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xx   WHEEL

Use an old inner tube to reinforce a new one.
DIRT RIDER #91 Jun 1990 pg. 30

How to install rim locks and valve stems without scraping your knuckles.
DIRT RIDER #93 Aug 1990 pg. 26

Homemade snow chains for motorcycle tires.
DIRT RIDER #97 Dec 1990 pg. 93

Sparkplug adapter for using your motorcycle engine to fill a flat tire.
DIRT RIDER #125 Apr 1993 pg. 146

Protector for a spare wheel keeps dirt out of the hub assembly. Attaches with a "Velcro" strap.
DIRT RIDER #135 Feb 1994 pg. 30

Tip on using zip-ties to keep broken spokes from breaking and falling off.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 122

Tip on trimming knobbies to sharpen rounded edges using a heated razor blade.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 124

Tip on balancing a tire equipped with a rim lock.
DIRT RIDER #139 Jun 1994 pg. 120

Steps for tightening wheel spokes while you are breaking in a new bike.
DIRT RIDER #145 Dec 1994 pg. 108

Tip on using an old "inner tube" between tire casing and inner tube to reduce flat tires.
DIRT RIDER #150 May 1995 pg. 28

Eight steps to no-nonsense tire changes.
DIRT RIDER #151 Jun 1995 pg. 104

Ten tips on how to prevent flat tires when trail riding.
DIRT RIDER #163 Jun 1996 pg. 48

Simple, but foolproof, rear-wheel alignment trick.
MOTORCYCLIST #1113 Jan 1990 pg. 76

Tip on popping a tubeless tire off the bead without special tools.
MOTORCYCLIST #1116 Apr 1990 pg. 126

Tips on making on-the-road tire repairs.
MOTORCYCLIST #1125 Jan 1991 pg. 79

Choosing tires. A comparison between using belted tires with diagonal carcass and belted tires with radial carcass.
MOTORCYCLIST #1126 Feb 1991 pg. 57

Get to know your wheel bearings. How to inspect and replace them.
MOTORCYCLIST #1127 Mar 1991 pg. 36

Fast and easy way to build a tire fulcrum for breaking the bead on tubeless tires or safety rims. Made from an 8-ft. piece of 2x4 lumber.
MOTORCYCLIST #1132 Aug 1991 pg. 100

A motorcycle tire expert shares advice on selection, operation, and maintenance.
MOTORCYCLIST #1134 Oct 1991 pg. 48

Sport-tire comparison. Results of testing 28 different racing-compound (sticky) tires.
MOTORCYCLIST #1136 Dec 1991 pg. 25

On the track of the wobbles. How to do a wheel alignment.
MOTORCYCLIST #1138 Feb 1992 pg. 59

Tip on using an auto jack to break the bead on a cycle tire.
MOTORCYCLIST #1139 Mar 1992 pg. 122

Re-tiring older motorcycles. How to locate metric tires and tubes which are appropriate for older bikes which used inch-marked sizes.
MOTORCYCLIST #1140 Apr 1992 pg. 67

Motorcycle wheel balancing procedures.
MOTORCYCLIST #1146 Oct 1992 pg. 67

Understanding and improving motorcycle handling. (1) The frame. A guide to steering geometry and handling requirements. (2) Cartridge forks. How they work and how to tune them to suit your riding style. (3) Aftermarket wheels. (4) How to tune suspension.
MOTORCYCLIST #1153 May 1993 pg. 57, 68, 86, 92

Tip on using the motorcycle sidestand (kickstand) to break the bead of a tubeless tire off the rim.
MOTORCYCLIST #1161 Jan 1994 pg. 88

Tip on correct tire pressure when riding in the rain in order to avoid hydroplaning.
MOTORCYCLIST #1165 May 1994 pg. 118

Twenty tire tips. Included in the 1994 street tire buyer's guide.
MOTORCYCLIST #1167 Jul 1994 pg. 60

On-the-road tire repair. Making a temporary repair to both tube and tubeless tires. What equipment is required and how to go about it.
MOTORCYCLIST #1167 Jul 1994 pg. 70

Tip on checking rear-wheel alignment using a straightedge.
MOTORCYCLIST #1170 Oct 1994 pg. 86

Tire tips. Do's and don'ts for motorcycle tires.
MOTORCYCLIST #1178 Jun 1995 pg. 66

Simple jig for static balancing of motorcycle tires is made from two sawhorses, two straightedge aluminum rulers, a level, and four C-clamps.
MOTORCYCLIST #1188 Apr 1996 pg. 136

Tip on locating and marking the heavy point of a motorcycle wheel (which may not correspond with the air valve location).
MOTORCYCLIST #1199 Mar 1997 pg. 134

Rear wheel alignment using either a six-foot carpenter's level or a string.
MOTORCYCLIST #1200 Apr 1997 pg. 68

Advice on repairing punctures in radial tires.
MOTORCYCLIST #1200 Apr 1997 pg. 120