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A guide to creating holograms. Includes tips on constructing a "Big Beam" from wood and inner tubes which isolates the hologram setup from vibration. Also demonstrates the Michaelson Interferometer.
PHOTOMETHODS Aug 1986 (v.29#8) pg. 39

How to make a series interferometer to observe various subtle phenomena.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Jun 1964 (v.210#6) pg. 122

Speckle interferometry experiment assists in measuring the amplitude of movement of a vibrating object. The process is simpler than conventional holography.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Feb 1972 (v.226#2) pg. 106

Cyclic interferometer is a convenient instrument for observing and recording local variations in the density of gas. Uses inexpensive lenses and mirrors. Photos are made with an ordinary 35mm camera.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Feb 1973 (v.228#2) pg. 112

How to adapt an air flash lamp to the schlieren interferometer to add a new dimension in color schlieren photography.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Aug 1974 (v.231#2) pg. 104

The amateur scientist. The study of Whewell-Quetelet interference patterns caused by motes on dusty or misty mirrors.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Aug 1981 (v.245#2) pg. 146

Point-diffraction interferometry made easy. How to make and use the point-diffraction interferometer (PDI) to test mirrors, lenses and other optical systems.
SKY & TELESCOPE Feb 1985 (v.69#2) pg. 167

Build your own laser interferometer to test optical lenses and mirrors.
SKY & TELESCOPE Jan 1994 (v.87#1) pg. 94

Cardboard double-star interferometer. Adapt almost any telescope to use the technique of optical interferometry by means of the simple cardboard device described here.
SKY & TELESCOPE Mar 1997 (v.93#3) pg. 91

Diagram illustrates the design and use of a Fizeau interferometer.
TELESCOPE MAKING #2 Winter 1978 pg. 19