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Circuit adds dual trace capability to a single trace, free running sweep, Eico 460 oscilloscope.
AUDIO AMATEUR 4/1980 [Nov 1980] (v.11#4) pg. 50

Build an A-weighting filter. Building a meter preamp to make measurements at very low (microvolt) signal levels using a vacuum-tube voltmeter, digital voltmeter, or oscilloscope.
AUDIO AMATEUR 2/1992 [Jun 1992] (v.23#2) pg. 32
Added Info AUDIO AMATEUR 3/1992 [Sep 1992] (v.23#3) pg. 46

Build a quick and easy curve tracer to test components. Used in connection with an oscilloscope to check diodes, thyristors, transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Jul 1997 (v.53#7) pg. 9
Correction CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Sep 1997 (v.53#9) pg. 8

Voltage cursor adapter. Measure the voltage values of waveforms accurately and easily on your oscilloscope by superimposing horizontal cursor lines on the top and bottom of a waveform.

3-D oscillography (stereophonic images of waveforms) can be achieved using a dual-trace oscilloscope, a pair of simple lenses, a dual 15-volt power supply, and a handful of ordinary electronic components.

Sweep/function generator. Build this sweep generator to create sine, triangle, and square waves. Also provides a horizontal sweep for an oscilloscope.
ELECTRONICS NOW Dec 1994 (v.65#12) pg. 53
Correction ELECTRONICS NOW Mar 1995 (v.66#3) pg. 14

Measure the voltage values of waveforms accurately and easily on your oscilloscope with this voltage cursor adapter that superimposes horizontal cursor lines on the top and bottom of a waveform.
ELECTRONICS NOW May 1995 (v.66#5) pg. 65

Dual-trace converter turns your single-trace oscilloscope (equipped with an external input) into a dual-channel instrument.
ELECTRONICS NOW Jun 1995 (v.66#6) pg. 46

Dual scope adapter. Add time period cursors and delayed sweep to your oscilloscope with this handy, precision adapter.
ELECTRONICS NOW Jun 1996 (v.67#6) pg. 43

Quick-test component tester. Use it to find bad components (capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, SCR's, and other bipolar junction devices) either in-circuit or out-of-circuit. Used in conjunction with an oscilloscope.
ELECTRONICS NOW Oct 1997 (v.68#10) pg. 53
Correction ELECTRONICS NOW Dec 1997 (v.68#12) pg. 24

Build a multichannel oscilloscope trigger. Examine one or two signals with a triggering circuit based upon as many as ten other inputs. Lets you use an inexpensive two-channel scope when troubleshooting computers. Est. cost: $65 (kit).
ELECTRONICS NOW Feb 1998 (v.69#2) pg. 33

Add a video trigger to your oscilloscope with this add-on device that works with different broadcast standards (both NTSC and PAL). Est. cost: $125 (kit).
ELECTRONICS NOW Jun 1998 (v.69#6) pg. 61

From oscilloscope to curve tracer. Tube curve tracer device converts an oscilloscope with X-Y display capability into a vacuum tube curve tracer for individual measurements.
GLASS AUDIO 2/1990 (v.2#2) pg. 10

Pulse stretcher circuit can be used to increase the duration of a positive pulse by a factor of 50, while maintaining the same signal amplitude. Ideal for viewing a fast-rising pulse on an older oscilloscope.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Aug 1990 (v.7#8) pg. 80

Build the Quad Tracer. This accessory converts a single-trace oscilloscope into a four-trace unit. It converts a dual-trace scope into a five-trace unit. Features four separate vertical inputs, a selectable sync output, and signal levels up to 20 volts. Est. cost: $26 (kit).
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1991 (v.8#7) pg. 59

Build a signature tracer, a device which lets an oscilloscope plot the characteristic curve of any component.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1991 (v.8#12) pg. 25

Delayed sweep adapter for an oscilloscope.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1996 (v.13#6) pg. 64

Build a delayed sweep plug-in adapter for your oscilloscope. Est. cost: $30.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1996 (v.13#10) pg. 56

Audio-sweep generator circuit (complete with frequency, range, and amplitude controls) uses a unique infrared light-to-frequency converter IC.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1998 (v.15#10) pg. 64

Circuit to test any oscilloscope to see if its amplifiers are linear in operation.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Apr 1999 (v.16#4) pg. 55

Audio sweep/marker generator. Lets you create an oscilloscope display that shows the response of an audio system. Useful for designing and analyzing amplifier and filter circuits. Part 1. Operating theory.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Feb 1991 (v.62#2) pg. 43
Added Info RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1991 (v.62#6) pg. 14
Added Info RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jan 1992 (v.63#1) pg. 14

Audio sweep/marker generator. Part 2. Construction.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Mar 1991 (v.62#3) pg. 55