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Tip on building a bubbler to prevent ice from lifting dock pilings.
BOAT JOURNAL #76 Dec 1990-Jan 1991 pg. 9

Summer in tow. Photos illustrate how a floating dock is built by professionals.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP May 2000 (v.23#7) pg. 30

Floating dock. "Styrofoam" BB brand plastic foam is attached to a wooden framework to form a floating dock.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1988 (v.11#9) pg. 38
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1988 (v.12#1) pg. 6

Wave riders. Easy-to-build floating docks. Various flotation devices described and advice on wood and hardware choices.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1991 (v.14#10) pg. 26

Building on water. Advice on constructing submerged cribbing (filled with rocks) to support a dock or boathouse.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #113 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 94

Waterfront dock with a stairway at one end for swimmers widens from 5 feet to 15 feet and includes a bench with built-in boxes and lamp posts. Dock is built in sections so it is removable.
HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1985 (v.10#6) pg. 36

Wooden cribs filled with rocks make a sturdy pier structure for a dock on a lake.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #433 Jun 1964 (v.60) pg. 106

An easy-to-build boat dock uses floats made from old tires filled with polystyrene foam. Decking of 2x6s covers a framework of 2x8s.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #585 Feb 1977 (v.73) pg. 118

A rolling dock for a small pond has large wheels on the end which is placed into the water. It can be removed during the winter and repositioned as needed.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #82 Jul-Aug 1983 pg. 190

Building docks, piers and floats.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1963 (v.120#2) pg. 152

L-shaped crib pier is anchored firmly in place by filling the cribs with stones, rocks, or pieces of masonry.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1967 (v.128#1) pg. 125

Portable boat dock you can build.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1981 (v.155#6) pg. 38B

Boat pier folds up on shore or down in the water in 10 minutes.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1964 (v.184#4) pg. 162

How to build piers, floats, and floating boathouses.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1965 (v.186#2) pg. 104

Frame your own floating dock around molded floats. A four-float dock will support 1700 pounds. A six-float dock will support over 2,500 pounds. Use pressure treated wood to build the frame and deck. Each float costs $98.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1976 (v.209#1) pg. 134

A look at how a wind-powered bubbler keeps a dock ice-free during the winter at Lake George, New York.
POPULAR SCIENCE Dec 1979 (v.215#6) pg. 15

Build your own dock at 1/5 the cost of a commercial unit using prefab iron pilings.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Jun 1965 (v.36#6) pg. 53

How to build a swimming dock with a fence around the edges and a diving board.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1978 (v.34#3) pg. 70