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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Proper break-in procedures for light plane engines.
Added Info E.A.A. TECHNICAL COUNSELOR NEWS Jun-Aug 1990 pg. 4

Operating engines "oversquare". Get an understanding of bearing loads, detonation, and torsional vibrations of aircraft engine/propeller combinations.
KITPLANES Sep 1995 (v.12#9) pg. 56
Correction KITPLANES Dec 1995 (v.12#12) pg. 4

Advice on operating a 22-year old Lycoming O-320 series engine past the TBO.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE May 1990 (v.12#5) pg. 19

Instructions for leaning an aircraft engine for best-power when taking off at high-density altitude.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Sep 1990 (v.12#9) pg. 19

Procedure for starting a Beech A55 Baron's engines (IO-470-L) after two years of inactivity.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Oct 1990 (v.12#10) pg. 20

Advice on the operation of high-output air-cooled engines. Tips on mixture management, engine shutdown, and alternate fuels.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Oct 1990 (v.12#10) pg. 23

Advice on power management after touchdown (to properly cool down an aircraft engine) and proper shutdown procedures.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Jun 1991 (v.13#6) pg. 23

Advice on the proper method for reducing power and stabilizing an engine that develops operating problems while in flight.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Sep 1991 (v.13#9) pg. 23

Importance of not inadvertently leaning an engine during a full-power climb by reducing the throttle setting below the point needed for adequate cooling.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Nov 1991 (v.13#11) pg. 24

Ground-run inspections can tell you an awful lot about the health of your aircraft without leaving the cockpit.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Oct 1992 (v.14#10) pg. 16

Post-top engine break-in procedures.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Jul 1993 (v.15#7) pg. 10

Power checking. How to determine if your aircraft engine is producing full power output as part of your run-up procedure.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Sep 1993 (v.15#9) pg. 10

Another look at leaning. Proper mixture management for safe operation, best power, best economy, etc.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Mar 1994 (v.16#3) pg. 10

Mixture control setting (rich-lean-rich) when starting Lycoming IO-360 C1C fuel-injected engine explained.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Apr 1994 (v.16#4) pg. 22

Tip on operating the GO-300 engine found on a 1959 Cessna Skylark.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Aug 1994 (v.16#8) pg. 24

Cold-weather starting procedures for aircraft engines. Advice on preheating, oil weight, priming, etc.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Dec 1994 (v.16#12) pg. 16

Correct engine cool down and shutdown procedures are explained.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Feb 1996 (v.18#2) pg. 19

Mixture control. A pilot's guide to the why, when, where and how of mixture control and proper leaning procedures for various fuel delivery systems. Part 1. Intricacies of various carburetors and injection systems described.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Jan 1997 (v.19#1) pg. 16

Mixture control. Part 2. Details on the power settings and leaning procedures for each system in the various flight modes (taxi, run-up, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing).
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Feb 1997 (v.19#2) pg. 11

Break-in tips following a top overhaul on a Continental O-200-A engine.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Oct 1997 (v.19#10) pg. 22

Troubleshooting higher-than-usual fuel burns in Lycoming O-320-E2D engines.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Apr 1999 (v.21#4) pg. 21

Advice on leaning of engine while operating on the ground at less than 50% power in order to avoid plug fouling.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Apr 1999 (v.21#4) pg. 22

Engine break-in. How to avoid overheating the cylinders when running in a new or overhauled engine.
LIGHT PLANE MAINTENANCE Dec 1999 (v.21#12) pg. 6

Good sense engine operations for 4-cylinder air cooled carbureted engines driven by fixed pitch propellers.
SPORT AVIATION Sep 1995 (v.44#9) pg. 81

Tips on breaking in a rebuilt C-85 engine.
VINTAGE AIRPLANE Dec 1990 (v.18#12) pg. 26