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Ideas on how to display your souvenier stones.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Apr 1980 (v.11#3) pg. 45

Mineral display cases hang on the wall, have adjustable shelves and use Plexiglas for the front.
GEMS & MINERALS #493 Nov 1978 pg. 6

Tip: How to use beverage can pull tabs to make cabochon display stands.
GEMS & MINERALS #499 May 1979 pg. 77

Tip: Alternate method for making a beverage can pull tab into a cabochon display stand.
GEMS & MINERALS #502 Aug 1979 pg. 15

How to modify discarded display cases (for watches, pens, etc.) into display cases for gems or jewelry.
GEMS & MINERALS #510 Apr 1980 pg. 68

An economical way to make display stands for mineral and gem specimens using hard styrofoam.
GEMS & MINERALS #517 Nov 1980 pg. 40

How to build a portable display table for use at craft fairs. Includes information on various types of craft fairs and how to exhibit jewelry and gemstones.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #518 Dec 1980 pg. 30

The wee ones. Helpful hints for micromineral collectors includes envelopes to store and transport small specimens, plus a storage cabinet which uses cookie sheets for shelves.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #531 Jan 1982 pg. 30

Display box for rocks and minerals uses mirrors to give the illusion of many specimens going into infinity.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #534 Apr 1982 pg. 30

The wee ones. Boxes and other display methods for micromounts.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #534 Apr 1982 pg. 46

Prong holders for faceted gem displays are made from round gold filled wire.

Star-shaped display stands for faceted stones are made from clear lucite plastic.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #539 Sep 1982 pg. 16

Make your own paper storage trays for small fossil and mineral specimens.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #540 Oct 1982 pg. 36

The wee ones. Helpful hints for micromounters.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #554 Dec 1983 pg. 50

Tips on preparing a display case for gem collections, minerals, jewelry, etc.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #560 Jun 1984 pg. 42

Build a viewing cabinet to display a fluorescent mineral collection.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #570 May 1985 pg. 14

I'm learning. Part 6. Make your own stone holders (display stands) to display your lapidary work.

I'm learning. Part 7. Showmanship. Tips on displaying your collection of faceted stones.

Collecting Minerals, a Handbook..." Part 4. How to prepare mineral specimens for display.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Apr 1979 (v.33#1) pg. 218

Collecting Minerals, a Handbook..." Part 6. A look at micromounting minerals and photographing mineral specimens.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Jun 1979 (v.33#3) pg. 738

How to prepare driftwood to make a pleasing base or accent in a gemstone display.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Jun 1979 (v.33#3) pg. 804

Unobtrusive geode stands and slab easel that are inexpensive and easy to make.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Jul 1979 (v.33#4) pg. 998

How to build a light box for displaying garnets, tourmalines, and other crystals that are best displayed using transmitted light.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Sep 1980 (v.34#6) pg. 1300

Unusual bezels for gemstones on wood mountings.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Oct 1980 (v.34#7) pg. 1488

Miracles with minerals. The pleasures of micromounting. Part 1. Micromounted mineral specimens require a magnifier to reveal their detail.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Feb 1981 (v.34#11) pg. 2310

Miracles with minerals. The pleasures of micromounting. Part 2. The tools and techniques to mount small specimens.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Mar 1981 (v.34#12) pg. 2552

How to organize a "touch" display of rocks and minerals for the blind and handicapped.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Mar 1981 (v.34#12) pg. 2638

Radioactive minerals. Tips for the collector on the proper handling, storage, and display of minerals which contain radioactive elements.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Mar 1981 (v.34#12) pg. 2648
Correction LAPIDARY JOURNAL Jun 1981 (v.35#3) pg. 696

Miracles with minerals. The pleasures of micromounting. Part 3. Using a microscope and camera to examine small specimens.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Apr 1981 (v.35#1) pg. 194

Miracles with minerals. The pleasures of micromounting. Part 4. Storing and displaying, tips on collecting, and a list of books, dealers and suppliers specializing in micromounting.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL May 1981 (v.35#2) pg. 492

The beginning of a showcase. Tips on building a showcase and displaying your gem and mineral collection.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Sep 1981 (v.35#6) pg. 1346

A new holder for displaying faceted gems is made from copper wire.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Jul 1982 (v.36#4) pg. 772

Display techniques for gem and rock collections. Includes tips on arrangment to prevent overcrowding and making a simple lining for a display case.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Dec 1982 (v.36#9) pg. 1576

How to make "stone papers" to store loose gemstones.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Feb 1987 (v.40#11) pg. 77

Designed to teach. Displaying a mineral collection with the goal of informing the newcomer. Some tips.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Feb 1989 (v.42#11) pg. 61

Beginning a mineral collection. Organizing and storing the collection.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Mar 1989 (v.42#12) pg. 43

Special lighting. How to use fluorescent lights to set off an explosion of color in a mineral collection.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Sep 1989 (v.43#6) pg. 41

Tip on using recycled items to display gemstone objects.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Jan 1990 (v.43#10) pg. 98

Tip on making "transparencies" of agate and other translucent gem materials that are suitable for use in a slide projector.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Mar 1990 (v.43#12) pg. 77

Tip on bringing out the color and pattern in uncut agates.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL May 1990 (v.44#2) pg. 84

Lithograms. An inventive and instructive application of the photogram technique to mineral specimens. How to make colored photograms by exposing through thin slabs of common translucent minerals.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Nov 1990 (v.44#8) pg. 40

Micromounting. An introduction to preserving and protecting tiny crystals so they can be viewed, studied, and appreciated under magnification.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Mar 1992 (v.45#12) pg. 21

Rock gardening. How to create miniature scenic gardens of mineral specimens and carved stones.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Nov 1993 (v.47#8) pg. 91

Tips on preparing mineral specimens for display.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Nov 1996 (v.50#8) pg. 110

Cutting and displaying iris agate.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL Feb 1997 (v.50#11) pg. 103