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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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The entries are in alphabetical order by magazine name and then in chronological sequence.
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xx   GUN

How to remove impurities from molten lead, plus tips on casting lead objects, such as bullets.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Jul-Aug 1981 (v.6#4) pg. 106

Shotgun loads for small game. A look at which gun and load is right for rabbits, squirrels. pheasants, etc.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #544 Sep 1973 (v.69) pg. 20

Save money by reloading your own shotgun shells. Photos show a simple, under $10 handloading outfit, and how to use it to load shells in eight easy steps.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #563 Apr 1975 (v.71) pg. 68

Matching the shot to the birds. Tips on selecting the best shot for a particular game bird.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #605 Oct 1978 (v.74) pg. 16

Shotshell reloading.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1964 (v.122#5) pg. 162

Make your own wax bullets fired by primers only for indoor target shooting with a handgun.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1965 (v.124#4) pg. 132

How to reload shotgun shells.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1968 (v.130#5) pg. 112

Reloading: cheaper and better. A look at available equipment and books to help you get started in handloading.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1974 (v.142#4) pg. 138

How to choose the best cartridge for your guns.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1974 (v.142#6) pg. 110

Equipment and directions for getting started in handloading.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1976 (v.146#4) pg. 110

Tips on getting started reloading your own shotshells or cartridges.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1968 (v.193#5) pg. 172

Shooter's guide to .22 ammo. Everything you need to know about rim-fire .22s.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1971 (v.199#4) pg. 62

Cartridge box. Decorative wooden box (6"x3"x2") is made from two pieces of solid wood and holds 50 loose rounds of .22 caliber long rifle rim fire ammunition (in drilled holes) plus another full box of 50 rounds.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #79 Jul 1994 (v.14#1) pg. 64