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Tip on using a door closure spring to make temporary repairs on motorcycles.
DIRT RIDER #89 Apr 1990 pg. 21

Use a hose clamp to replace a missing or loose countershaft locking plate or circlip.
DIRT RIDER #90 May 1990 pg. 36

Tip on preventing a circlip from coming loose.
DIRT RIDER #93 Aug 1990 pg. 24

Tip on raising an old, down-slanted footpeg.
DIRT RIDER #94 Sep 1990 pg. 82

Tip on using heat shrink tubing on motorcycle levers, pipe springs, etc.
DIRT RIDER #97 Dec 1990 pg. 93

Doing a thorough midseason inspection and overhaul of a motocross bike. Part 1. The engine, clutch and carburetor.
DIRT RIDER #105 Aug 1991 pg. 50

Doing a thorough midseason inspection and overhaul of a motocross bike. Part 2. Frame, swingarm, shock linkage, steering head, wheels, brakes, and final drive.
DIRT RIDER #106 Sep 1991 pg. 60

Prep your new bike like the pros. Details that will guarantee your bike a long life.
DIRT RIDER #112 Mar 1992 pg. 112

How to get the best performance from your 1992 80cc or 125cc motocross bike and avoid chronic mechanical problems. Tuning and preventive maintenance tips.
DIRT RIDER #118 Sep 1992 pg. 84

250cc motocross survival guide. Modification and maintenance tips for the Suzuki RM250N, Kawasaki KX250-J1, Honda CR250RN, and Yamaha YZ250D.
DIRT RIDER #119 Oct 1992 pg. 68

The 10 most important maintenance things to do to your bike between motos.
DIRT RIDER #124 Mar 1993 pg. 90

The most important 10 minutes you can spend working on your bike. How the pros set up their controls.
DIRT RIDER #133 Dec 1993 pg. 167

Tip on replacing a broken plastic rear disc protector on a CR125R with aluminum "diamond plate" material.
DIRT RIDER #134 Jan 1994 pg. 34

Tuning tips for 1994 dirt bikes (Kawasaki KX80-R4/T4, Kawasaki KX125-K1, Kawasaki KX250-K1, Yamaha YZ250F, Suzuki RM125 & 250R).
DIRT RIDER #135 Feb 1994 pg. 34

Ten secrets from factory mechanics for improving your Honda CR (or most any other brand motorcycle).
DIRT RIDER #137 Apr 1994 pg. 110

Ten do-it-yourself mods from Kawasaki's Team Green to improve the KX125-K1.
DIRT RIDER #137 Apr 1994 pg. 118

Team Yanaha's setup secrets. How to bring your YZ up to factory spec.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 80

Team Suzuki setup secrets. Ten tips to make your motocross RM work better.
DIRT RIDER #139 Jun 1994 pg. 66

Ten factory Kawasaki setup secrets for your KX125.
DIRT RIDER #140 Jul 1994 pg. 70

How to shave weight off your bike. Ten tips.
DIRT RIDER #140 Jul 1994 pg. 76

Tip on installing gaskets after coating with a thin layer of grease.
DIRT RIDER #143 Oct 1994 pg. 35

Ten starting secrets for your bike. What to look for when your motorcycle won't start.
DIRT RIDER #143 Oct 1994 pg. 104

Tip on keeping crankcase and carb breather hoses from being caught in the chain.
DIRT RIDER #144 Nov 1994 pg. 22

Preride bike prep. What to do before even kickstarting your new motorcycle.
DIRT RIDER #144 Nov 1994 pg. 42

Ten race-proven factory methods to prevent headshake.
DIRT RIDER #145 Dec 1994 pg. 194

Ten money-saving maintenance tips.
DIRT RIDER #148 Mar 1995 pg. 94

Off-road pros share their setup tips.
DIRT RIDER #151 Jun 1995 pg. 38

Twenty ways to save big bucks. Set-up tips for a new off-road motorcycle.
DIRT RIDER #158 Jan 1996 pg. 40

Special winter maintenance section. A few tips you might not know about maintaining your bike.
MOTORCYCLIST #1114 Feb 1990 pg. 33

Troubleshooting tips to locate the cause of motorcycle vibration.
MOTORCYCLIST #1120 Aug 1990 pg. 87

The preride and postride checklist.
MOTORCYCLIST #1130 Jun 1991 pg. 46

New bike basics. Understanding and beginning a regular maintenance program for a motorcycle.
MOTORCYCLIST #1138 Feb 1992 pg. 62

SPECIAL SECTION: Mid-winter maintenance for your motorcycle. Engine tune-up topics include battery service, carburetor synchronization, oil change, spark plugs, valve check and adjustment. Chassis tune-up topics include fork oil replacement, fork seal replacement, clutch adjustment, steering-head bearing lube and inspection, disc brake service, and chain care.
MOTORCYCLIST #1162 Feb 1994 pg. 40

Spring thaw. How to prepare your motorcycle for spring riding after winter storage.
MOTORCYCLIST #1165 May 1994 pg. 78

Tip on adapting your shop vacuum to suck out debris from spark plug wells prior to removing the plugs.
MOTORCYCLIST #1166 Jun 1994 pg. 116

Sportbike chassis tune up. Covers the front end, wheel bearings, and rear end.
MOTORCYCLIST #1167 Jul 1994 pg. 85

The T-CLOCK check. Details of a thorough pre-season motorcycle inspection.
MOTORCYCLIST #1177 May 1995 pg. 87

Motorcycle resurrection series. Part 1. Inspecting inexpensive, well-worn motorcycles.
MOTORCYCLIST #1179 Jul 1995 pg. 88

The idiot's guide to the 4-cylinder tune-up. Part 1. Valve adjustment.
MOTORCYCLIST #1187 Mar 1996 pg. 96

Self-service advice for a new motorcycle. Looks at oil changes, oil filters, air filters, engine adjustments, chain maintenance, etc.
MOTORCYCLIST #1213 May 1998 pg. 14