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xx   FOOD

Too-pretty-to-eat pastries. Realistic looking tarts and cookies are made by shaping them from Styrofoam, covering the shapes with napkin and glue mixture and painting them.
CRAFTS Mar 1996 (v.19#3) pg. 36

Petite box and basket are filled with candy kisses and chocolate-covered cherries made from oven-bake clay.
CRAFTS May 1997 (v.20#5) pg. 56

Country kitchen cookie jar has gingham top trimmed with lace and ribbons. The jar is filled with salt dough cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies.
CRAFTS Aug 1997 (v.20#8) pg. 38

A box of faux chocolate bonbons, with each one nestled in small candy cup paper liners.
CRAFTS Feb 1999 (v.22#1) pg. 66

How to make clay fruits, vegetables, and cooked food for your doll house or miniature display using Fimo Modelling Compound.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #92 Apr 1983 (v.8#8) pg. 46

How to make realistic looking miniature "beer" in mugs and pitchers, complete with a head of foam.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #94 Aug 1983 (v.8#10) pg. 53

Miniature "bobbing for apples" bucket has apples floating in clear resin.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #95 Oct 1983 (v.8#11) pg. 31

A Victorian Christmas feast in miniature. Wassail bowl, turkey, and plum pudding.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #96 Dec 1983 (v.8#12) pg. 45

Miniature fruits and vegetables are made from bread dough colored with felt tip markers.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #102 Dec 1984 (v.9#6) pg. 21

Make a cluster of miniature grapes from white glue and breadcrumb clay (recipe included).
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #103 Feb 1985 (v.9#7) pg. 30

Miniature wedding cake and cake server.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #105 Jun 1985 (v.9#9) pg. 37

Redecorating the Victorian miniature house. Part 5. The kitchen. Includes patterned brick floor and instructions for making fancy miniature pastries.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jul-Aug 1980 (v.11#6) pg. 20

Make a miniature Valentine candy box and fill it with clay "chocolates" or make a miniature florist's box filled with clay "roses".
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jan-Feb 1982 (v.13#1) pg. 86, 92

Tiny treats from buttons and beads. How to find buttons with interesting shapes and textures and turn them into baked goods. Tip shows how to turn an acrylic earring box into bakery shelves.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Nov 1997 (v.27#11) pg. 50

How to make miniature bakegoods using modeling compound. Instructions included for cake, gelatin and bread.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Nov 1997 (v.27#11) pg. 56

How to make miniature candy from polymer clay (twist lollipops, mints, caramel chews, smiley lollipop).
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Jan 1998 (v.28#1) pg. 62

Tip shows how to create a miniature cake from a wine bottle cork.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Jun 1998 (v.28#6) pg. 69

How to make miniature polymer clay apples (red, green, sliced and caramel), an apple plate/sampler board and an apple-slice wreath.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Jul 1998 (v.28#7) pg. 20

How to make a miniature flavored ice cone.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Jul 1998 (v.28#7) pg. 82

Miniature pumpkin, pie crust and pie filling to model from polymer clay.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Aug 1998 (v.28#8) pg. 50
Added Info DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Oct 1998 (v.28#10) pg. 12

Polymer clay feast in miniature. How to sculpt and paint a roast leg of lamb, roast potatoes, green beans and sliced carrots.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Oct 1998 (v.28#10) pg. 64

Tip describes how to fill miniature pots and pans with removable "food".
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Oct 1998 (v.28#10) pg. 72

How to make a miniature watermelon from polymer clay.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Nov 1998 (v.28#11) pg. 42

Miniature Christmas cookies to make from polymer clay. Varieties include chocolate almond, thumbprint, sugar, spritz, wreath, Russian teacakes and date pinwheel cookies.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Dec 1998 (v.28#12) pg. 54

Tip suggests turning electronic components into miniature "candy".
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Dec 1998 (v.28#12) pg. 66

An authentic tailgate picnic. Make a dazzling array of miniature food items (ham, turkey, cheese, vegetables, bread, pie, ...).
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Feb 1999 (v.29#2) pg. 30

Miniature bagels, cream cheese, lox, eggs, and lettuce.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Mar 1999 (v.29#3) pg. 54

Tip on making miniature pies from wood buttons and aluminum foil.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Mar 1999 (v.29#3) pg. 73

Miniature bowl of salad includes artificial lettuce, pepper, tomato, onion, egg slices, olives, and mushrooms.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Mar 1999 (v.29#3) pg. 82

Make a Mexican buffet. Miniature foods include hamburger, peppers, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, taco shells, nachos, tortillas, enchiladas, quesadillas, salsa, jalapenos and green chilies.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Jun 1999 (v.29#6) pg. 52

Tip on making a miniature layer cake on a raised dish.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Sep 1999 (v.29#9) pg. 69

Miniature vegetables are ideal for incorporating into "home-canning" scenes.
NUTSHELL NEWS May 1990 (v.20#5) pg. 76

Tip on making a realistic cake from wooden dowel.
NUTSHELL NEWS Aug 1990 (v.20#8) pg. 113

Making candy and cookie miniatures from clay.
NUTSHELL NEWS Sep 1990 (v.20#9) pg. 72

County fair "winners booth" features miniature food, fruits and vegetables.
NUTSHELL NEWS Sep 1990 (v.20#9) pg. 96, 102

Food of the 1930s and 1940s. An outline of food fashions and how to miniaturize them. Includes macaroni and cheese, toll house cookies, meat loaf, etc.
NUTSHELL NEWS Oct 1990 (v.20#10) pg. 86

Add a 1960's fondue set to your miniature dinner party menu.
NUTSHELL NEWS Oct 1991 (v.21#10) pg. 100

Tip on making miniature candy bars.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jan 1992 (v.22#1) pg. 105

Miniature food for an all-American backyard barbecue is made from Fimo.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jul 1992 (v.22#7) pg. 76

Seashore dining. Miniature foods include clams, lobsters, corn, potatoes, and pie.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jul 1993 (v.23#7) pg. 68

Tip on making miniature marshmallows on a stick.
NUTSHELL NEWS Sep 1993 (v.23#9) pg. 109

Foods of our heritage. Miniature ethnic dishes include lasagna, Irish stew, quiche Lorraine, split-pea soup, beefsteak and kidney pudding, and sweet-and-sour pork.
NUTSHELL NEWS Oct 1993 (v.23#10) pg. 82

Tip on making miniature lollipops.
NUTSHELL NEWS Feb 1994 (v.24#2) pg. 109

Miniature loaf of cornbread is modeled from Fimo.
NUTSHELL NEWS Mar 1994 (v.24#3) pg. 70

Happy Mother's Day miniature breakfast-in-bed includes the bed tray, toast, eggs, etc.
NUTSHELL NEWS May 1994 (v.24#5) pg. 68

Miniature ice cream cone made from wood and caulk.
NUTSHELL NEWS Sep 1994 (v.24#9) pg. 103

Miniature cake made from white Fimo.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jan 1995 (v.25#1) pg. 124

Miniature champagne bottle in an ice bucket and miniature glasses filled with "bubbly".
NUTSHELL NEWS Jan 1995 (v.25#1) pg. 124

Tip on making a miniature ice cream sundae.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jan 1995 (v.25#1) pg. 159

Mother's Day miniature gift box contains biscuit mix, muffin mix, and jars of jam and honey.
NUTSHELL NEWS May 1995 (v.25#5) pg. 69

Father's day miniature gift box features mustards and beef sticks.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jun 1995 (v.25#6) pg. 59

Tip describes how to simulate miniature cakes using packing foam cubes as the base.
NUTSHELL NEWS Feb 1996 (v.26#2) pg. 73

Foods of our heritage. Instructions for making miniature delicacies from several countries out of Fimo, casting a polymer resins. Specific instructions for paella, bratwurst on a bed of sauerkraut, apricot and prune kolache, sashimi, maple ham, pavlova and weiner schnitzel.
NUTSHELL NEWS Mar 1996 (v.26#3) pg. 52

Make-ahead Christmas in July. "Cookie Exchange" box is a replica of a Grange hall decorated for Christmas with evergreen swags and a tree decorated with apples and gingerbread men. Three tables are set up with displays of cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter, half & half, date pinwheels, chocolate crinkles, fortune cookies, brownies, gingerbread people, sugar cookies, frosted hearts, ginger creams and krumkake).
NUTSHELL NEWS Jul 1996 (v.26#7) pg. 56

Miniature cakes for all occasions. Includes patterns for eight styles. Also includes patterns for number birthday candles and cake boxes.
NUTSHELL NEWS Dec 1996 (v.26#12) pg. 58

A model card party. Construction details furnished for folding chairs, a card table and buffet. Also includes luncheon foods (cake, candy, nuts, sandwiches, pickles, olives, deviled eggs, stuffed celery), napkins, a wicker basket with foliage, books and playing cards.
NUTSHELL NEWS Mar 1997 (v.27#3) pg. 56

Tip tells how to make miniature cookies from polymer clay.
NUTSHELL NEWS Apr 1997 (v.27#4) pg. 65

Elegant miniature tiered wedding cake to make in 1" scale.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jun 1997 (v.27#6) pg. 58

Tip shows how to make a heart-shaped cutter for miniature cookies.
NUTSHELL NEWS Jun 1997 (v.27#6) pg. 69

An assortment of polymer clay miniature foods in 1" scale. Instructions for making doughnuts, hot dogs, french fries, chips, cheese, cheeseburgers, bread, sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken, cakes, pies.
NUTSHELL NEWS Aug 1997 (v.27#8) pg. 44

Ceramic lattice piecrust tops for pie dish. Tips on finishing.
POPULAR CERAMICS #541 Sep 1994 (v.45#2) pg. 36

Burger Deluxe toy to sew and needlepoint for a child. Plastic canvas circles and squares are stitched to simulate cheese, onion, a hamburger patty, tomato slice and pickles. Lettuce and hamburger bun are sewn from fabric.
WORKBASKET Apr-May 1993 (v.58#4) pg. 42

Imitation layer cake, pre-cut into 6 wedges, is made from plastic canvas and raffia straw and trimmed with pearls, lace, and yarn.
WORKBASKET Oct-Nov 1995 (v.61#1) pg. 26