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Continuing in steam. Part 1. Adding a boiler feed pump to the V-Twin steam engine (featured in June-October 1988 issues of Model Boat). Building the pump.
MODEL BOATS #469 Mar 1990 (v.40) pg. 50

Continuing in steam. Part 2. Installing the boiler feed pump on the V-Twin steam engine
MODEL BOATS #470 Apr 1990 (v.40) pg. 46

Continuing in steam. Part 3. Building a vertical boiler to suit the V-twin steam engine.
MODEL BOATS #471 May 1990 (v.40) pg. 50
Correction MODEL BOATS #475 Sep 1990 (v.40) pg. 14

Continuing in steam. Part 4. Center flue boiler and gas firing.
MODEL BOATS #472 Jun 1990 (v.40) pg. 52
Correction MODEL BOATS #475 Sep 1990 (v.40) pg. 14

Continuing in steam. Part 5. Gas burners.
MODEL BOATS #473 Jul 1990 (v.40) pg. 53
Correction MODEL BOATS #475 Sep 1990 (v.40) pg. 14

GRP hull construction. Part 9. (1) Cutting and drilling fiberglass. (2) Tips on installing steam power in a fiberglass hull.
MODEL BOATS #491 Jan 1992 (v.42) pg. 24
Added Info MODEL BOATS #494 Apr 1992 (v.42) pg. 9 (Steam power)

Sizing steam plant. Relationship between hull speed, propeller size, engine capacity, rpm and boiler size for model steamboats.
MODEL BOATS #498 Aug 1992 (v.42) pg. 40
Added Info MODEL BOATS #499 Sep 1992 (v.42) pg. 25

A V-four for R/C. Construction of a four-piston steam engine with suitable vertical and horizontal boiler alternatives, boiler feed pumps, and a vaporizing gas burner. Part 1.
MODEL BOATS #504 Feb 1993 (v.43) pg. 12

A simplified displacement lubricator (oiler) for a steam engine.
MODEL BOATS #504 Feb 1993 (v.43) pg. 28

A V-four for R/C. Part 2. Bearing housings, baseplate and crankshaft.
MODEL BOATS #505 Mar 1993 (v.43) pg. 12

A V-four for R/C. Part 3. Crankshaft bearings, steamchests and cylinder port faces, assembling the frames, and checking shafts and fits.
MODEL BOATS #506 Apr 1993 (v.43) pg. 12

A V-four for R/C. Part 4. Cylinders, port faces, pistons, rods, and trunnion pins.
MODEL BOATS #507 May 1993 (v.43) pg. 20

A V-four for R/C. Part 5. Control valve, pipework, manifolds, lubricator, etc.
MODEL BOATS #508 Jun 1993 (v.43) pg. 38

A V-four for R/C. Part 6. Pumps, valve boxes, assembly, etc.
MODEL BOATS #509 Jul 1993 (v.43) pg. 48

A V-four for R/C. Part 7. Pumps and pipes.
MODEL BOATS #510 Aug 1993 (v.43) pg. 38

A V-four for R/C. Part 8. Clacks and spindles.
MODEL BOATS #511 Sep 1993 (v.43) pg. 12

A V-four for R/C. Part 9. Burner and gas tank.
MODEL BOATS #512 Oct 1993 (v.43) pg. 24

A V-four for R/C. Part 10. Universal boiler.
MODEL BOATS #513 Nov 1993 (v.43) pg. 28

A V-four for R/C. Part 11. Boiler assembly.
MODEL BOATS #514 Dec 1993 (v.43) pg. 16
Correction MODEL BOATS #516 Feb 1994 (v.44) pg. 5

Exploring "Pop Pop" pulse propulsion systems for model boats. Metal tubing is bent into a horseshoe shape (or more complex shape) to form a simple boiler. Water is drawn in one end of the tube, heated with a gas torch, and forced out the other end to drive the boat forward.
MODEL BOATS #528 Feb 1995 (v.45) pg. 52
Added Info MODEL BOATS #532 Jun 1995 (v.45) pg. 6
Added Info MODEL BOATS #534 Aug 1995 (v.45) pg. 8
Added Info MODEL BOATS #537 Nov 1995 (v.45) pg. 5

Three ideas for using an electric motor driven feed pump to maintain water level in the steam boiler of a steam-powered model boat.
MODEL BOATS #537 Nov 1995 (v.45) pg. 56

Exploring "Pop Pop" pulse propulsion systems. How to improve performance by using square cross-section tubes.
MODEL BOATS #542 Apr 1996 (v.46) pg. 49

A huff'n puff engine. This miniature steam engine will operate on breath power when properly constructed and lubricated. Features a 0.25" bore and stroke.
PROJECTS IN METAL Oct 1989 (v.2#5) pg. 14

Elliptical rotary engine. Model of a rotary steam engine with an elliptical bore. A rotor of fixed size rotates on an offset power shaft and contacts the elliptical bore in all positions.
PROJECTS IN METAL Apr 1990 (v.3#2) pg. 4

Power plant layout tips when there is not enough clearance under the engine or flywheel.
STEAMBOATING #41 Sep-Oct 1991 pg. 26

Starting system for a single-cylinder model steam engine is activated by radio control.
STEAMBOATING #46 Jul-Aug 1992 pg. 12