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xx   BOAT

Putting wasted space to use to increase storage space inside an existing boat. Ideas include a bookshelf and entertainment center, hiding a compression post, seaproof galley storage, and a disappearing counter/table.
BOAT JOURNAL #77 Feb-Mar 1991 pg. 42

Improve under-bunk storage bins on a boat by using shallow dishpans as inserts.
BOATING WORLD #106 Feb 1995 pg. 101

How to secure a V-berth cushion support so it won't accidently be dislodged during the night.
BOATING WORLD #117 Mar 1996 pg. 69

Tip on preventing aluminum folding chair legs from cutting through the rubber caps (crutch tips) which protect the deck of a boat.
BOATING WORLD #118 Apr 1996 pg. 106

Rod for hanging clothes on a small boat consists of a 3-ft. dowel rod attached to a simple plywood frame.
BOATING WORLD #119 May 1996 pg. 78

Tip on using lightweight aluminum rails to secure plywood dividers in boat storage compartments.
BOATING WORLD #121 Jul 1996 pg. 60

Tip on adapting ordinary sheets and blankets to fit a V-berth.
BOATING WORLD #121 Jul 1996 pg. 60

Tip on hanging clothes on a boat bulkhead so they won't wrinkle or fall off the hook.
BOATING WORLD #122 Sep 1996 pg. 54

Use duffle bags for clothing storage on small boats by sewing "bolt rope" onto the bag and hanging the bags from short lengths of sail track attached to a bulkhead.
BOATING WORLD #123 Nov 1996 pg. 78

Tip on using self-adhesive vinyl wall-corner edging to make drawers slide easier.
BOATING WORLD #127 Mar 1997 pg. 96

Tip on using air-conditioning filter material to keep boat cushions dry.
BOATING WORLD #127 Mar 1997 pg. 98

Tip on using a fabric "lee cloth" to keep children safely in their bunk.
BOATING WORLD #130 Jun 1997 pg. 78

Advice on selecting and installing a pedestal-style boat chair.
BOATING WORLD #144 Dec 1998 pg. 90

Tip on preventing sliding panels on boat storage compartments from opening by themselves.
BOATING WORLD #157 Mar 2000 pg. 118

Sitting pretty. Regular maintenance and repair keep your boat's upholstery looking new.
BOATING WORLD #159 May 2000 pg. 115

A sea chest for posterity. Decorative wooden chest features rope handles, carved becket cleats, dovetailed corners, etc. Simulates those popular during the early nineteenth century.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #70 Dec 1989-Jan 1990 pg. 56

Crooked drawers. How to make dovetailed drawers and other storage structues that fit into skewed spaces, a common problem in boat outfitting.
WOODENBOAT #98 Jan-Feb 1991 pg. 89

Three tables for a boat. (1) Simple, strong table which hangs from one wall-mounted knee brace. Removing a wedge allows the table to be removed quickly and stowed away. (2) A wall-hung shelf unit with a front that folds down and opens up to form a large (30"x45") table top. (3) A stowable gimbaled saloon table which hides the bulky weight mechanism beneath the cabin sole (floor).
WOODENBOAT #105 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 58

Advice on planning and doing a mock up prior to constructing a navigation locker (or other furnishing) for a boat.
WOODENBOAT #143 Jul-Aug 1998 pg. 44