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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Nine dolphins dancing. Wet greenware dolphins and greenware tiles are combined to form a sculpture showing the dolphins leaping from an ocean wave.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Feb 1990 (v.35#6) pg. 111

Humpback greenware whale is painted by airbrushing with various glazes and underglazes.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Feb 1990 (v.35#6) pg. 143

On a tropic reef. Construct a sculpture of majestic angel fish drifting by a fan coral using ceramic modeling clay.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Aug 1990 (v.35#12) pg. 31

Towel holder is an elaborate ceramic piece representing a mermaid against a background of sand and seashells which has been mounted on a wall. Painted with underglaze and overglaze.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Jan 1994 (v.39#5) pg. 71

Whimsical ceramic fish are painted with underglaze.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Apr 1994 (v.39#8) pg. 109

Ceramic tropical fish can be finished in your choice of underglaze colors.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Oct 1994 (v.40#2) pg. 109

Tropical fish. Porcelain greenware fish are painted in bright colors, mounted on stiff wire, and displayed "swimming" above a coral reef.
CERAMICS Sep 1990 (v.26#1) pg. 44

Fun with sea creatures. Porcelain arrangement of sea life is made by casting driftwood, sea fan, clam, etc. and attaching to a natural sea sponge.
CERAMICS Sep 1990 (v.26#1) pg. 48

Greenware fur seal is finished in white and blue (or gold) non-firing stains.
CERAMICS Oct 1990 (v.27#2) pg. 14

Rose and turquoise fish. Art glaze (rutile glaze) technique is used to create "floats" which result in unique patterns.
CERAMICS Oct 1990 (v.27#2) pg. 42

Realistic ceramic model of an adult manatee with a baby. Painted with nonfiring stains.
CERAMICS May 1994 (v.30#9) pg. 30

Ceramic representation of a rainbow trout leaping for an insect. Painted with overglaze lusters.
CERAMICS May 1994 (v.30#9) pg. 66

Realistic ceramic figurine of a humpback whale and her baby is painted with nonfiring stains using airbrushing.
CERAMICS Sep 1994 (v.31#1) pg. 14

Walrus fisherman. Greenware figures of a walrus and two seals are shown "fishing" in a wooden bucket. Painted with various stains.
POPULAR CERAMICS #494 Sep 1990 (v.41#2) pg. 34

Playful dolphins ceramic figures are finished in white porcelain or china painted.
POPULAR CERAMICS #534 Feb 1994 (v.44#7) pg. 35

Ceramic tropical fish figures (in the form of a platter, pitcher, teapot, bowl) are painted using airbrushing.
POPULAR CERAMICS #537 May 1994 (v.44#10) pg. 34

Tips on glazing ceramic planters or candle holders in the shape of "koi" fish.
POPULAR CERAMICS #538 Jun 1994 (v.44#11) pg. 32

Painting tips for a humpback whale ceramic figurine.
POPULAR CERAMICS #538 Jun 1994 (v.44#11) pg. 58

Sea stacks. Tips on finishing ceramic stacks of whales, seals, and dolphins.
POPULAR CERAMICS #541 Sep 1994 (v.45#2) pg. 32

Manatees. Make a ceramic diorama showing two manatees (sea cows) feeding on aquatic grass.
POPULAR CERAMICS #542 Oct 1994 (v.45#3) pg. 38