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Tip on preventing broken grease zerks on the lower suspension of KTM motorcycles.
DIRT RIDER #99 Feb 1991 pg. 62

Suspension basics. Damping defined and refined. Taking the mystery out of setting your bike's fork and shock.
DIRT RIDER #107 Oct 1991 pg. 24

Suspension basics. Guidelines for setting the proper race sag for both front and rear suspension. Tips on selecting the correct springs for your weight and riding style.
DIRT RIDER #108 Nov 1991 pg. 81

Suspension basics. Performance tuning. Understanding how suspension fluids work can help you tune your bike's suspension for maximum performance.
DIRT RIDER #110 Jan 1992 pg. 50

Basic suspension setup for off-road riding.
DIRT RIDER #124 Mar 1993 pg. 48

Ten-minute link lube. Taking the fear out of suspension linkage maintenance.
DIRT RIDER #131 Oct 1993 pg. 30

How to add grease fittings to the swingarm pivot bolt and bearings on a KX125.
DIRT RIDER #137 Apr 1994 pg. 34

Suspension basics. Part 1. How to adjust preload, rebound damping, compression, etc.
DIRT RIDER #147 Feb 1995 pg. 96

Suspension basics. Part 2. Springs and suspension settings that you should check every time you ride.
DIRT RIDER #148 Mar 1995 pg. 35

Suspension basics. Part 3. Making external adjustments to get best performance.
DIRT RIDER #150 May 1995 pg. 168

Suspension basics. Part 4. Using videotaping to further tune your suspension.
DIRT RIDER #153 Aug 1995 pg. 94

Front axle tightening the right way.
DIRT RIDER #158 Jan 1996 pg. 48

Correct procedure for measuring rear-suspension sag.
DIRT RIDER #159 Feb 1996 pg. 84

Tool to measure rear-suspension sag is made from an ordinary yardstick.
DIRT RIDER #168 Nov 1996 pg. 142

Suspension adjustments. An overview of the spring, damping air, oil and attendent chassis adjustments built into a motorcycle.
MOTORCYCLIST #1121 Sep 1990 pg. 64

Suspension rebuild procedures.
MOTORCYCLIST #1138 Feb 1992 pg. 64

Understanding and improving motorcycle handling. (1) The frame. A guide to steering geometry and handling requirements. (2) Cartridge forks. How they work and how to tune them to suit your riding style. (3) Aftermarket wheels. (4) How to tune suspension.
MOTORCYCLIST #1153 May 1993 pg. 57, 68, 86, 92

Total suspension setup. Part 1. Setting it right the first time
MOTORCYCLIST #1179 Jul 1995 pg. 70

Total suspension setup. Part 2. Compression and rebound damping.
MOTORCYCLIST #1181 Sep 1995 pg. 67

Advice on adjusting suspension settings.
MOTORCYCLIST #1201 May 1997 pg. 96