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xx   FOOD

A guide to camp cooking equipment (stoves, coolers, pots and pans and miscellaneous equipment).
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1974 (v.52#9) pg. 16

Six ways to cook fish outdoors.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1963 (v.53#4) pg. 51

Grub stake holds two pans over campfire.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1964 (v.54#4) pg. 53

Five cooking utensils made from tin cans and a quick-stew recipe.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1965 (v.55#4) pg. 48

Three ways to cook fish over a campfire.
BOYS' LIFE May 1965 (v.55#5) pg. 45

Tips on cooking without utensils.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1966 (v.56#3) pg. 50

Tin can camp stove.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1968 (v.58#10) pg. 60

Portable camp oven, 9"x16"x8", is made from sheet aluminum.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1970 (v.60#3) pg. 48

Build a collapsible reflector oven from sheet aluminum.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1972 (v.62#8) pg. 30

How to assemble a camp kitchen kit that will carry clean-up supplies and can be assembled to support two metal pails over a campfire.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1973 (v.63#1) pg. 64

How to make camp oven from a cardboard carton, heavy-duty aluminum foil and wire mesh.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1973 (v.63#2) pg. 54

How to cook camp biscuits and cobblers in either a Dutch oven or a reflector oven.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1973 (v.63#2) pg. 61

How to make ground beef kebabs that can be cooked over an open campfire and Bannock bread for baking in aluminum foil over coals.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1974 (v.64#10) pg. 48

How to build a good outdoor fire that is hot enough to cook over.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1975 (v.65#6) pg. 46

Simple suggestions for cooking food on a stick.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1976 (v.66#4) pg. 46

Two ways to bake bread over an open fire.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1976 (v.66#4) pg. 52

How to fold aluminum foil into a cup-pot for boiling water.
BOYS' LIFE May 1976 (v.66#5) pg. 53

How to cook an outdoor feast over a campfire. Covers making Bannock, cooking staked fish, baking fish on a frame of sticks, roasting Cornish game hens, broiling steak on a rack made of sticks, a shish kebab, and roasting a chicken... all over a bed of coals.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1978 (v.68#2) pg. 34

Camping equipment to make. (1) Charcoal stove made from #10 tin can. (2) Cook pots made from #10 tin cans. (3) Five-gallon can made into trough-shaped grill or reflector oven.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1979 (v.69#3) pg. 58

Trash can cooking. How to bake an apple pie over a bed of coals using a trash can lid as the "oven".
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1979 (v.69#6) pg. 70

How to make lightweight camp stoves from tin cans.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1979 (v.69#9) pg. 76

Prepare quick and simple outdoor meals with the aid of a wooden stick.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1981 (v.71#8) pg. 42

Snow-camp kitchen. Tip shows how to make a comfortable cooking area in deep snow.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1981 (v.71#12) pg. 66

How to cook things on a stick over an open fire. Includes eggs, shish kebab, meat, bread, and marshmallows.
BOYS' LIFE May 1982 (v.72#5) pg. 45

The ABC's of outdoor foil cookery.
BOYS' LIFE May 1982 (v.72#5) pg. 53

Backpacker's reflector oven made from coat hanger wire and aluminum foil. Folds flat for carrying.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1982 (v.72#6) pg. 72

Bake it in a box. How to bake rolls over a campfire using a cardboard box, metal baking pan and aluminum foil.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1982 (v.72#8) pg. 62

Things to make from tin cans. Includes a camp stove, candle "flashlight", toilet tissue holder, utensil drainer, and a winter fire chimney.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1983 (v.73#10) pg. 55

Tips on hanging your food high off the ground to prevent bears and other animals from getting to it.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1984 (v.74#2) pg. 48

Tip: Lightweight backpacking stove is made from an empty tuna can with holes punched around the top rim. Fuel is a coiled strip of cardboard surrounded by melted candle wax.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1986 (v.76#9) pg. 9
Correction BOYS' LIFE Jan 1987 (v.77#1) pg. 18

Cooking with aluminum foil. How to wrap food and improvise utensils when cooking outdoors.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1987 (v.77#2) pg. 42

Dutch oven cooking. Some tips.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1989 (v.79#7) pg. 57

Hiker's fold-up toaster. A collapsible wire frame is used to toast bread, hold shish kebab skewers, bake dough, ... beside a campfire.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1990 (v.80#3) pg. 57

Three tips for making a camp stove work better.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1991 (v.81#7) pg. 7

Choosing and using a backpacking stove.
BOYS' LIFE May 1992 (v.82#5) pg. 24

A look at 13 backpack stoves and tips on how to cook on them.
BOYS' LIFE May 1997 (v.87#5) pg. 32

How to make a reflector oven that folds flat to fit in a backpack. Heat from the cooking fire is reflected to all sides of the food with this aluminum device.
BOYS' LIFE May 1997 (v.87#5) pg. 64

Tip suggests putting cereal and powered milk in small plastic bag for a just-add-water breakfast on a campout.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1998 (v.88#1) pg. 51

Tip tells how to use a plastic straw as a camping container for seasonings.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1998 (v.88#3) pg. 7

Cooking over the campfire without any fancy utensils.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Sep-Oct 2003 (v.87#5) pg. 43

Mastering the art of outdoor cooking.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #299 Jun 1989 (v.39#6) pg. 47

Backpackers oven built of aluminum folds flat and bakes by reflected heat of fire. Est. cost: $5.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #529 Jun 1972 (v.68) pg. 78

Suggestions for cooking good meals using wild game while camping at your hunting camp.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #532 Sep 1972 (v.68) pg. 38

Camp cooking made easy. How to use a Dutch oven.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #581 Oct 1976 (v.72) pg. 118

Five projects for campers. (1) Backpack oven made from a 10" angel food cake tin and a cookware lid. (2) Board for filleting fish. (3) Belt or "fanny" pack, 8"x10"x3", sewn from waterproof nylon. (4) Boot hanger from wire. (5) A crawfish trap.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #49 Jan-Feb 1978 pg. 44

Two food preparation projects for campers. (1) Backpack oven made from a 10" angel food cake tin and a cookware lid. (2) Board for filleting fish with a clip to hold the head.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #49 Jan-Feb 1978 pg. 44

How to make a wiener roasting stick from a coat hanger with wooden spools for the handle.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #51 May-Jun 1978 pg. 39

The rudiments of pit cookery. How to make a "pit oven", load the pit and recipies for chicken and potatoes, graham cracker delight and buttermilk biscuits.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #52 Jul-Aug 1978 pg. 64

A budget backpack oven to make from a metal can and heavy hardware cloth.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #64 Jul-Aug 1980 pg. 160

A look at a Dutch oven. How to oil season a new one and how to use it for both above ground and underground cooking.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #65 Sep-Oct 1980 pg. 30

How to prepare your own backpacking foods.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #75 May-Jun 1982 pg. 180

Cache, don't carry. Advice from an Alaskan trapper on how and where to stockpile provisions when you have to be away from your home or camp deep in the woods.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #77 Sep-Oct 1982 pg. 36

Make-it-and-take-it hobo stove.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #86 Mar-Apr 1984 pg. 47

Tips on food to take to save money when you go backpacking.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #93 May-Jun 1985 pg. 56

Aluminum reflector oven for baking with an open campfire.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1968 (v.129#5) pg. 138

Sketch shows how to build a canned heat trail stove.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1970 (v.196#6) pg. 104

The amateur scientist. Cooking outdoors with simple equipment demonstrates various aspects of thermal physics. Includes several useful ideas for camp cooking including a tin-can stove and oven, charcoal briquette igniter, cooking eggs without a pan, reflector ovens, and a "dingle fan".
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Aug 1985 (v.253#2) pg. 114