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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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The entries are in alphabetical order by magazine name and then in chronological sequence.
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Tip on using dental floss as "lacing cord" to bundle electronic wires.
AUDIO AMATEUR 1/1977 [Feb 1977] (v.8#1) pg. 34

Tip suggests using coiled telephone cord to organize jumble of wires hanging from behind TV, stereo, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #333 Nov-Dec 1992 (v.42#10) pg. 79

Tip on using hot glue to fasten LOW-VOLTAGE wires in place.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #358 May 1995 (v.45#5) pg. 86

Tip on using zip-ties to secure a cable or wiring harness a distance away from a frame tube or other solid object.
MOTORCYCLIST #1120 Aug 1990 pg. 86

Tip on neatly storing wire zip-ties so they always stay together, ready for quick access.
MOTORCYCLIST #1203 Jul 1997 pg. 110

Wire clamps. A unique third hand. Using binding wires applied with a wire tightener to hold parts together during machining, welding, or assembly operations. This process works better and is of an less obstruction that many clamps, vises or fixtures. How to fabricate the wire tightener and apply the wires.
PROJECTS IN METAL Dec 1990 (v.3#6) pg. 3

Tip on making standoffs for wires, cables and hoses from short lengths of automotive type fuel line.
SPORT AVIATION Jun 1991 (v.40#6) pg. 74

Combine ring-type electrical terminals, plastic tie-wraps, and pop rivets to hang wires and static line tubing from the inside of a fuselage.
SPORT AVIATION Dec 1991 (v.40#12) pg. 88

Tip on using pieces of Lexan (clear sheet plastic) to organize and tie down wire connectors.
SPORT AVIATION Apr 1993 (v.42#4) pg. 81

Simple jig and technique for fabricating plastic spiral wrap from ordinary plastic tubing.
SPORT AVIATION Nov 1993 (v.42#11) pg. 95

Tip on keeping a tie wrap from creeping tighter by using insulating shrink tube.
SPORT AVIATION Nov 1998 (v.47#11) pg. 117