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Filter factfinder. Pencil and paper charts can be quickly drawn to help you determine what filters to add and/or remove from a subtractive color filter pack to attain the desired result in the final color print.
CAMERA 35 Jul-Aug 1973 (v.17#6) pg. 20

Tip from a professional laboratory: Make color contact prints of pictures you intend to enlarge. The resulting filter pack will be very similar to that required for the enlargement and will serve for several different negatives.
CAMERA 35 Jun 1977 (v.21#5) pg. 15

Advanced color printing. Part 2. Tools for finding color printing filtration.

Explanation of dichroic filters and how they work.

Learn the basic facts about color printing filter packs and how you can make changes to them based on logic, not memory or charts.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1980 (v.2#7) pg. 62
Correction DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Jan-Feb 1981 (v.3#1) pg. 8

Color printing filters de-mystified. Handy guide to the different types of color filters you can use in the darkroom.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1981 (v.3#6) pg. 62

New ways to make color enlargements from color negatives. How to use the Kodak Ektacolor FilterFinder kit to determine the correct filtration and exposure when making color enlargements.
DARKROOM TECHNIQUES Oct 1980 (v.1#3) pg. 24

Color compensating (CC) filters, a simple solution to color balance problems in color photography and color printing.
INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1990 (v.39#8) pg. 14

Using a gray card negative to determine color filtration in color printing.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1976 (v.40#10) pg. 120

How to test a color enlarger with a dichronic (non-fade) filter head so that you understand the margin of error which may be present. Also covers how to correctly dial in the needed amount of filtering.
PHOTO METHODS FOR INDUSTRY Jun 1974 (v.17#6) pg. 18
Added Info PHOTO METHODS FOR INDUSTRY Aug 1974 (v.17#8) pg. 54

Viewing filters for color printing. How they work and how to use them to make professional quality color prints.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1976 (v.78#4) pg. 80

Filters for darkroom use may improve your color pictures.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1976 (v.79#1) pg. 42

How to calculate exposure time changes whenever you change the makeup of your color-printing filter pack.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1978 (v.83#2) pg. 64

A look at color compensating filters and how to use them.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1981 (v.88#8) pg. 78

Correcting color in your prints isn't difficult if you know when you filter too much and how to fix it.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1985 (v.92#1) pg. 31

Dichroic color heads are nice to have, but you can get started printing color with inexpensive acetate filters. Some tips.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY May 1986 (v.93#5) pg. 20

Color balancing with dichroic enlargers. Swinging the colors, a technique that does not require a color analyzer and produces the correct color balance with a minimum of testing and guesswork.
SHUTTERBUG #279 Dec 1993 (v.23#2) pg. 44

Color perfect. Balancing color when using a dichroic enlarger.
SHUTTERBUG #325 Oct 1997 (v.26#12) pg. 216

Printing color negatives with a dichroic enlarger. Advice on the use of filters and understanding color balancing.
SHUTTERBUG #336 Sep 1998 (v.27#11) pg. 228