tool making.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1985 (v.8#10) pg. 40

Heat treating. Techniques for making or fixing your own tools. Includes charts of heat glow and tempering temperatures to use. A gas welding torch is the source of heat. Photos illustrate the construction and tempering of a drawknife.
FINE WOODWORKING #4 Fall 1976 pg. 50
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #6 Spring 1977 pg. 5

Tip: Use automobile engine valves to make tools.
FINE WOODWORKING #38 Jan-Feb 1983 pg. 22
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #39 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 8

Tips on determining which steel tools to buy (such as chisels) by looking at the Rockwell C index.
FINE WOODWORKING #40 May-Jun 1983 pg. 28

A blacksmith's bleak view of modern tools. How to make a canoe knife out of a chunk of old saw blade. This will teach you the techniques basic to hand-forging a range of woodworking tools.
FINE WOODWORKING #44 Jan-Feb 1984 pg. 51

Tip: Masonry nails provide high-carbon steel for use in making small tools.
FINE WOODWORKING #58 May-Jun 1986 pg. 10

Tip: Broken sword blades are a good source of steel for knives or tools.
FINE WOODWORKING #67 Nov-Dec 1987 pg. 10

Explanation of the Rockwell Hardness Test as it applies to tools.
FINE WOODWORKING #71 Jul-Aug 1988 pg. 14
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #73 Nov-Dec 1988 pg. 20
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #74 Jan-Feb 1989 pg. 6

Metalworking in the woodshop. Shop-built woodworking machines are built from metal using ordinary woodworking tools and techniques. Advice on metal materials to use in machines, cutting, shaping, joining, etc.
FINE WOODWORKING #79 Nov-Dec 1989 pg. 84
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #81 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 6
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #82 May-Jun 1990 pg. 8

A simple technique for re-hardening cutting tools made of steel through a process of annealing, hardening, and tempering is explained.
FINE WOODWORKING #115 Nov-Dec 1995 pg. 36

Tip: Use old Allen wrenches as a source for good steel to make punches, chisels, scrapers, knives or other cutting tools.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Mar-Apr 1981 (v.6#2) pg. 23

Flint-knapping: The old hard way. Flint-knapping is the art of making tools and weapons from flint-stone by percussive-pressure flaking various size pieces and chips off larger working pieces.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Feb 1981 (v.34#11) pg. 2430

How to make useful tools from broken or damaged taps. "New" tools include metal cutting chisel, center punch, scriber, carving tool for wood, tiny saw, etching knife, engraving tool, screwdriver blade, lathe bit, turning chisel, reamer, and thread-cleaning tool.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1969 (v.131#4) pg. 200

Making chisels and gouges from high-carbon steel (like that found in old auto leaf springs). Requires only two propane torches for heating the metal.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #44 Aug 1988 (v.8#2) pg. 38
Added Info POPULAR WOODWORKING #45 Oct 1988 (v.8#3) pg. 10

How hard is hard? An introduction to the concept of tool hardness and its relationship to tool quality.
WOOD MAGAZINE #26 Dec 1988 (v.5#6) pg. 110

The cutting edge of tool steels. Understanding how tool steel is manufactured and rated will help you when selecting your cutting tools.
WOODWORK #5 Spring 1990 pg. 48
Added Info WOODWORK #6 Summer 1990 pg. 6