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Sketches show how to make two features of a backyard landscape designed to cope with a slope. (1) Stairway is constructed from pressure-treated timbers and ready-made concrete pads. (2) Angled arbor around the outside edge of a dining deck provides privacy screening.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1991 (v.69#6) pg. 76

Stylish outdoor projects to build. (1) Arbor-gate combination with arched top (4x4x9-ft.). (2) Sunburst gate. (3) Side-yard screen (10-ft. tall) to conceal trash cans, etc. has a trellised top.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1992 (v.70#6) pg. 100

Old-fashioned rose arbor (8-ft tall) has arched lattice top and trellises on each side.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1992 (v.70#7) pg. 30

Wake up your deck. Photos show the addition of a hot tub, privacy screen and pergola to an existing deck.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Apr 1999 (v.22#6) pg. 34

Garden arbor. This pergola-style latticed arbor is a perfect perch for climbing vines. Built from oversized lumber (6x6 and 2x6), but can also be built from 4x4 and 2x4 stock.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Jun 1999 (v.22#8) pg. 32

Timber frame pergola is built in traditional style. Use as an entryway or vine-covered shade structure.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Jun 2001 (v.24#8) pg. 46

Destination (free-standing) arbor is built from pressure-treated lumber with cedar details. Features an L-shaped cedar bench and contoured rafters connected by curved cross rails.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Summer 2001 (v.24#9) pg. 24

Combination arbor-with-bench structure is built from 2x4 and 2x6 stock.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1998 (v.21#7) pg. 40

Supports, trellises and arbors. Plans for three arbors, one that shades a path, a trellis to place along a wall or hedge, and a third that is set over a gate or opening in a hedge.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Garden Book 1996 pg. 14

Garden retreat. Build this latticework arbor which houses a classic porch swing. Est. cost: $130-$220 depending upon wood choice.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #306 Mar 1990 (v.40#3) pg. 31

Garden arbor with arched top and rails that support plants.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #329 Jun 1992 (v.42#6) pg. 60

Sunscreen pergola. A traditional style pergola (153"x89"x87" tall) is fitted with removable framed screens in the roof which block 60% to 70% of the sun's rays. Est. cost: $725.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #359 Jun 1995 (v.45#6) pg. 38
Correction FAMILY HANDYMAN #363 Nov 1995 (v.45#10) pg. 12

Garden arbor (24"x48"x8-ft. high) has lattice sides and an arched top. Two versions, a gate version and a seat version, are described. Est. cost: $230.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #367 Apr 1996 (v.46#4) pg. 59

Showcase Victorian trellis. Build this eye-catching arbor in sections and assemble it outdoors. Features two benches with lattice-work backs that are joined with an arch-shape pergola. Overall dimensions: 7 ft. wide, 9 ft. high, 5 ft. deep.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #388 May 1998 (v.48#5) pg. 53

Bent sapling arbor. Create your own eye-catching garden sculpture.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #398 May 1999 (v.49#5) pg. 28

Building an arbor. A simple design for an overhead trellis.
FINE GARDENING #21 Sep-Oct 1991 pg. 34
Added Info FINE GARDENING #23 Jan-Feb 1992 pg. 4

Garden structures that saved a house. How an unattractive, boxy house was transformed by landscaping and the use of pergolas, arbors and trellises.
FINE GARDENING #50 Jul-Aug 1996 pg. 61
Added Info FINE GARDENING #51 Sep-Oct 1996 pg. 6

Handcrafting a simple, sturdy arbor. Est. cost: $175 up (depending on wood used).
FINE GARDENING #51 Sep-Oct 1996 pg. 34

Structures to grow on. A guide to trellises, solid structures, arches, arbors and pergolas to support vines.
FINE GARDENING #66 Mar-Apr 1999 pg. 66

Build a rustic garden arbor. Fourteen 4x4 posts support 19 crossbeams and side trelliswork. Est. cost: $500.
FINE GARDENING #69 Sep-Oct 1999 pg. 54

Garden arbors. How to use them to frame a view, create a setting for seating, mark a passageway or entrance, as ornamentation and as support for vines. Includes tips on training vines on arbors.
GARDEN GATE #23 Oct 1998 pg. 18

Room to grow. Raising a backyard pergola. Ideas for building arbors, pergolas and colonnades.
HARROWSMITH #92 Jul-Aug 1990 (v.15#2) pg. 78

Made for the shade. Four easy-to-build arbors that provide a perfect place for plants to climb. (1) Arbor with lattice canopy that also shades a deck. (2) Simple trellis attaches to walls of a shed. (3) Long, narrow yardarm-style arbor. (4) Arbor which houses a potting bench and creates a gallery for displaying hanging plants.
HOME MECHANIX #763 Mar 1992 (v.88) pg. 30

Big ideas for a small yard. Landscaping projects include (1) cedar arbor and planters, (2) concrete block retaining wall and steps that are covered with limestone slabs, (3) wooden trellis backdrop for a limestone planter, and (4) red cedar privacy fencing and gate with a lattice top.
HOME MECHANIX #785 May 1994 (v.90) pg. 45

Three distinctive backyard projects that offer shelter from the sun. (1) Rustic pool house has a cedar-shake hip roof supported by stone pillars. It includes a changing room, wet bar and dining area. (2) Redwood teahouse is built on a 12-ft square deck. (3) Easy-to-build cantilevered shade arbor.
HOME MECHANIX #804 Apr 1996 (v.92) pg. 38

Making a grand entrance. How to build an arched gateway arbor.
HOME MECHANIX #805 May 1996 (v.92) pg. 46

Build a patio pergola (a slatted roof).
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #660 May 1983 (v.79) pg. 58

The perennial pergola. Design and contruction of the trellis-roofed garden walkway known as the "pergola".
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Apr 1984 (v.12#3) pg. 53

Garden seat arbor. A large arbor is designed to fit over a standard double French door to serve as the roof of a small flagstone patio. Two high-backed wooden benches face each other on each side of the door. Built from pressure-treated wood. Est. cost: $300.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul-Aug 1990 (v.37#6) pg. 71

How to build trellises and pergolas.
PARENTS HOME May 1981 (v.5#8) pg. 4

Planter fences and pergolas. (1) Gateway pergola with an oriental theme combined with a privacy fence. (2) Large planter box topped with a pergola. (3) Planter fence where each section has three tiers of planter boxes built in between the 4x6 posts. This sturdy fence could double as a retaining wall.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1987 (v.231#2) pg. 72

Four redwood garden projects. (1) Arbor with lattice sides and curved, slatted top. (2) Fan-shaped trellis. (3) Simple trellis with diamond motif. (4) Two-wheeled garden cart built from plywood with redwood trim.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #91 Jul 1996 (v.16#3) pg. 46, 33
Correction POPULAR WOODWORKING #93 Nov 1996 (v.16#5) pg. 13

Garden arbor and bench with grid work side panels.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #103 Jul 1998 (v.18#3) pg. 30, Insert
Correction POPULAR WOODWORKING #107 Mar 1999 (v.19#1) pg. 14

Tip shows using four ready-made trellises as the supports for a 26-ft. long arbor.
SUNSET May 1994 (v.192#5) pg. 114

Arbor basics and tips on shopping for a trellis.
SUNSET Jun 1997 (v.198#6) pg. 116

Made in the shade. Building a classic shade arbor for the back yard.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #816 Jun 1997 (v.93) pg. 54

Gracious garden arbor features vertically-oriented trellis work on the sides and an ornate top framework.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #33 May 1993 (v.6#3) pg. 10

Gardener's retreat. An arched arbor with a built-in slatted bench. Lattice panels (46"x29") provide vine supports and privacy on both sides of the arbor.
WOOD MAGAZINE #98 Aug 1997 (v.14#5) pg. 52, 110, Insert

Garden getaway. Latticework arbor is configured to support either a hanging swing or a hammock.
WOOD MAGAZINE #116 Aug 1999 (v.16#5) pg. 52, 18

Build-to-suit pergola. Goes together like Lincoln Logs. You start with a pile of machined parts, raise the posts, construct the frames, and then fit the slotted canopy subassemblies together. Adaptable to almost any size.
WOOD MAGAZINE #141 Apr 2002 (v.19#3) pg. 60

Small arbor supports a porch swing on chains.
WOOD MAGAZINE #141 Apr 2002 (v.19#3) pg. 68

Garden arbor (75"x47"x92" high) features lattice-screen sides, arched openings, laminated and beveled upright posts, and a top of cross bars that span laminated cross beams at right angles.
WOODSMITH #111 Jun 1997 (v.19) pg. 6

Tips on making curved arches for a pergola.
WOODWORKER #1111 Jun 1986 (v.90#6) pg. 449

Garden arbor features a built-in seat and Chippendale-style lattice panels. Overall size: 50"x30"x91" tall.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1993 (v.17#2) pg. 28

Garden arbor is made in three parts and can be disassembled for storage. The 84" high sides have lattice panels. The top is slightly arched with five gussets crossing the slightly arched crown rails.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1997 (v.21#2) pg. 44

Add an outdoor room with a garden pergola.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1998 (v.22#2) pg. 32

Grape arbor features six elegant columns. The secret to making the columns is enclosing a 4x4 post with a round sheet-metal heating duct.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1991 (v.47#3) pg. 30

Freestanding ground-level deck features an L-shaped arbor with built-in benches. Construction allows it to be dismantled and moved.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1992 (v.48#3) pg. 60
Added Info WORKBENCH Dec 1992-Jan 1993 (v.48#6) pg. 7

Garden arbor (8-ft tall) is build of pressure-treated pine.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1995 (v.51#3) pg. 22

Sun-filtering pergola. Construct a pergola-style roof to shade an attached deck or patio. Several rafter tail design options are shown.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1998 (v.54#4) pg. 38