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Tip on using spring-style mouse traps or clothespins to hold notes, pencils, etc.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #43 Feb 1995 pg. 26

Make a child's personalized door knocker in a balloon motif with a spring clip to hold messages. Est. cost: $13.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1985 (v.63#3) pg. 102, 150

Memo Mac, notepad and pen holder made from wire, a plastic bead and a piece of wood.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1972 (v.62#12) pg. 41

Make a notepad holder that uses a roll of adding machine tape.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1987 (v.77#12) pg. 68

Kitchen notekeeper. Wall-hung note pad and small bulletin board swings open revealing a place to store incoming mail, bills, etc.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1989 (v.12#4) pg. 37

Cardholder. Ceramic open-top box is decorated with a simple flower design and used to hold note paper or file cards.
CERAMICS Oct 1990 (v.27#2) pg. 68, 53

Noteworthy desk set. Pen holder and matching note pad cover are needlepointed on plastic canvas in tapestry wool. PENS and NOTES and hearts and flowers motifs are stitched with metallic ribbon.
CRAFTS Feb 1991 (v.14#2) pg. 68, 53

We love Mom! picture to paint in watercolor in a simplified Southwestern theme shows a mother giving her daughter a hug for the handmade heart she holds in her hand. Can also be painted on the cover of a purchased canvas note pad cover.
CRAFTS May 1991 (v.14#5) pg. 58, 45

Note holder for a teacher (for kids ages 5 and up to make) is constructed from craft sticks and a mini clothespin. Girl and boy figures peek from each end.
CRAFTS Dec 1991 (v.14#12) pg. 30

Deskmates for dad. Faux granite desk accessories include a change holder, desk caddy, and note pad holder. Made from plaster of paris cast in simple milk carton molds.
CRAFTS Jun 1994 (v.17#6) pg. 26

Wall-hung notepad holder is sewn from fabric, edged with eyelet and appliqued with heart and bunny motifs. It includes a pocket for holding a notepad and a loop for a pencil.
CRAFTS Apr 1996 (v.19#4) pg. 28, 47

Birdhouse motif memo pad holder needlepointed on plastic canvas.
CRAFTS Jan 1997 (v.20#1) pg. 18, 39

Four quick and easy kitchen aids. (1) Casserole carrier. (2) Biscuit cozy. (3) Dishwasher "signal". (4) "Piggy" memo holder.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Apr 1981 (v.12#3) pg. 14

Shopping organizers. Make a note pad and coupon holder from poster board, adhesive-backed vinyl paper, and ribbon.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Sep 1982 (v.13#7) pg. 37

Fish-motif prints. Use a frozen fish to create the printed image in a process that combines fabric printing and batik techniques. Includes pattern for making notepad covers from the printed fabric.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK May-Jun 1991 (v.18#3) pg. 74

Pine note pad holder and memo box.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 23 1978 (v.91#12) pg. 126, 196

Note-pad binder holds 2 note pads. Looks like a book when closed.
FAMILY CIRCLE May 19 1981 (v.94#7) pg. 104, 154

Never-forget memo set. A cotton workglove is stuffed and hung on the wall to hold a pencil and notepaper.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Nov 1984 (v.199#5) pg. 185, 250

Simple wooden box holds 4"x5" note paper ready for use.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Jan 1979 (v.68#1) pg. 24

Sheet metal note pad holder.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Apr 1981 (v.70#4) pg. 39

Padding trays used to glue-up note pads.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Oct 1981 (v.70#7) pg. 32

Miniature clip board is used as a memo board or note pad holder.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION May-Jun 1982 (v.71#5) pg. 30

Notepad holder in the shape of a duck features a spring-loaded clothespin for the beak. The duck and the clothespin are made of gemstone materials instead of wood.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #568 Feb-Mar 1985 pg. 30

Leather cover for a pocket-size notepad.
LEATHER CRAFTERS & SADDLERS JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1999 (v.9#5) pg. 56, Insert

Tip: Felt "note totes", trimmed with applique hearts, hold 3x5 note pads.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Feb 1986 (v.31#1) pg. 80

Musical phone holder. A note pad and pencil holder with a cradle for holding a telephone receiver. The caller is entertained by a music box under the cradle.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #464 Jan 1967 (v.63) pg. 88

Needlepoint memo pad set in houndstooth check with a matching strawberry bookmark and refrigerator magnet.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1986 (v.9#3) pg. 13, 26, 38

Memo minder. Important notes written on a 3x5 cards are deposited into a slot in this device. A light flashes and alarm "beeps" until the note is removed and read.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1967 (v.27#4) pg. 49

Audible memo alert. A piezo sounder is activated whenever a note is inserted into a spring-style clothespin holder.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Sep 1992 (v.9#9) pg. 72

Large/note doodle pad holder uses teletype paper rolls.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1965 (v.123#3) pg. 190

Note holder is shaped like a dog with a clothespin clip for a head.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1970 (v.134#2) pg. 153

Drawer for note paper and pencils is in a box which fits under the telephone.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1974 (v.142#1) pg. 144

Simple wooden easel holds a roll of adding machine paper to write notes on.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1976 (v.145#6) pg. 176

Tip: Hanging scratch pad has a sheetmetal spine.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1985 (v.162#6) pg. 151

An apple for teacher or mom. A note pad holder consists of a wooden apple (which serves as both pencil holder and display stand for a note) is attached to a wooden base.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #100 Jan 1998 (v.17#6) pg. 39

Kitchen recipe or note holders. One is shaped and painted like an orange slice, the other like a jelly jar. Beginner skill level.
TOLE WORLD #112 Sep-Oct 1991 (v.15#5) pg. 46

Country French shopping list. Wooden background is painted with a border of grocery items framed by a berries-and-leaves motif. Shopping list pad is attached to the center with Velcro, tape or glue.
TOLE WORLD #128 May-Jun 1994 (v.18#3) pg. 12

Wall-hung oak message center features a note pad and slots for sorting mail. Useful when placed next to a wall phone.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #2 Mar 1988 (v.1#2) pg. 16

Desk accessories made by laminating walnut and maple. (1) Notepad holder with pen holder. (2) Desk clock. (3) Letter holder.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #23 Sep 1991 (v.4#5) pg. 20

Wooden notepad holder features a person's name scroll sawed in the back.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #31 Jan 1993 (v.6#1) pg. 10

Wooden desk set features three no-nonsense accessories. (1) Square open-top pencil holder. (2) Holder for Rolidex cards. (3) Note pad holder.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #36 Nov 1993 (v.6#6) pg. 26

100 bazaar best-sellers. Desk accessories, note paper folders, pencil holders, pincushions, etc.
WOMAN'S DAY Sep 1 1981 (v.44#14) pg. 73

Notepad holder features two sizes of Scotch-brand "Post-it" note pads, a pencil holder and a decorative border of inlaid wood.
WOOD MAGAZINE #19 Oct 1987 (v.4#5) pg. 63

Wooden box with a whale mosaic on top serves as a desk-top pen holder and notepad box.
WOOD MAGAZINE #26 Dec 1988 (v.5#6) pg. 76

Wooden pencil holder and card holder for 3x5 cards. Sharp pencils are separated from dull pencils in this simple device.
WOODSMITH #2 Mar 1979 pg. 12

Wall-mounted paper gripper uses glass marbles to hold notes which are slipped in between a caged marble and the frame.
WOODSMITH #71 Oct 1990 pg. 22

Two-piece wooden desk set (a pencil holder and a note pad box).
WOODSMITH #114 Dec 1997 (v.19) pg. 30

Stationery rack holds writing paper, envelopes, note paper, etc.
WOODWORKER #1077 Aug 1983 (v.87) pg. 501

Decorative wooden frog serves as a paperweight and note holder.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1980 (v.4#3) pg. 10

Note caddy. Wooden rack, decorated to look like an Afghan, holds a roll of adding machine paper upon which to write notes. The neck of the "dog" is actually a pencil.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1980 (v.4#6) pg. 18

Message cube. Wooden box is equipped with a roll of adding machine paper for writing notes.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1981 (v.5#6) pg. 33

Tip on how to make an owl note keeper from carpet scraps.
WORKBASKET Oct 1978 (v.44#1) pg. 20

Trio of matching kitchen accessories worked in needlepoint on plastic canvas. (1) Wall-hung telephone organizer has pouches for pencils and notes and a place to affix a note pad. (2) Placemat with attached napkin ring. (3) Napkin holder.
WORKBASKET Jan 1986 (v.51#3) pg. 42

Wall-hung telephone shelf holds pencil and paper and has a place to hang the telephone receiver.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1967 (v.23#2) pg. 41

Note pad uses a roll of adding machine paper. Wooden base has a long and narrow drawer to hold pencils.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1973 (v.29#3) pg. 59

"Donny Duck" note holder is a wooden duck with a spring clothespin for a bill.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1973 (v.29#6) pg. 63

Memo pad is a one-evening project. Simple wooden frame holds a roll of adding machine paper.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1980 (v.36#1) pg. 52

Note caddy holds a roll of adding machine paper. A built-in pencil holder and a tear bar complete the unit.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1983 (v.39#2) pg. 20

Teen desk set. (1) Sturdy bookends with uprights that look like leather-bound books. (2) Notepad caddy keeps self-adhesive notepads and a pencil within reach. (3) File holder made from hoops of polished bronze brazing rods and wooden dowels. (4) Wooden pencil box.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1989 (v.45#2) pg. 53
Added Info WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1989 (v.45#5) pg. 8

Wall-hung note holder uses a marble to grip the sheet, but allows easy removal.
WORKBENCH Aug-Sep 1994 (v.50#4) pg. 50