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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Strategies for finding clients for pastel portraits and tips on working with them.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Apr 1990 (v.7#4) pg. 67

The artist's guide to pastel portraits. How to set up, light the model and capture a likeness.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Nov 1993 (v.10#11) pg. 74

How to use underpainting to build tone and mood in pastel portraits.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1995 (v.12#1) pg. 48

A three-step approach for creating lifelike pastel portraits.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jun 1996 (v.13#6) pg. 62

Build strong hands. Learn to render lifelike hands in pastel portraits.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1997 (v.14#1) pg. 64

Dare to see fleshtones. An approach for seeing, and creating, colorful fleshtones in pastel portraits.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jul 1998 (v.15#7) pg. 50

Getting a feel for portraits. Secrets for capturing character in pastel.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1998 (v.15#10) pg. 68

Don't spare the color. An approach to creating rich, painterly pastel figures and portraits.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1999 (v.16#1) pg. 59

Forging strong relations. Techniques for a simple, impressionistic approach to pastel portraits.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Oct 1999 (v.16#10) pg. 32