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Creating a light effect in oil painting. Explains making a value study to resolve composition problems. Photos show how to begin with a middle- to upper-value underpainting in yellow and then add transparent glazing to darken shadows and pearling to add light. A formula for a glazing medium is included.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1989 (v.6#6) pg. 36

Oil painting outdoors. Covers practical matters like how to dress, transport equipment and locate a site. Painting tips cover palette selection, and advance canvas preparation and photos and text that describe a spontaneous, loose technique that does not rely on an intial drawing.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1989 (v.6#7) pg. 38

Painting the spirit of the landscape. Tips for adding meaning and energy to large, on-location oils.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1989 (v.6#7) pg. 62

Understanding Monet's impressionist techniques, materials and use of color. Step-by-step guide to oil painting that captures the qualities of Monet's depictions of water lilies.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Dec 1989 (v.6#12) pg. 54

Secrets of painting water reflections in either oils or acrylics. How to handle colors, values and shapes to make water look wet and reflections look real.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1990 (v.7#7) pg. 43

Landscape sketching in oils. How to develop an Impressionist's eye for seeing and painting the true colors of nature.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1990 (v.7#8) pg. 58

Oil painting believable trees. How to capture the look of foliage without additng too much detail.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1991 (v.8#3) pg. 100

Getting started in oil painting. (1) First experimental canvas of six squares demonstrates what paint can do. (2) Setting up and painting a still life. (3) Painting a landscape. Includes tips on some limited palettes to try.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Apr 1991 (v.8#4) pg. 68

Capturing your impression of nature in an oil painting. Large shapes and a minimum of detail evoke the essentials of a scene.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1991 (v.8#10) pg. 54

Painting the lightscape. How to capture the energy of light in oil landscapes through the use of strong underpainting and vibrate color.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Apr 1992 (v.9#4) pg. 36

Adding air to an oil landscape. Three techniques for making landscape paintings with believable atmospheres.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1992 (v.9#10) pg. 66

Putting nature's energy into oils. Tips on value and composition that put excitement in a landscape.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1993 (v.10#7) pg. 26

Secrets of sensational sunsets in oil paintings. Advice on (1) layering colors so they won't blend, (2) defining reflections on water, (3) using a fan brush for painting gradations and (4) the use of silhouetted shapes.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE May 1994 (v.11#5) pg. 65

Painting realistic landscapes in oils that are filled with detail.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1994 (v.11#7) pg. 63
Added Info ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1994 (v.11#10) pg. 9

How to build strong, realistic landscapes in oil paintings using broad strokes of rich color.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1994 (v.11#8) pg. 43

Building realism with texture. How to give landscape oil paintings a three-dimensional look with varied brushstrokes and color choices.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1994 (v.11#10) pg. 46

How to create the proper "snowy" look in oil and watercolor paintings and in pastel drawings.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Feb 1995 (v.12#2) pg. 46

How to use palette knives to shape landscape oil paintings without excess details.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1995 (v.12#10) pg. 48

Advice on a palette that helps create unified paintings of garden landscapes in oils.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE May 1996 (v.13#5) pg. 64

Painting outdoors. Tips on picking the site, ways to organize and carry materials and advice on equipment for watercolorists, oil and acrylic painters.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Aug 1996 (v.13#8) pg. 34

How to paint natural-looking landscapes with the use of complementary oil colors that create a look of vitality and freshness in a painting.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1996 (v.13#9) pg. 54

Give your oils a dreamy glow. How to use underpaintings to create a sense of nostalgia in landscape paintings.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Mar 1997 (v.14#3) pg. 100

Interpreting the landscape. An approach for creating impressionistic oil paintings.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Apr 1997 (v.14#4) pg. 58

On the fast track to expressive painting. How to use a palette knife to quickly create vibrant, emotive landscapes in oil.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1998 (v.15#1) pg. 58

Balancing mood and detail. How to paint landscapes in oils using a photorealistic style.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1998 (v.15#6) pg. 26

High-impact results. How to create more powerful landscape paintings in oils by leaving out extraneous details and using bright colors.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1998 (v.15#7) pg. 54

Composing with water. How to integrate realistic-looking water into oil landscapes.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1998 (v.15#10) pg. 50

Scheming for color harmony. A strategy for landscapes painted in oil.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1999 (v.16#6) pg. 60

Staging a landscape. A simple, focused system for outdoor oil painting of a landscape.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1999 (v.16#9) pg. 56

The mystique of mist. Techniques for painting misty landscapes in oil.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1999 (v.16#10) pg. 26

Winter Wonderland oil painting, a snowscape with pond and birch trees. Accompanying pattern is for a red cardinal on a branch to paint on the mat used for framing.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jan-Feb 1991 (v.18#1) pg. 46, 37

Bringing leaves to life. A five-step technique for painting realistic leaves using oil paints.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Sep-Oct 1992 (v.19#5) pg. 36, 41

How to create the perfect leaves for any painting subject using oils and a basic step-by-step technique. Patterns included for rose, strawberry, geranium, blackberry, pansy, nasturtium and grape leaves.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Nov-Dec 1993 (v.20#6) pg. 12, 41

A nighttime landscape to paint using either watercolors or oils.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Nov-Dec 1994 (v.21#6) pg. 62

Stylized landscape with an English Cottage at the end of a flower-bordered path is painted in oils on the slanted lid of a purchased wooden stationery box.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jun 1999 (v.26#3) pg. 60, Insert

White Christmas. A winter landscape painted in oils features a cottage nestled in pine trees. In the foreground, birds feed at the base of a post hung with a wreath. The complementary frame has holly motifs and gilded edges.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Dec 1999 (v.26#6) pg. 64, Insert

"Autumn Gold" picture to paint in oils features an old barn and birch trees set against a golden sky. Intermediate to advanced painting level.
TOLE WORLD #106 Sep-Oct 1990 (v.14#5) pg. 6

"Winter Vignette" painting in oil features a winter landscape with no definite border that shades gradually into the background.
TOLE WORLD #107 Nov-Dec 1990 (v.14#6) pg. 50

Winter landscape to paint in oils. Intermediate skill level.
TOLE WORLD #108 Jan-Feb 1991 (v.15#1) pg. 39

Golden Days scene of an old shed in an autumn setting is painted in oils on an old metal circular saw blade. Intermediate skill level.
TOLE WORLD #112 Sep-Oct 1991 (v.15#5) pg. 64

Early fall scene featuring deer grazing at the edge of a pond is painted in oils. Beginning to intermediate skill level.
TOLE WORLD #118 Sep-Oct 1992 (v.16#5) pg. 61, 65