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Mini-mop bunnies are fashioned from cotton yarn, tied at strategic points with satin ribbon, and trimmed with silk floral flowers. Can be hung from a tree branch, or used as a door decoration, magnets or as place markers on the Easter table.
CRAFTS Apr 1991 (v.14#4) pg. 22

Fuzzy hoppers. Pom pom chick and bunny are fastened to the end of a piece of elastic. Appropriate project for kids ages 5 to 10.
CRAFTS Apr 1991 (v.14#4) pg. 24

Four styles of bunnies. (1) Wooden mother bunny pulls a cart that holds a trio of baby bunnies. (2) Curly hair bunny has a body made from Styrofoam balls that are covered with white curly hair. (3) Sock bunny trimmed with felt, ribbons and pom poms. (4) Jointed wooden bunnies with wired flannel ears, painted features and clothes.
CRAFTS Apr 1991 (v.14#4) pg. 63, 47

Bunny bonanza. Five projects. (1) Wooden towel holder in the shape of a bunny. (2) Bunny bookmark. (3) Bunnies motif to paint on a T-shirt. (4) Becky Bunny sewn from fur fabric. (5) Jar bunny, a baby food jar to hold candy with a bunny head top.
CRAFTS Apr 1992 (v.15#4) pg. 72, 51

Tea time miniature setting. Bean bag bunny sits at a table with crocheted cloth, china tea set and tiny treats. Baby bear in a wicker carriage and a tiny basket of flowers completes the scene.
CRAFTS Apr 1993 (v.16#4) pg. 64, 45

Five bunnies for an Easter basket. (1) Ty and Tara Bunny, 5" muslin bunnies dressed for square dancing. (2) Plastic bunnies (and a moose) painted to look like chocolate. (3) Musical bunny bank made from a plastic soda bottle, Styrofoam egg and papier-mache. (4) Small muslin bunny in a hanging vine bird nest filled with a bed of excelsior and painted wooden eggs. (5) Paint-stick bunny.
CRAFTS Apr 1993 (v.16#4) pg. 72, 45

Bunnies and buttons. Brother and sister bunnies painted on small framed slates are trimmed with miscellaneous buttons.
CRAFTS Jan 1994 (v.17#1) pg. 64, 41

"Rainbow of bunnies" motif to cross stitch on a prefinished baby bib.
CRAFTS Apr 1996 (v.19#4) pg. 71, 47

Spotted yard bunny, cut from a 12"x18" piece of 1" pine, is painted in black and white. Bunny's neck is decorated with a bouquet of silk daisies and ivy.
CRAFTS Apr 1997 (v.20#4) pg. 18, 43

Spool bunnies. Painted wooden spools are stacked, topped with feathers for ears, and dressed in fabric dresses. Tiny bunny is only one spool high.
CRAFTS Apr 1997 (v.20#4) pg. 30, 43

Mini bunny buns. Little bunnies are bottoms-up in clay pots. A project for kids ages 6 and up.
CRAFTS Mar 1998 (v.21#3) pg. 26

Bunny patch wreath. Terrycloth bunny hangs from grapevine wreath decorated with raffia bow and soft-sculpture carrots.
CRAFTS Apr 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 18

Suzie Sock Bunny is made from a pair of kids' tea-dyed tube socks and plaid fabrics. Bunny holds a small clay pot filled with a soft-sculpture carrot.
CRAFTS Apr 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 22, 39

Painted egg-shaped chick and bunny ballerinas trimmed with lace and ribbons.
CRAFTS Apr 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 24, 39

Bunnies galore. (1) Bunny Easter basket. (2) Heart-shaped bunny pin and earrings. (3) So-Shy sock bunny sewn from a pair of adult tube socks. (4) Fuzzy Wuzzy Tube Wabbit.
CRAFTS Apr 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 32, 39

Raffia braid is decorated with premade fabric bunnies and gingham fabric bows. Wooden sign says "Easter bunny stops here".
CRAFTS Apr 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 36

A trio of Easter bunny figures to craft. (1) Cardboard tube bunnies. (2) Clay pot bonnies with wood ball heads and straw hats. (3) Rabbit finger puppets needlepointed on plastic canvas.
CRAFTS Apr 1999 (v.22#3) pg. 16, Insert

Shelf bunny trio are cut from pine, painted and decorated with blossom, dot or wiggles motifs. White pompoms serve as the tails.
CRAFTS Apr 1999 (v.22#3) pg. 54, Insert

Funny Bunny doorknob covers, a project for kids ages 7 and up. Plush felt bunny head and tail cover knobs on both sides of a door. Head has wiggle eyes and droopy pink ears.
CRAFTS Apr 1999 (v.22#3) pg. 56

Picture of a jackrabbit nibbling on cholla cactus flowers in mixed media. Watercolors are used for the flowers and background of the cacti and the rabbit. Realistic texturing is added with pen and ink.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jul-Aug 1990 (v.17#4) pg. 60

Floppy-eared bunny motif includes stitches painted on the face, hands and feet to give it a rag-doll look. Suggested as decoration for a box lid or the front of a sweatshirt.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jan-Feb 1994 (v.21#1) pg. 41, Insert

Miniature rabbit wheelbarrow. Side panels of the purchased wheelbarrow are shaped and decoratively painted like rabbits. Shading and combing techniques for painting the rabbits create a fur-like texture.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Mar-Apr 1994 (v.21#2) pg. 52, Insert

Cuddly Cottontails, a trio of bunnies to paint on a wooden basket using acrylics or oils. Includes fur-painting techniques. Tiny carrot motifs dot the background.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Mar-Apr 1999 (v.26#2) pg. 60, Insert

Acorn baby. A tiny baby bunny snuggled down in a acorn cap bed is made from real acorn tops and Paperclay.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Sep 1997 (v.27#9) pg. 90

Surprise rabbits to hold Easter candies are made from oval pieces of plastic crocheted around the edges.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] Mar-Apr 1998 (v.42#2) pg. 30

Betsey and Billy Bunny decorative cloth dolls (17" tall) are sewn from unbleached muslin and dressed in pastel prints, accented with bows and cross-stitch tuilp motifs.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1991 (v.37#1) pg. 45, 75

Cross-stitched picture of an Easter bunny painting eggs.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1992 (v.38#2) pg. 32, 34

Betsy Bunny and Miss Kitty are foam-body cat and bunny figures (9" tall) dressed in ruffles and scraps of lace.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Aug 1992 (v.38#4) pg. 27, 34

Bunny family (glass-domed scene). Mother bunny in a wing chair is cuddling a baby bunny while adding some squares to a patchwork quilt. A second bunny (with doll) stands at her feet.
NUTSHELL NEWS Mar 1990 (v.20#3) pg. 92, 96

Clayborn. Make a miniature bunny figure in clay which evolved from the same design as "Honey Bear".
NUTSHELL NEWS Mar 1991 (v.21#3) pg. 96
Correction NUTSHELL NEWS Jun 1991 (v.21#6) pg. 19

Ceramic Easter bunny holding a large decorated egg. Tips on painting with stains.
POPULAR CERAMICS #535 Mar 1994 (v.44#8) pg. 32

Easter rabbit enchanted world. Tip on painting with stains.
POPULAR CERAMICS #535 Mar 1994 (v.44#8) pg. 34

Soft and lacy ceramic bunny family (mother bunny and carriage & babies).
POPULAR CERAMICS #535 Mar 1994 (v.44#8) pg. 38

Airbrushing tips for a ceramic bunny lawn ornament.
POPULAR CERAMICS #535 Mar 1994 (v.44#8) pg. 58

Painting instructions for a whimsical ceramic rabbit wearing a "dress" with shoulder straps.
POPULAR CERAMICS #535 Mar 1994 (v.44#8) pg. 60

Holiday house. Whimsical ceramic house is lighted from the inside and supplemented with ceramic rabbit figures. Tips on painting with stains.
POPULAR CERAMICS #536 Apr 1994 (v.44#9) pg. 26

Hop hop bunnies. Whimsical ceramic rabbits are painted with textured acrylics.
POPULAR CERAMICS #536 Apr 1994 (v.44#9) pg. 31

Happy bunnies. A variety of whimsical ceramic bunnies are glazed and fired. Some tips.
POPULAR CERAMICS #536 Apr 1994 (v.44#9) pg. 36

Pocket Full of Rabbits designs to paint on purchased overalls. Bib is painted with a motif of two rabbits eating clover. On the back, a rabbit's head peeks out of one pocket while the other pocket is painted with a rear view of a rabbit. Intermediate skill level.
TOLE WORLD #110 May-Jun 1991 (v.15#3) pg. 44, 47

Garden of Bunnies motif to paint in acrylics on a vest. Bunnies in several poses are in a garden setting with daisies and hollyhocks. Intermediate skill level.
TOLE WORLD #115 Mar-Apr 1992 (v.16#2) pg. 6, 14

Suprise rabbits. Easter favors are made from oval pieces of plastic with crocheted edges. Rabbit holds candy and is opened by squeezing on the nose and tail.
WORKBASKET Apr-May 1993 (v.58#4) pg. 20

Funny Bunny Easter decorations for kids to make from pom-poms and golf tees.
WORKBASKET Apr-May 1993 (v.58#4) pg. 46

Purchased 11" muslin rabbits are dressed in crocheted clothing to perform Olympic competitions. (1) Gym Dandy Bunny is dressed in a leotard, leg warmers, tutu, ballet shoes and wears a gold medal. (2) Hurdlin' Hare wears shorts, a striped shirt, tennis shoes and a headband.
WORKBASKET Feb-Mar 1996 (v.61#3) pg. 48