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xx   COLOR

Problem-solving with a photocopier. How to test new compositions, colors and value patterns.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1990 (v.7#3) pg. 106

An impressionist's way to paint. Tips on learning to see color.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1990 (v.7#6) pg. 34

Light and color, Sorolla-style. How to exploit the effects of light in the manner of Joaquin Sorolla. A description of the two different color pallettes, rules for value distribution, placement of highlights and shadows, brushwork, paint handling and edges.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Dec 1990 (v.7#12) pg. 55

A quick guide to color theory and tips on putting the basics to work when painting.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1991 (v.8#3) pg. 94

How to use color to capture the effects of light.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE May 1991 (v.8#5) pg. 52

Experiments in color-mixing using a limited palette. Charts show how to mix flesh tones for portraits and a wide range of greens and blues for landscapes.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1991 (v.8#8) pg. 10

The basics of value. Drawing lessons demonstrate how to translate colors into various shades of gray, limit the range of values and select the key of the scene.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1991 (v.8#10) pg. 14

In defense of black. A guide to the range of expressive hues that can be created when mixing black with other colors.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1992 (v.9#1) pg. 50

Control depth in paintings with ease by applying a little gray. Includes advice on making color charts as a way to learn about grays and for future reference.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Feb 1992 (v.9#2) pg. 14

Discover the rich color of shadows. An explanation of how light reacts and advice on seeing color.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1992 (v.9#3) pg. 104

The primary spirit. How to rediscover the fun of painting using only red, blue and yellow and colors created by mixing them.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Apr 1992 (v.9#4) pg. 74

Mastering light and color. An approach to see color and paint it accurately.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1992 (v.9#7) pg. 40

What you see is what you paint. Steps for unclouding your perceptions and getting the color right every time.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1992 (v.9#8) pg. 52

Mixing colorful grays in oil. A guide to painting sparkle into the gray areas.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1992 (v.9#11) pg. 70

How to make the colors in a painting appear light and vibrant by starting with a background of black gesso.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Dec 1992 (v.9#12) pg. 12

Playing with color key. How to sharpen color acuity to create art with personality.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1993 (v.10#3) pg. 24

In search of the perfect black. Two basic black paint mixtures.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1993 (v.10#10) pg. 10A

Discover expressive color. How to give paintings added punch by enhancing the colors you see and feel.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1993 (v.10#11) pg. 62

Tip on adding variety to painting by using a colored or tinted ground.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Feb 1994 (v.11#2) pg. 6A

Advice on how an artist can compensate for color impairment.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1994 (v.11#3) pg. 36

Six ways to see and paint color. Experiments with new approaches to color.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1994 (v.11#10) pg. 66

Creating a complement wheel with colored pencils to show how a given color looks when mixed in varying degrees with its opposite on the wheel. Step-by-step photos show how to apply color opposites to "underpaint" a pencil drawing.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1996 (v.13#11) pg. 58

Advice on working with a restricted palette to gain greater mastery of color mixing.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1996 (v.13#11) pg. 78

Make your colors move. How to build energetic watercolors by limiting your palette and controlling color temperature.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1997 (v.14#3) pg. 84

Controlling color temperature. Tips on understanding the variations in the color wheel.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE May 1997 (v.14#5) pg. 96

Planning powerful color. A color-mapping process to turn everyday scenes into richly lit acrylic paintings.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1997 (v.14#6) pg. 36

Twenty-five tips to creative color. Experiments and palette secrets of 18 top artists.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1997 (v.14#9) pg. 40

Crossing the bridge to vibrant color. Acrylic and mixed-media approach that plays with bold colors.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1997 (v.14#9) pg. 44

Take the confusion out of color mixing. An easy-to-use, scientific approach to color mixing that guarantees the results you want.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1997 (v.14#9) pg. 48
Added Info ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Dec 1997 (v.14#12) pg. 8

An explanation of the term "painting blond".
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1997 (v.14#11) pg. 87

Incorporating expressive color wisely in watercolor paintings. How to use light and apply color consistently while varying shapes.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1998 (v.15#1) pg. 30

Take control of value. A value-study lesson in creating a five-value gray scale on your palette and making a preliminary sketch to identify areas of light, dark and those in between.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE May 1998 (v.15#5) pg. 55

Discover the value of color. How to make the leap from a value sketch to a full-color work of art.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1998 (v.15#6) pg. 31

Clean up your color. Simple secrets to produce vibrant, clean watercolor paintings.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1998 (v.15#6) pg. 48

In search of complements. An explanation of complementary colors, what they are and how to use them in artworks.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1998 (v.15#7) pg. 31

An exercise in color value is taught by rendering a watercolor painting with a monochromatic color scheme.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1998 (v.15#8) pg. 24

Capture the colors of white. Tips for creating realistic white objects with oils.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1998 (v.15#8) pg. 32

Color temperature, a question of degree. How to energize an artwork with the nuances of warm and cool colors.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1998 (v.15#9) pg. 23

The broken color technique. Two variations illustrated.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Feb 1999 (v.16#2) pg. 29

A pyramid approach to color theory in painting. An explanation of how to use complementary colors and related secondary colors, with a single neutral color that ties all the other colors together.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Feb 1999 (v.16#2) pg. 62

How to mix neutral grays.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1999 (v.16#3) pg. 39

A simple, two-pronged approach to creating watercolors with vigorous, glowing colors.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1999 (v.16#3) pg. 60

Tuning up on tints and shades. How to use white and black to extend the value range of colors.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1999 (v.16#6) pg. 51

The importance of planning pattern and color before painting.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1999 (v.16#8) pg. 34

Color wheel basics. Understanding the terminology behind color.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1999 (v.16#9) pg. 28

Understanding hues.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1999 (v.16#10) pg. 74

Unexpected color. Four ways to inject rich color into watercolor paintings.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1999 (v.16#11) pg. 29

Personalizing your pallet. Five watercolorists explain how they make color work for them and how you can make it work for you.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1999 (v.16#11) pg. 36

How to make better use of colors by manipulating their intensity.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1999 (v.16#11) pg. 78

Painter's guide to color conversion. Includes an oil-to-acrylics conversion chart and tips on color mixing.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jul-Aug 1990 (v.17#4) pg. 31

Coordinating colors. A lesson in how to create mood and balance in watercolor paintings by mixing and matching colors. Instructions for Oregon Beach and Winter Ice landscape paintings.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jul-Aug 1993 (v.20#4) pg. 8

Choosing background colors for paintings. Eight background options for a painting of a redwing blackbird are compared and evaluated. Value and intensity guidelines are furnished.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK May-Jun 1995 (v.22#3) pg. 64

Color basics. Understanding the color wheel and concepts of key color, complementary colors, split complementary colors and a triadic color scheme.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jan-Feb 1997 (v.24#1) pg. 12

True colors. A three-step formula for choosing effective, striking color schemes when painting.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Nov-Dec 1998 (v.25#6) pg. 22

The colorist's cookbook. How to create color combinations that are pleasing and that work in a project's environment. Exercises for combining color. Includes instructions for making a floorcloth.
THREADS #33 Feb-Mar 1991 pg. 70

Tip on how to mix colors to paint a silver pot.
TOLE WORLD #120 Jan-Feb 1993 (v.17#1) pg. 16

Wonderful world of color. An exploration of the basics of color as they apply in decorative painting.
TOLE WORLD #121 Mar-Apr 1993 (v.17#2) pg. 51

Guidelines on deciding the color value of a background and how to use background color to guide the viewer's eye.
TOLE WORLD #126 Jan-Feb 1994 (v.18#1) pg. 24