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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Panelled desk. This large, table-style desk features a single drawer in the skirt, a faux leather top framed with oak (36"x54") and ready-turned fluted legs.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Mar 2001 (v.24#5) pg. 28

Classic secretary desk/writing table (36"x60"x30" high) has a top of oak-veneered plywood surrounded with solid-oak edging. There are three drawers in the 7"-deep skirt. The legs are turned, with a tapered octagonal section that is flat.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1993 (v.17#1) pg. 46

Early American (circa 1800) writing desk with hinged writing top, two drawers and pigeon holes.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #88 Oct 1965 (v.15#5) pg. 42

Shaker writing table is 28" high. The top is 36"x25" with one drawer.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #117 May 1970 (v.20#4) pg. 46

Making a writing desk. Customizing a leg-and-apron table to include drawers in the aprons. Overall dimensions: 32"x60"x30" tall.
FINE WOODWORKING #81 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 64

An elegant writing desk. A three-drawer case is supported on tapered-and-fluted legs. Overall dimensions: 24"x54"x30" tall.
FINE WOODWORKING #90 Sep-Oct 1991 pg. 74

Convertible furniture. (1) An ingenious folding-rail system on a side table allows it to open up and become a full-size card table. (2) Hall table with a false drawer opens up to become a spinet desk.
FINE WOODWORKING #93 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 68

Ebonized writing table. The base features ebonized cherry for the legs and aprons. The legs are both tapered and octagonal. The top is mahogany plywood edged with solid mahogany. Overall dimensions: 30"x72"x29" high.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1990 (v.167#7) pg. 73

Contemporary writing table features gracefully curved legs formed by strip laminating. The spreader between the legs is also curved. The top (48"x26") has curved ends, straight back, and an inward-curving front edge. A single drawer is placed beneath the center of the top.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #55 Jul 1990 (v.10#1) pg. 64

Contemporary desk (writing table) project for the master craftsman. Very few of the edges and surfaces are flat and/or straight. Features decorative legs joined with a stretcher bar, large dovetail joints, sculptural pulls incorporated into the two drawer fronts, etc. Overall dimensions: 48"x24"x30" tall.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #78 May 1994 (v.13#6) pg. 60, 43 (Insert)

Table with removable desk organizer in Shaker styling. Table (32"x54"x30" high) has turned legs. The organizer (12"x50"x14" high) has four drawers, four open compartments and a shelf across the top with 3" back and sides.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #92 Sep 1996 (v.16#4) pg. 32

Split rail table desk or writing desk features uniquely-shaped legs and radiused edges on the top. The front rail features a flush drawer in the center. Overall dimensions: 57"x29"x29" tall.
WOODWORK #3 Fall 1989 pg. 44

A combination table/desk. Slightly-curved criss-crossed (X) legs connected with an inlaid stretcher are used to support a shallow wooden box (5" deep) with a large lift top (56"x33").
WOODWORK #5 Spring 1990 pg. 40

A table for all occasions. This "neo-classical" design is suitable for both a dinner party-sized dining table and a worktable for writers who spread out their work. The top is frame-and-panel construction, with floating panels. Decorative butterfly keys reinforced the mitered corners of the frame. Overall dimensions: 84"x40"x29" tall.
WOODWORK #11 Fall 1991 pg. 62

Lady's drawing and writing table composite design based on the Carlton House table (circa 1796) by Gillow & Co. Features a curved stationery unit, secret compartments, fluted legs, etc.
WOODWORKER #1077 Aug 1983 (v.87) pg. 476

Dimensions for a classy writing table. Top measures 1000mm x 500mm.
WOODWORKER #1095 Feb 1985 (v.89) pg. 104

Unusual hardwood writing table features eight legs, decorative through-tenon wedged joints, and no drawers. Top measures 47"x24".
WOODWORKER Oct 1987 (v.91#10) pg. 870

Table manners. Traditional construction of a Victorian writing table. Features turned-and-tapered legs and two small drawers (in the front apron). Overall dimensions: 42"x21"x30" tall.
WOODWORKER Oct 1990 (v.94#10) pg. 982

Dyson desk. A writing table in sycamore. Features a unique leg design which flares greatly at the foot, almost elephant-like. The design is very pleasing. Overall dimensions: 48"x24"x30" tall.
WOODWORKER Dec 1993 (v.97#12) pg. 35

Oak writing table features sawhorse-style legs with a ladder-style trestle that connects them. Uses mortise and tenon construction. Overall dimensions: 58"x21"x30" tall.
WOODWORKER Feb 1994 (v.98#2) pg. 41

Writing table in walnut and maple features a non-rectangular top (two adjacent straight edges and two adjacent curved edges), two drawers in the front curved edge, and four vertical legs with a curved profile that is wider at both the top and bottom.
WOODWORKER Jan 1995 (v.99#1) pg. 14

Shaker trestle table includes a shallow drawer and unusual horseshoe-shaped feet. Suitable for use as a small writing desk, end table, or serving table. Overall dimensions: 30"x21"x27" tall.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1992 (v.48#3) pg. 28