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Building searchlight signals. A technique for using bipolar light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in HO scale signals.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1990 (v.57#7) pg. 87

Inexpensive crossing flasher is adapted from the Sonic Flashers circuitry found in Majorette toy cars.
MODEL RAILROADER May 1991 (v.58#5) pg. 104

Modeling a manually-operated wigwag or highball signal for a caboose that was used to communicate with the head of the train (circa 1928 & 1942) .
MODEL RAILROADER Sep 1991 (v.58#9) pg. 118

Absolute-permissive block signals. How to model the most widely used automatic signal system for single-track railroads. Part 1. Overview and system description.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1991 (v.58#11) pg. 128

Absolute-permissive block signals. Part 2. The detector.
MODEL RAILROADER Dec 1991 (v.58#12) pg. 130

Absolute-permissive block signals. Part 3. Signal logic and APB Detector circuitry.
MODEL RAILROADER Jan 1992 (v.59#1) pg. 108
Correction MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1992 (v.59#3) pg. 22

Absolute-permissive block signals. Part 4. Double-approach and overlap protection, and combining the separate circuits.
MODEL RAILROADER Feb 1992 (v.59#2) pg. 102

Absolute-permissive block signals. Part 5. Installing the system on your layout.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1992 (v.59#3) pg. 114

Build an operating wig-wag crossing signal in HO scale.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1992 (v.59#4) pg. 82
Added Info MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1992 (v.59#6) pg. 12

Fabricate an operating Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O) semaphore signal.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1992 (v.59#4) pg. 96

Especially for beginners. Part 20. Grade-crossing signals fitted with LEDs and powered by a 9-volt battery.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1992 (v.59#8) pg. 104

Easy signal detection for N scale (or larger) cars utilizes surface-mount resistors.
MODEL RAILROADER Feb 1993 (v.60#2) pg. 112
Added Info MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1993 (v.60#4) pg. 15

Z scale searchlight signals that work by using fiber optics to carry red/green LED light.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1993 (v.60#8) pg. 96
Added Info MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1994 (v.61#7) pg. 33

A simpler signal decoder and LED driver for yard tracks.
MODEL RAILROADER Feb 1994 (v.61#2) pg. 122

Markers to identify the location of grade-crossing signal-block-detector sensors.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1994 (v.61#4) pg. 112

Using phototransistors for train detection. Circuits include (1) an end-of-track detector, (2) a hidden fouling point detector and (3) an automatic block signal control.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1994 (v.61#8) pg. 102
Added Info MODEL RAILROADER May 1995 (v.62#5) pg. 118
Added Info MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1995 (v.62#8) pg. 116

Pioneer Valley RR. Part 2. Adding bridges and buildings.
MODEL RAILROADER Oct 1994 (v.61#10) pg. 72

Model a non-operating ACI (automatic car identification) scanner in HO scale. A related article shows the positioning of ACI labels on locomotives and cars.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1994 (v.61#11) pg. 112, 30-B

Build a slow-motion crossing gate drive. How to convert a Tomar crossing signal with gate to have a shorter cycle time.
MODEL RAILROADER Feb 1995 (v.62#2) pg. 84

Experimenting with multi-color LEDs.
MODEL RAILROADER May 1996 (v.63#5) pg. 110

Automatic bad-order detector. A prototype non-operating hot-bearing detector and dragging-equipment detector is modeled after one found on the Norfolk Southern line.
MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1996 (v.63#6) pg. 98

Three-position semaphore control circuit.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1996 (v.63#8) pg. 108
Correction MODEL RAILROADER Feb 1997 (v.64#2) pg. 127

Searchlight signal tower in O scale is fitted with light-emitting diodes and homemade lenses.
MODEL RAILROADER Sep 1996 (v.63#9) pg. 101

Build a laser occupancy detector. A train signals its location by breaking the beam.
MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1999 (v.66#6) pg. 86

Simple crossing gates. Modifying N scale gates for use in HO scale.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1999 (v.66#11) pg. 117

Home-made fork-ends for manual control (rodding) of semaphore signals.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Jun 1990 (v.7#6) pg. 301

Auto signals. Wiring diagram for installing four two-aspect sequential signals on one circuit. A magnet on the train activates reed switches to change signals from green to red to green as the train passes.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Nov 1990 (v.7#11) pg. 578

Modeling the posts, pulleys and wires used to operate manual signalling devices.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Jun 1991 (v.8#6) pg. 310

Interlocking. Designing a mechanical system of levers and cords to control model railroad signals and switches that prevent incorrect settings.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Jul 1992 (v.9#7) pg. 339

Model-train block-signalling system will give your layout a more realistic look. Each block signal has red, yellow and green lamps (LEDs) to indicate track conditions.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1990 (v.7#7) pg. 24

(1) Railroad-crossing flasher circuit. (2) A track control signal that indicates when an engine has passed a certain point.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1994 (v.11#10) pg. 26

Electronic circuits for model railroads. (1) Electronic diesel horn sounder. (2) Crossing-gate flasher. (3) Track-control signal.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1995 (v.12#3) pg. 28

Model train circuits which use light-interruption detectors. (1) Circuit to track the movement of a train and indicate the location via a string of LEDs. (2) Railroad-crossing signal.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Nov 1998 (v.15#11) pg. 62