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Tip: Custom-made flash bracket marries a Sunpack 511 flash unit to a Bronica ETR-S camera.
INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1981 (v.30#8) pg. 20

Compact flash holder bracket is bent from aluminum.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1980 (v.44#6) pg. 110

Make your own camera bracket to hold two cameras and one large flash gun. Est. cost: $8
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1984 (v.48#9) pg. 80

Customize your flash. Use an accessory bracket to hold two electronic flash units, one on each side of the camera, to minimize shadow problems. A third flash can still be mounted on top of the camera for even more light.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Oct 1978 (v.7#6) pg. 45

Tip: Expand the tiltability of your flash by attaching a tripod flash adapter to a handipod by using a straight bracket.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Mar 1983 (v.11#11) pg. 74

Lightweight bracket for your flash holds a Kodak Neutral Test Card and serves as a bounce-light reflector.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Nov 1986 (v.15#7) pg. 44

Make a simple flash bracket for a 35mm camera that will allow you to take close-up photographs using a flash. Lets you tilt flash at any angle.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1971 (v.136#2) pg. 112

Build an extension flash bracket to hold your strobe high above the lens, no matter how you turn the camera. Eliminates the "red eye" effect. Est. cost: $10.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1981 (v.155#3) pg. 88

Quick, easy mounts for multiple-flash setups include suction cups, plywood platform, and magnets bolted to flash shoes.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1990 (v.97#1) pg. 22

Tip on loosening the knurled mounting knob on a flash unit.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Dec 1990 (v.97#12) pg. 41

Attach a gooseneck shaft to a simple, straight camera bracket to create a highly flexible flash bracket which facilitates direct, bounce, or macro flash positioning.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1991 (v.98#3) pg. 25

Flash brackets. Looks at commercial, modified and custom-made brackets.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 2000 (v.64#7) pg. 134