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This report is extracted from the 1000 Section (Confirmed Newspaper Indexes) of the 1979-1980 Edition of LATHROP REPORT ON NEWSPAPER INDEXES: An illustrated guide to published and unpublished newspaper indexes in the United States and Canada.   Either a compiler, publisher or repository had confirmed the existance of this index and supplied information for the report. See the INTRODUCTION for the methodology used in compiling the LATHROP REPORT.

REPORT NO:  1095E Previous Report (1095D)  |  Next Report (1095F)
INDEX NAME:  Index for the Weekly Advertiser
  • WEEKLY ADVERTISER Fredricksburg VA 1853-1854;1857-1860
417 Pelham St
Fredricksburg VA 22401
AVAILABILITY:  Photocopies of the original transcript are available. Write for prices. Volumes available are: 1853 (12 pgs); 1854 (15 pgs); 1857 (20 pgs); 1858 (21 pgs); 1859 (19 pgs); 1860 (20 pgs). Copies of the index and the corresponding newspapers are available for public use in the Central Rappahannock Regional Library (Caroline & Lewis St; Fredricksburg VA 22401).
SCOPE OF INDEX:  An alphabetical index to all personal names and selected subjects for the locality of the newspaper.
FORMAT OF INDEX:  A book-form index typewritten on 8½x11 inch pages. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order and consist mostly of personal names (last name first) and a brief phrase describing the article. A code number preceding each entry is used to locate the correct date of the newspaper where the article appeared.
SIZE OF INDEX:  5,350 entries total in all 6 volumes.
Anita Cheek Milner. NEWSPAPER INDEXES: A LOCATION & SUBJECT GUIDE FOR RESEARCHERS. Scarecrow Press, Metuchen NJ, 1977.
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