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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Tip on keeping plastic panels from falling off if the mounting hardware comes loose.
DIRT RIDER #86 Jan 1990 pg. 24

Tip on repairing a cracked or broken plastic fender.
DIRT RIDER #94 Sep 1990 pg. 82

Tip on using an all-nylon, flexible notebook cover to fabricate an inexpensive rear suspension linkage splash guard.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 122

Tip on using a piece of inner tube material and thin aluminum to keep the muffler from burning plastic side panels.
DIRT RIDER #141 Aug 1994 pg. 94

Tip on using silicone sealant to prevent "ovaling" of the mounting holes in mud guards covering radiators.
DIRT RIDER #143 Oct 1994 pg. 35

Tip on making rear suspension splash/roost guards from plastic baseboard molding.
DIRT RIDER #147 Feb 1995 pg. 18

Cosmetic surgery. How to remove and install colorful vinyl graphics (decals) on motorcycles.
DIRT RIDER #154 Sep 1995 pg. 20

Tip on preventing screws and bolts from digging into or scratching your bikes faring or side panels.
MOTORCYCLIST #1113 Jan 1990 pg. 76

Prevent or conceal minor scratches on fairing highpoints by attaching modified door-edge guard.
MOTORCYCLIST #1114 Feb 1990 pg. 83

Tip on using methylene chloride to repair cracked plastic fairings.
MOTORCYCLIST #1115 Mar 1990 pg. 118

Tip on eliminating static buildup on plastic bodywork.
MOTORCYCLIST #1116 Apr 1990 pg. 126

Tip on using skateboard "tail skids" to protect raised portions of fairings in the event of a fall.
MOTORCYCLIST #1118 Jun 1990 pg. 118

Tip on using fiberglass to repair and reinforce plastic body pieces.
MOTORCYCLIST #1119 Jul 1990 pg. 114

Tip on using adhesive-backed clear plastic to protect bodywork from stone chips.
MOTORCYCLIST #1121 Sep 1990 pg. 96

Tip on using "Marine-Tex" to repair cracked and broken body panels.
MOTORCYCLIST #1121 Sep 1990 pg. 98

Tip on using O-rings to keep screws from vibrating out of fiberglass motorcycle fairings.
MOTORCYCLIST #1122 Oct 1990 pg. 103

Tip on using clear contact paper to protect leading edges of fairings and fenders from stone chips.
MOTORCYCLIST #1172 Dec 1994 pg. 84

Tip on repairing cracked plastic instrument panels.
MOTORCYCLIST #1193 Sep 1996 pg. 84

Half-day hop up. Installing a Tapeworks Graphics Kit of self-adhesive decals (logos, stripes, etc.).
MOTORCYCLIST #1204 Aug 1997 pg. 82

Tip on fixing a developing crack in a fairing using foam, silicone, and nail polish.
MOTORCYCLIST #1228 Aug 1999 pg. 100