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Tip suggests mounting two-way switches on each end of a carpenter's saw to eliminate groping around for the switch on the base.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #33 Jul-Aug 1993 pg. 14

Overhead switch wired in series with table saw makes it easy to start the saw when cutting full sheets of plywood.
FINE WOODWORKING #71 Jul-Aug 1988 pg. 10

Tip on relocating the Delta Unisaw on/off switch closer to the front of the machine.
FINE WOODWORKING #121 Nov-Dec 1996 pg. 22
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #122 Jan-Feb 1997 pg. 8

Safer table saw power switch. Separate on and off switches include an off switch which you activate with your foot.
FINE WOODWORKING #139 Nov-Dec 1999 pg. 18

Kick plate cutoff allows a table saw with a magnetic switch to be turned off with a foot rather than by hand.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Apr 1979 (v.68#4) pg. 40

Table saw knee switch activates a push-button switch on the front of a saw cabinet when a large bar is depressed and a plunger depresses the "off" button.
SHOPNOTES #25 Jan 1996 (v.5) pg. 4

A comparison of mechanical and magnetic on/off switches for a table saw.
SHOPNOTES #33 May 1997 (v.6) pg. 15

Tip: Mount a safety switch on your table saw which you can turn off using your knee while securely holding onto the work piece.
WOOD MAGAZINE #9 Feb 1986 (v.3#1) pg. 18
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #13 Oct 1986 (v.3#5) pg. 6

Tip on bringing the on/off switch on a contractor's table saw further forward using ordinary pipe fittings.
WOODSMITH #119 Oct 1998 (v.20) pg. 5

Improve table saw safety by installing a wooden lever to turn off the machine using your knee or thigh.
WOODWORK #19 Jan-Feb 1993 pg. 22

Knee-operated shutoff for a table saw consists of a plastic pipe framework which pivots against the push-style off switch.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1999 (v.23#6) pg. 14