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Taking the first step. A discussion of typical stepper motors which can be driven by digital outputs, such as microcomputers.
BYTE Feb 1978 (v.3#2) pg. 35

Controlling DC motors. How to use a microcomputer to control the shaft position of 1.5v to 3v hobby DC motors to within a quarter turn out of a range of 16,384 turns.
BYTE Jul 1978 (v.3#7) pg. 72

A computer controlled stepper motor light scanner. A scanning sensor capable of detecting both infrared and visible light can be used as part of an alarm system. It will detect and then track the source of the light. May have application in light-seeking robots.
BYTE Nov 1978 (v.3#11) pg. 76
Correction BYTE Jan 1979 (v.4#1) pg. 53

A stepping motor primer. Part 1. Theory of operation.
BYTE Feb 1979 (v.4#2) pg. 90

A stepping motor primer. Part 2. Interfacing to microcomputers and other considerations.
BYTE Mar 1979 (v.4#3) pg. 142

Suggested circuits for controlling stepper motors to automate the acquisition of X-ray beam profile calibration data.
BYTE Mar 1984 (v.9#3) pg. 432

Neuractor. Build a linear controller/actuator which turns ordinary stepper motors into neural servos. Use it as the foundation for a wide range of robotic devices. Part 1. Theory and construction details.
COMPUTERCRAFT Jul 1992 (v.2#7) pg. 46

Neuractor. Part 2. Assembling an X-Y table for drawing or computer-aided CNC (computer numerical control) machining system.
COMPUTERCRAFT Aug 1992 (v.2#8) pg. 33

Motion-control basics. Types of motors, stepping-motor basics, drive circuits and programming for SBCs (single-board computers) and microcontrollers.
COMPUTERCRAFT Sep 1992 (v.2#9) pg. 28

Neuractor. Part 3. Add rotary motion to form an industrial-style robot.
COMPUTERCRAFT Sep 1992 (v.2#9) pg. 46

Using rotary encoders to provide digital data that can be readily used in computer control applications. How they work, how to use them, and how to make them from discrete components. Includes circuits for use with stepper motors and an exercise bike speedometer.
COMPUTERCRAFT Feb 1993 (v.3#2) pg. 18

Using stepper motors as shaft encoders.
ELECTRONICS NOW Feb 1994 (v.65#2) pg. 53

Circuit for controlling a 12-volt stepping motor.
ELECTRONICS NOW Aug 1996 (v.67#8) pg. 8

Build this automatic parts tray. Learn how to use stepper motors and build a system that simplifies PC-board assembly. A stepper-controlled rotating parts bin and a graphical display of PC-board component locations help ensure that the right parts are inserted in the right spot on the board in optimal order of assembly. Part 1. Construction.
ELECTRONICS NOW Nov 1996 (v.67#11) pg. 33

Build this automatic parts tray. Learn how to use stepper motors and build a system that simplifies PC-board assembly. Part 2. Format of the parts data file and the software.
ELECTRONICS NOW Dec 1996 (v.67#12) pg. 63

Circuit to operate a stepper motor at one revolution-per-minute (1-RPM).
ELECTRONICS NOW Nov 1999 (v.70#11) pg. 5

How to use EPROMs for non-memory applications. Creating complex digital logic circuits with EPROMs simplifies electronic designing. Circuits include (1) keyboard translator, (2) keyboard-controller and (3) stepper-motor controller.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1987 (v.4#6) pg. 28

Linear stepper motors and drivers.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Aug 1987 (v.4#8) pg. 71
Added Info MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Jan 1988 (v.5#1) pg. 71

Process control with personal computers. Part 2. Sensors, stepping motors, and interfaces for computerized control systems.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1987 (v.4#10) pg. 61

DC stepping motors. Looks at assembly, specifications, driver, and applications.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Jan 1990 (v.7#1) pg. 16
Correction MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1990 (v.7#3) pg. 7

All about stepper motors. A practical run-down on these useful devices and how they work.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1990 (v.7#3) pg. 73
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1990 (v.7#10) pg. 3

Build a PC-based stepper-motor controller (interface).
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1992 (v.9#6) pg. 41
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Sep 1992 (v.9#9) pg. 3

Using stepper motors. Part 1. Driver circuits included are (1) bipolar, (2) hexfet, (3) dual oscillator, and (4) reverse drive.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1993 (v.10#3) pg. 70

Using stepper motors. Part 2. Driver circuits included are (1) half-step, (2) high-frequency chopper, and (3) count-down.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Apr 1993 (v.10#4) pg. 70

Using stepper motors in robotics.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1999 (v.16#7) pg. 64

Ultrasonic rangers and stepper motors as used in robotics.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Dec 1985 (v.56#12) pg. 88

Introduction to stepper motors, their applications, sources, drivers, etc.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Nov 1989 (v.60#11) pg. 64
Added Info RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jan 1990 (v.61#1) pg. 61

Tips on converting an automobile alternator to a stepper motor.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Sep 1991 (v.62#9) pg. 69
Added Info RADIO-ELECTRONICS Dec 1991 (v.62#12) pg. 69

Astronomical computing. Stepper-motor control of telescopes. Part 1. How to interface a stepper-motor to a microcomputer.
SKY & TELESCOPE Apr 1985 (v.69#4) pg. 350

Astronomical computing. Stepper-motor control of telescopes. Part 2.
SKY & TELESCOPE May 1985 (v.69#5) pg. 448

How to half-step a stepper motor. Uses a "computer emulator" circuit to generate the needed three-bit binary numbers.
SKY & TELESCOPE Jan 1988 (v.75#1) pg. 80
Correction SKY & TELESCOPE Apr 1988 (v.75#4) pg. 418
Added Info SKY & TELESCOPE Jul 1988 (v.76#1) pg. 92

The amazing stepper motor. Control circuit allows a single stepper motor to operate at three distinct drive rates. May be adapted to four-phase or two-phase motors.
SKY & TELESCOPE May 1989 (v.77#5) pg. 554
Added Info SKY & TELESCOPE Sep 1989 (v.78#3) pg. 316

Titanium-tubed and computer-controlled. Schematics for interface circuits to control stepper motors using a Radio Shack Color Computer. The motors are used to control a 10" Newtonian telescope.
TELESCOPE MAKING #38 Fall 1989 pg. 16
Added Info TELESCOPE MAKING #39 Winter 1989-90 pg. 4