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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Checkerboard basket (19"x11"x 3.5" deep) is woven from flat splint with round reed used for touches of decorative twining and for handles and the rim. Dyed splint strips simulate a checkerboard on the bottom.
BASKETMAKER #8 Fall 1985 (v.2) pg. 9

Round "Toy Box" basket is 16" in diameter, with 12" high sides and two handles of wrapped reed. It features Japanese-weave bottom, triple weave and chasing weave on the sides and a "Gretchen border". Painting instructions are included for bear and heart motifs that decorate the border.
BASKETMAKER #8 Fall 1985 (v.2) pg. 17

"Twin Hearts" market basket (6"x10"x2" deep) has a center handle and two heart motifs woven into the base.
BASKETMAKER #13 Winter 1987 (v.4) pg. 12

Old-fashioned flower-gathering basket (10"x18"x 6"high, 16" high to top of handle) is woven from reed and features a 3-rod border and herringbone finish where the ends of the handle join the rim.
BASKETMAKER #13 Winter 1987 (v.4) pg. 26

Hoop Bottom basket is 6.5" in diameter and 5" deep, with a handle height of 12". The base is twined around flat spokes and then lashed to a hoop. The sides are woven with flat reed.
BASKETMAKER #14 Spring 1987 (v.4) pg. 16

"Flower vendor's cart" basket (7"x10"x9" high) features wheels of twined reed and a body that alternates rows of splint and reed.
BASKETMAKER #14 Spring 1987 (v.4) pg. 27

Eccentric basket (10" diameter, 5.5" tall at lower side and 9" tall at higher side) is woven from round reed and accented with seagrass.
BASKETMAKER #15 Summer 1987 (v.4) pg. 30

Gretchen berry basket. Round basket with a 14" base is 6" deep and has a rectangular oak handle and braided rim of round reed.
BASKETMAKER #16 Fall 1987 (v.4) pg. 14

Tip: A procedure for correcting imbalance when weaving an egg basket or ribbed basket with a round bottom.
BASKETMAKER #25 Winter 1990 (v.7) pg. 5

Cleaning wood splint baskets.
BASKETMAKER #27 May 1991 (v.8#1) pg. 9

Country watermelon basket to weave from dyed reed.
CRAFTS Aug 1991 (v.14#8) pg. 61

Make a double-bottom apple basket from oak splints. Features a swing handle.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Oct 1990 (v.21#5) pg. 41

Willow lunch basket Weaving a round basket with a handle from 3-ft. and 4-ft. willow rods.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Oct 1992 (v.23#5) pg. 36

Cross-stitched napkin basket is woven from flat reed and raffia. A border just below the rim is stitched with two rows of Xs in a contrasting color.
HANDWOVEN Nov-Dec 1992 (v.13#5) pg. 68

Mexican Blanket round basket, 11" high, is woven with round reed. Features areas of graduated colors moving from light to dark and then back to light. The center dark area is accented with curls that create a zigzag effect.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1993 (v.14#2) pg. 36

Tea Bag basket, the width of a tea bag and long enough to hold an assortment of individually packaged tea bags, is woven from round reed. Sides are woven in a decorative diamond-weave design.
HANDWOVEN Nov-Dec 1993 (v.14#5) pg. 68

A twined basket. Step-by-step instructions for making a small basket from round reed.
HERB COMPANION Aug-Sep 1990 (v.2#6) pg. 26

Rectangular gathering basket with handle, has a holster for garden scissors and a water container fastened in one corner. It is made from flat reed with accents of round reed.
HERB COMPANION Feb-Mar 1992 (v.4#3) pg. 62

Oak splint baskets. How to make splints from a white oak log and then weave five styles of basket (gathering, market, potluck, fruit, and island).
POPULAR WOODWORKING #45 Oct 1988 (v.8#3) pg. 36

How to weave a basket in three-block twill using flat reed, binding cane, or microwood.
SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #89 Winter 1991-92 (v.23#1) pg. 54

How to weave a basket based on using Fibonacci numbers three and five and the golden ratio.
SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #119 Summer 1999 (v.30#3) pg. 53

Best-of-show basket. Long, thin bands and weavers are cut from bendable woods like ash, beech, elm, gum, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut. These strips are then soaked in an inexpensive PVC soaking tube and used to weave the sides of an oval basket with a wooden bottom and U-shaped handle.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #37 Jan 1994 (v.7#1) pg. 5

Woven flat-reed basket making in 10 easy steps.
WOOD MAGAZINE #111 Winter 1998 (v.15#9) pg. 39

Kipsies. Constructing a basket from twigs and branches in the tradition of the Romanies or gypsies of Britain.
WOODWORKER Oct 1993 (v.97#10) pg. 66