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A look at the accident that was responsible for the invention of the potato chip and instructions on how to make paper-thin chips at home.
AMERICANA Sep-Oct 1979 (v.7#4) pg. 41

A look at the history of the doughnut. Includes basic rules for making doughnuts and five recipes.
AMERICANA Jan-Feb 1980 (v.7#6) pg. 45

Chuck-wagon burgerboard is made from pieces of pine to flatten balls of hamburger into uniform patties.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1973 (v.63#10) pg. 68

How to make your jerky and pemmican to carry on a trip.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1974 (v.64#7) pg. 47

A look at edible weeds and how to cook them - milkweed, stinging nettles and dandelions.
BOYS' LIFE May 1976 (v.66#5) pg. 22

How to make old-fashioned gelatin from cow or calves feet.
COUNTRYSIDE Dec 1978 (v.62#12) pg. 40

Using everything except the squeal. How to make hog head cheese, tamales, barbeque sandwich filling, cracklings, and soap from a hog's head.
COUNTRYSIDE Oct 1980 (v.64#10) pg. 48

How to make homemade bologna or weiners, depending on the size casing used.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL May-Aug 1986 (v.70#4) pg. 69

How to make jerky.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL May-Aug 1986 (v.70#4) pg. 73

How to make sugar from sugar beets.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL May-Jun 1987 (v.71#3) pg. 9

Hay box cooker. Tips on construction and use.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1998 (v.82#4) pg. 68

Making sauerkraut. Two methods described.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1999 (v.83#4) pg. 38

Making sugar on the homestead. (1) Beet sugar. (2) Maple sugar.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Jan-Feb 2000 (v.84#1) pg. 84

How to stencil a picture on the top of a two-crust pie.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Sep 1978 (v.9#7) pg. 77

How to make old fashioned sugar-sifted Valentine cookies.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jan-Feb 1979 (v.10#1) pg. 64

Flowerpot pies to bake and serve in clay pots. Includes general instructions for baking in clay flowerpots and recipies for butter pastry and chicken pot pie filling.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1979 (v.10#4) pg. 40

Antipasto jars. How to select, cut, design and pickle fresh vegetables to make attractive antipasto jars.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jul-Aug 1979 (v.10#6) pg. 38

Edible Easter centerpieces. Macaroon baskets with coconut grass. Sugar rabbit.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Mar 1980 (v.11#2) pg. 52

The art of cutting party sandwiches.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1980 (v.11#4) pg. 40

How to make petits fours.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jun 1980 (v.11#5) pg. 18

How to make turnip "kraut".
FLOWER & GARDEN Aug 1979 (v.23#8) pg. 6

A method for making sauerkraut.
FLOWER & GARDEN Jan-Feb 1989 (v.33#1) pg. 27

Delectable flowers. Recipes for (1) Rose petals sandwich, (2) dandelion wine, (3) flavoring sugars with blossoms and herbs and (4) Violet ice.
HANDMADE Jul-Sep 1981 (v.1#2) pg. 67

A guide to foraging the shore at low tide. How to gather and prepare oysters, clams, and mussels.
HARROWSMITH #28 Jun 1980 (v.4#8) pg. 78

How to produce pectin in your own kitchen from lemons, apples and other fruit.
HARROWSMITH #40 Dec 1981-Jan 1982 (v.6#4) pg. 83

Tips on making malt from barley.
HARROWSMITH #42 Apr-May 1982 (v.6#6) pg. 16

Clay cookery. How to encase a chicken (or other meat) in potter's clay for baking.
HARROWSMITH #65 Jan-Feb 1986 (v.10#5) pg. 103

Considering flowers as food. A guide to edible flowers and suggestions on when to harvest them and how to use them.
HARROWSMITH #74 Jul-Aug 1987 (v.12#2) pg. 42

Tips on preserving edible flowers. Includes a sugar syrup recipe.
HERB COMPANION Aug-Sep 1994 (v.6#6) pg. 4

The flavor of flowers. A look at plants that produce flowers that are safe to eat and some of their culinary uses.
HERB COMPANION Apr-May 1998 (v.10#4) pg. 32

Please eat the flowers. A guide to edible flowers and tips on ways to use them.
HORTICULTURE May 1998 (v.95#5) pg. 36

Information on harvesting and preparing corn smut (Ustilago maydis) that restaurants serve as maize mushroom or corn truffle.
KITCHEN GARDEN #3 Jun-Jul 1996 pg. 12

Sunshine jam. How to let the fruit and sugar mixture sit in the sun for a day before cooking to draw out the fruit's juices.
KITCHEN GARDEN #3 Jun-Jul 1996 pg. 50

Edible flowers. How to make a floral syrup. How to crystallize roses, violets and pansies as garnishes.
KITCHEN GARDEN #4 Aug-Sep 1996 pg. 78

How to blanch greens.
KITCHEN GARDEN #5 Oct-Nov 1996 pg. 74

How to make a bouquet garni, a bundle of herbs used to flavor soups, stocks and sauces.
KITCHEN GARDEN #5 Oct-Nov 1996 pg. 76

Harvest basket extravaganza. How to arrange baby vegetables, herbs and edible flowers into a harvest basket that can double as centerpiece and party food.
KITCHEN GARDEN #11 Oct-Nov 1997 pg. 60

Holiday gifts from the kitchen garden. How to make herbal olive oil, end-of-the-garden vinegar, country tarragon mustard, herb sugar for tea, anise seed biscotti and lemon-geranium strawberry jelly.
KITCHEN GARDEN #12 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 28

Edible flowers enliven a garden. How to grow flowers as real food.
KITCHEN GARDENER #22 Aug-Sep 1999 pg. 31

A 1400 calorie diet that will help the average moderately healthy male lose two pounds a week.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #536 Jan 1973 (v.69) pg. 46

Making tofu at home from either whole soybeans or powdered soymilk.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #41 Sep 1976 pg. 40

How to collect snails from your garden and prepare them for eating.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #58 Jul-Aug 1979 pg. 37

How to make jams and jellies without using sugar.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #59 Sep-Oct 1979 pg. 23

How to cook with compost.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #61 Jan-Feb 1980 pg. 78

Make your own hay-box cooker.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #61 Jan-Feb 1980 pg. 196

How to make hardtack (four variations).
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #62 Mar-Apr 1980 pg. 37

A look at carob, a natural substitute for chocolate.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #65 Sep-Oct 1980 pg. 42

How to harvest and utilize rose hips as a source of food and vitamins.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #67 Jan-Feb 1981 pg. 101

How to supplement your food diet with high-protein insects.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #70 Jul-Aug 1981 pg. 68

How to prepare "pocket food" to take along on outdoor camping, hiking, or other activities.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #71 Sep-Oct 1981 pg. 132

How to prepare your own backpacking foods.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #75 May-Jun 1982 pg. 180

How to build a tofu press.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #91 Jan-Feb 1985 pg. 70

A guide to common weeds that are edible. Includes suggestions on 11 common edible plants, the parts that are eaten, seasons to pick them and tips on where to find them.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #98 Mar-Apr 1986 pg. 118

Make your own salad dressings from an assortment of oils, vinegars, and additives.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #111 May-Jun 1988 pg. 74

Chocolate, a user's manual. All about cooking with chocolate.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #114 Nov-Dec 1988 pg. 86

Tip to keep milk from burning or sticking to a pan.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #121 Jan-Feb 1990 pg. 14

Guide to pressure-cooking food. Includes tips on shopping for a cooker, operating principles, food selection, etc.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #125 Sep-Oct 1990 pg. 43

The independent kitchen. How to avoid depending upon high-priced food from thousands of miles away and how to avoid energy-wasting appliances.
NEW SHELTER Jan 1981 (v.2#1) pg. 24

Recipe and instructions for making seven-day sun-cooked preserves.
ORGANIC GARDENING Aug 1977 (v.24#8) pg. 110

A look at how to boost the fiber in your diet by growing more foods with increased fiber.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jun 1978 (v.25#6) pg. 84

Raw food diet. A look at the options and a collection of recipes for a raw food diet.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1978 (v.25#7) pg. 48

How to make jams and jellies without sugar.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1978 (v.25#7) pg. 108

How to make fruit or vegetable puree.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1978 (v.25#7) pg. 112

How to make fruit preserves that are cooked by the sun.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1978 (v.25#7) pg. 116

The healing power of your garden. A look at the ability of various garden-produced foods to change body functions.
ORGANIC GARDENING Aug 1978 (v.25#8) pg. 36

How to make fruit butters, jellies and juices in the oven.
ORGANIC GARDENING Aug 1978 (v.25#8) pg. 112

A look at old-fashioned spring tonics, wild greens to gather and eat.
ORGANIC GARDENING Mar 1979 (v.26#3) pg. 118

A guide to pickling a wide variety of vegetables.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1979 (v.26#7) pg. 48

How to protect yourself against aflatoxin. A discussion of the problem and suggestions on how to avoid aflatoxin contaminated foods in the store and at home.
ORGANIC GARDENING Nov 1979 (v.26#11) pg. 64

Hot box cooking. A fireless cooker works like a slow cooker but doesn't use any energy.
ORGANIC GARDENING Mar 1981 (v.28#3) pg. 134

A potpourri of rose recipes to capture the fragerence of roses. Includes rose petal jam, ice cream, syrup, vinegar, salad dressing and rose water.
ORGANIC GARDENING Sep 1981 (v.28#9) pg. 114

A guide to edible flowers that can be added to salads. Also includes a list of flowers that are toxic and cannot be used.
ORGANIC GARDENING May 1986 (v.33#5) pg. 64

A culinary guide to 15 edible flowers. Chart describes taste, bloom time, growing advice and cooking tips.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jan 1989 (v.36#1) pg. 79

Tip: How to bone a chicken.
ORGANIC GARDENING Dec 1989 (v.36#11) pg. 41

Edible flowers. A listing of 20 culinary standouts and a partial listing of common poisonous plants.
ORGANIC GARDENING Feb 1990 (v.37#2) pg. 47

An 1861 recipe for nasturtium pickles that can serve as a substitute for capers.
ORGANIC GARDENING Feb 1993 (v.40#2) pg. 19

Cook while you drive. Use aluminum foil and the auto engine exhaust manifold to cook food.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1967 (v.127#6) pg. 122

A scientific look at why sauce bearnaise is so prone to failure. Excerpts from two papers look at the physics and chemistry of the sauce in terms of emulsions and colloidal suspensions.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Dec 1979 (v.241#6) pg. 178

The amateur scientist. The scientific aspect of cooking. The physics and chemistry of the lemon meringue pie.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Jun 1981 (v.244#6) pg. 194

The amateur scientist. Gismos that apply non-obvious physical principles to cooking. A look at the physics behind the heat pipe (baking nails), liquid crystal egg timer, terra-cotta butter cooler, and a Yunnan pot for steam cooking.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Jun 1984 (v.250#6) pg. 146

The kitchen as a laboratory. (1) Determining the best way to produce a souffle using a thermocouple. (2) Understanding how a microwave oven functions can help in the preparation of a "Frozen Florida" (an inverted "Baked Alaska").
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Apr 1994 (v.270#4) pg. 120

How to collect favorite family recipes and print them in a home-style cookbook.
SUNSET Dec 1978 (v.161#6) pg. 118

How to cure your own olives (green or black).
SUNSET Oct 1980 (v.165#4) pg. 97

How to make your own clay cooker for a beef fillet. Clay is a mixture of flour, salt and water and looks like pastry but is too salty to eat.
SUNSET Dec 1986 (v.177#6) pg. 176

Gifts from the kitchen, garden, and heart. (1) Citrus curd. (2) Family photo ornaments. (3) Simmering spice potpourri. (4) Southwest bonsai. (5) Chili chocolate truffles. (6) Personalized maps. (7) Fresh foliage rings to decorate candles.
SUNSET Dec 1994 (v.193#6) pg. 82

Making a meat press. Requires making dowels, threading dowels, and threading wooden hand "nuts" to provide pressure for the press. A good project to make use of a threadbox. The same techniques may be adapted to building other types of presses.
WOODWORKER #1089 Aug 1984 (v.88) pg. 502