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This report is extracted from the 1000 Section (Confirmed Newspaper Indexes) of the 1979-1980 Edition of LATHROP REPORT ON NEWSPAPER INDEXES: An illustrated guide to published and unpublished newspaper indexes in the United States and Canada.   Either a compiler, publisher or repository had confirmed the existance of this index and supplied information for the report. See the INTRODUCTION for the methodology used in compiling the LATHROP REPORT.

REPORT NO:  1064A Previous Report (1063C)  |  Next Report (1065A)
INDEX NAME:  Index of Early Eugene Oregon Newspapers, 1858-
  • DEMOCRATIC HERALD Eugene OR 1860-1861
  • EUGENE CITY GUARD Eugene OR 1868-1876
  • EUGENE CITY REVIEW Eugene OR 1862-1865
  • THE PEOPLE'S PRESS Eugene OR 1859-1860
COMPILER:  Lane Community College Library (4000 E. 30th Ave; Eugene OR 97405)
100 W. 13th Ave
Eugene OR 97401
Telephone: (503) 687-5450
AVAILABILITY:  The plan is to publish the index on microfiche and make it available for sale. Interested parties should inquire about prices and availability. The unpublished index is available for public use in the Lane Community College Library (4000 E. 30th Ave; Eugene OR 97405).
SCOPE OF INDEX:  The main emphasis of this index is on local and regional news with some state items and national items with heavy local interest. There has been a concerted effort to oblige genealogists with vital statistics, some legal items, social news, etc. All articles and advertisements reflecting news and changing businesses are cited. The economic and political development of Lane County and the region has been traced in the citations.
FORMAT OF INDEX:  The index has three broad topical sections: BUSINESS, PERSONAL NAME (BIOGRAPHY) and GENERAL SUBJECT. A subject authority list helps guide the user to the correct section and subject heading. Within the general subject section, the index is in alphabetical order by specific topics (JOURNALISM, LAND & LAND CLAIMS,...etc). Under each topic, the entries are arranged in chronological order. Within the BIOGRAPHY and BUSINESS sections, the pages of the index are divided into a narrow alphabetic span. For example one page from the BIOGRAPHY section might contain last names SHJ through SKI. Thereafter, the user is not given a strict alphabetical order of personal names or business names, but will have to glance down the left hand column of each page which contains the alphabetical range the user is interested in. In the general subject section, each entry consists of a brief description of the article, followed by a code for the newspaper, the month, day, section and page. The newspaper year is indicated between groups of entries. In the BIOGRAPHY and BUSINESS section, the entry consists of the name of the person or business, followed by a word denoting the nature of the person or business. Thereafter is the citation (newspaper code, month, day, section and page). After the citation is a brief description of the article or the headline. The newspaper year is indicated between groups of entries. The original index is typed on special 8½x11 inch printed forms.
SAMPLE ILLUSTRATION:  Samples of pages from all three sections of the index are shown below.
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