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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Tip on preventing brake pads from sticking together when your front wheel is removed.
DIRT RIDER #86 Jan 1990 pg. 67

Tip on engaging the front brake on your bike or ATV as a parking brake.
DIRT RIDER #92 Jul 1990 pg. 92

Maintaining disc brakes on off-road motorcycles.
DIRT RIDER #99 Feb 1991 pg. 77

Breaking down your brakes. The ins and outs of your bike's brake system and some maintenance tips.
DIRT RIDER #131 Oct 1993 pg. 78

Welded extensions on shifter and brake pedal help attach safety cables and divert brush.
DIRT RIDER #134 Jan 1994 pg. 34

How to bleed disc brakes in 6 easy steps.
DIRT RIDER #139 Jun 1994 pg. 138

Keeping the front brake hose on 1990-92 KTM 250/300 E/XCs routed properly.
DIRT RIDER #142 Sep 1994 pg. 22

Bleeding brakes. (1) Keeping the plastic tube submerged in fluid. (2) Using a self-contained windshield washer bottle system to pump fluid.
DIRT RIDER #142 Sep 1994 pg. 22

Basic tips on checking and changing brake pads. Includes a troubleshooting guide.
DIRT RIDER #143 Oct 1994 pg. 90

Technique for bleeding disc brakes using an oil can and plastic tubing.
DIRT RIDER #160 Mar 1996 pg. 120

Tip on adding a flashing strobe light to your brake light circuit.
MOTORCYCLIST #1121 Sep 1990 pg. 96

Brake pad replacement.
MOTORCYCLIST #1126 Feb 1991 pg. 45

Twenty questions on disc brakes look at pad choice, bleeding, fluid selections, break-in, squeal, and performance improvements.
MOTORCYCLIST #1152 Apr 1993 pg. 53

Keep your brakes safe. Self-service advice on hoses, brake fluid, seals, washers, etc.
MOTORCYCLIST #1157 Sep 1993 pg. 98

Tip on using a plastic bag to protect painted parts when bleeding a rear disc brake caliper.
MOTORCYCLIST #1164 Apr 1994 pg. 128

Tip on using an empty spray bottle to help bleed a brake system.
MOTORCYCLIST #1165 May 1994 pg. 117

Tip on cleaning caliper pistons before installing new brake pads.
MOTORCYCLIST #1166 Jun 1994 pg. 116

Tip on checking a front wheel disc for warp.
MOTORCYCLIST #1171 Nov 1994 pg. 90

Motorcycle resurrection series. Part 2. Rebuilding brake calipers, installing new brake pads, replacing brake lines, fluid, and bleeding.
MOTORCYCLIST #1180 Aug 1995 pg. 51

Twenty questions and answers concerning motorcycle disc brakes.
MOTORCYCLIST #1198 Feb 1997 pg. 44

Brake system transfusion. How to revitalize your bike's hydraulic system by draining and refilling the master cylinder(s) and bleeding the brake lines.
MOTORCYCLIST #1198 Feb 1997 pg. 78

Tip on keeping contaminated brake fluid out of master cylinder when installing new brake pads.
MOTORCYCLIST #1202 Jun 1997 pg. 106

Tip on using the pump from a spray bottle to assist when bleeding brakes.
MOTORCYCLIST #1205 Sep 1997 pg. 84